The wife-slut

She worked hard all day, but her mind was distracted.
No matter how hard she tried to concentrate, to focus
on what she was doing, she kept slipping away in her
thoughts and daydreams, beginning to imagine what
might happen that night when she got home.

It had started with a message on her answering machine.
She had missed the call somehow, and when she checked
her messages, she heard him saying, "Tonight . . . all
your fantasies will come true. Tonight we take the next
step in your training. Imagine what may happen."

And she did . . . Never mind what she was trying to do,
images of what was to come continued to slip into her
thoughts. Because she didn't know exactly what was
going to happen, the images in her head were constantly
changing, mostly pictures of what they had done to-
gether before. But what was next? What would the night

By the late afternoon, it was clear to everyone that
she was distracted. Several people even commented that
she just didn't seem to have her heart in her work
today. If they only knew! It got so bad at one point
that she could feel herself getting wet between her
legs, and she though for a minute about going into the
ladies room and making herself cum. But she decided to
wait; the anticipation would make the evening's adven-
ture even better. She knew it would be worth it.

When she finally left work, she immediately found her-
self caught in a traffic jam. At first stop-and-go, it
finally slowed to a complete halt. It was beginning to
get dark out, so she turned the lights on and waited.
And while she waited, she thought some more about what
might be in store for her. Finally, she couldn't stand
it any more, and she let her hand wander down under her
skirt, just touching herself lightly between the legs,
over her pantyhose. She could feel that she was already
damp, and she stroked a little harder. But just then
the traffic started moving again.

When she got home and opened the garage, an envelope
was taped to the inside door with her name on it. She
opened it, and found a note inside:

My Darling

Go inside, up the stairs, and follow the candles to
your bath. While you are bathing, you may touch your-
self, but you may not make yourself cum. Do not
disobey, or you will be punished severely.

After your bath, proceed into the main bedroom, where
you will receive further instructions.

The Master

She walked inside and found the house illuminated only
by candles. There was no sound in the house, but the
glow of the candles lit her way through the house, up
the stairs, and into her bathroom where she saw a hot
bath with wonderfully aromatic bath oil in it, and
flower petals floating on top. The bath smelled like
jasmine, she thought.

She quickly removed her clothes and slid into the
soothing bath. Almost immediately she began to relax.
She could feel the tensions of the day slide away.

As she lay soaking in the warm, soothing liquid, she
began to wash herself all over with the soft cloth
that had been laid on the edge of the tub. She closed
her eyes and laid back, and quickly began to fantasize
about what was to come. Soon her thoughts turned to
something that had happened a few days before, when
she had joined him in the shower.

He had been surprised but she could see that he was
pleased by the way he smiled and made room for her
under the spray. As she turned to face him, she
reached for his cock, which swiftly grew hard and
large. She started to stroke it, and he closed his
eyes and groaned quietly. He cupped her breasts, then
leaned over to suck first one nipple, then the other.
When they were hard, he nibbled gently on each with
his teeth. She could feel the heat spreading through-
out her body, then concentrating between her legs.

She could see that he didn't want to cum yet, so she
went to her knees, taking him into her mouth and
caressing his cock with her lips and tongue. She loved
the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth.
If anything, he was getting even harder and larger.
She felt him starting to move in and out, almost
beyond his own control, but then suddenly he stopped
moving and withdrew his still hard cock from her mouth.
Reaching down with his hands, he drew her to her feet,
then kissed her tenderly.

Without words, he knelt in the tub in front of her,
letting the water wash over his head and back. Lifting
one leg, she carefully put her foot on the rim of the
tub, giving him access to her pussy. He tilted his
face upwards, then licked the top of her pussy,
separating her lips with is tongue. Instantly she
could feel her excitement rising, and her nerves and
emotions were concentrated on that very small area
where the tip of his tongue was so busy.

As she got warmer and warmer, he licked gently at her
clit; she reached for her breasts, pulling on her
nipples to make them hard and increase her own plea-
sure. She leaned back against the wall of the shower,
feeling her legs get weaker and weaker as she antici-
pated a climax. His tongue became more insistent,
feeling to her almost as if it had become a prick. As
she got closer and closer, she could hear herself
involuntarily gasping, "Oh . . . unh . . . unh . . .
oh . . . oh . . . oh . . ."

As her climax washed over her in waves, her knees
buckled and she almost fell. But still he continued
to lick, until she could stand it no longer, and
pulled him to his feet.

They embraced, and his hands turned her around so her
back was to him. She could feel his hard cock in the
crack of her ass; she leaned over, and his hands went
around her body and grasped her hanging breasts. She
knew he loved her breasts, and the feel and sight of
her ass always excited him. She backed into him, rub-
bing her ass against his prick, feeling the warm water
wash over her back and shoulders.

She reached between her legs, grasping his hard cock
in her fingers, then inserting it into her pussy. He
plunged forward, ramming it deep inside her, then
pausing for several seconds. She could feel him deep
inside her, still but somehow alive. As he began in
slow strokes to plunge in and out of her, she found
it difficult to stand still, moving to meet his
thrusts, allowing him to penetrate even deeper.

She could feel his thrusts growing more urgent, match-
ing her own growing stimulation. Too soon, she could
tell he was close to cumming, but her own excitement
was putting her close to the brink as well. When she
felt him stiffen, his motions becoming jerky and
shorter, she knew he was near, but so was she. Once
again he reached for her breasts, pulling roughly on
both nipples.

As he groaned and plunged one final time deep into her
pussy, she pushed back as hard as she could, feeling
her own climax rise within her until she shuddered and
almost collapsed, cumming for the second time within a
few minutes. She could sense him spurting deep inside
her, tiny spasms to match her own shudders. They had
cum almost exactly together.

Her images of that episode were vivid, and she could
almost feel again the intensity of her climax. As she
almost unconsciously began to stroke her breasts, she
realized that her excitement was building swiftly.

Chapter II

She lay back further in the soothing water, spreading
her legs and moving her right hand down her body until
her fingers reached the silky down leading to her cunt,
partly covered by the scented, warm liquid. As she
gently parted the lips of her pussy, she could hear and
feel the ripples of the water lapping softly at the
most sensitive areas. She could almost imagine the
water was her lover's tongue, and she began to move her
fingers with more urgency, heightening her pleasure as
the tension began to build. The sound of the moving
water became louder and more rhythmic.

She began to feel herself nearing a finish, and with
the greatest difficulty, she stopped moving her
fingers, letting them rest for a moment with her index
finger touching her clit. She knew if she rubbed her
clit just a little more, she would go over the edge,
and she dare not disobey her instructions. What would
happen if she ignored her orders? What would her
punishment be? Besides, denying herself the pleasure
of cumming now would heighten her bliss later.

With a sigh, she reached again for the soft cloth, and
finished washing her body. As she dried off with the
soft towel that had been provided for her, the bath
oils clung to her skin, making it sleek and soft,
smooth to the touch. She knew he would love to caress
her skin, licking it and stroking her softly with his
large and rough hands.

After drying off, she walked slowly to the bedroom,
following the glow of the candles. When she opened the
bedroom door, she found the entire room awash with the
soft light of many candles which had been arranged
around the room. She wondered where he was. She had
not heard a sound since she had entered the house.
Where could he be? What was he doing?

The king-size bed had been stripped to the bottom
sheet, which was a burgundy satin color; she hadn't
seen it before and knew that he must have gotten it
especially for this night. A thrill of it ran through
her; what else had he arranged for their pleasure?

On the corner of the bed was a box. Opening it up, she
discovered a pair of black stiletto heels with tiny
black ankle straps. They had to be at least six inches
tall. There were also some black lace stockings, which
she knew he loved to see her in. She put them on, and
the high heels, and immediately her breasts stood
taller and thrust out more strongly.

Under the shoes she found a black corset, with no
covering for her breasts. She put it on with some
difficulty, cinching the waist tightly. Looking in
the mirror, she could see that it was extremely
flattering. Her waist looked small, and the hose
accentuated the length of her legs. She felt beautiful
and sexy, and she knew he would appreciate the way she

In the center of the bed she saw that two large pillows
had been stacked on top of each other, with a black
blindfold lying on top, and she saw that restraints
had been attached to each of the corner posts of the
bed. The restraints had Velcro cuffs on the end. She
didn't know what to do next. Then she saw another note
taped to the head of the bed. She opened it to read:

My Darling

Your adventure into the dark side is beginning.

Lie on your stomach "on top of both pillows" facing
the head of the bed. Attach the ankle restraints to
both ankles tightly, then put on the blindfold.

Once you have done this, you are almost ready. Lie
still for a few moments, preparing yourself for the
ecstasy to come. When you are ready to take the next
step, call for the Master.

The Master

She quickly did as she had been instructed, closing
the ankle restraints over her stiletto heels, then
putting the blindfold in place. She lay down on the
two pillows, and found that it made her feel completely
exposed. She felt like her ass and pussy were fully
open and sticking up in the air, especially because
the restraints kept her ankles wide apart. But she
liked the feeling of vulnerability, and she trusted

When she felt that she had calmed down a little, and
when the thrill of anticipation were too much to bear
any longer, she called out his name, "Master . . . I'm

Almost immediately she heard the door open behind her.
Since her hands were free, she had to resist the
urge to pull up her blindfold and peek at him. What
was he wearing, if anything?

"What are you going to do?" she asked. "I did every-
thing you told me to do."

There was no response. She could faintly smell an
after shave, but she couldn't identify it. It smelled
nice. What was it? When did he start wearing it?

His hands seized each of her wrists in turn, tightening
them in the remaining restraints. Now she could only
move a little, and she felt more vulnerable and exposed
than ever. Still, it was very comfortable, and the
smooth satin sheet was very sensuous. She knew she
looked very sexy in the heels, hose, and corset, with
her ass sticking in the air. Whatever happened, she
felt she was ready. But why wouldn't he answer her?

"That feels good. Do you like the way I look? So I
look sexy to you?" Still there was no response,
although she could hear him moving around the bed.
Then she felt his hands on her shoulder, rolling her
slightly up on her side so one breast was exposed.

Without explanation, she felt something tighten com-
pletely around her exposed breast. It felt like some
kind of elastic band , not harsh or sharp, but fairly
tight. She could tell that it made her breast stand
out even more. At the same time, he began stroking her
nipple, which quickly became hard. As soon as it was
firm enough, something was clipped to the nipple. She
couldn't tell what it was, but it pinched a little at
first, though not uncomfortably, and it had some weight
attached to it, perhaps a small chain. Her nipple
seemed to grow even harder, and her breast felt very

She heard him move around the bed, then his hands
rolled her over to the other side, exposing her other
breast. Quickly it too was bound, and the nipple was
clipped. She guessed that the chain attached the two
nipples to each other. When he had finished, she
rolled back on her stomach. The sensation of having
both breasts bound was new to her, but not unpleasant,
and her nipples tingled with the feeling of being
pinched. Since the cushions were short, her breasts
were partially unsupported, and she could feel the
slight tug of the weight of the chain on her nipples.

She heard him leave the room. Because of the blindfold,
her mind freed her imagination. She could see in her
mind's eye what the tableau must look like: in the
flickering candlelight, dressed in the black corset,
hose, and heels, lying on her stomach with her butt
elevated and her pussy exposed, blindfolded and tied
securely to the posts. She knew how much he must be
excited by the sight, and knowing that increased her
own pleasure.

Chapter III

Minutes passed with no sound or movement. What could
he be doing? She shivered in delicious anticipation
of what might come. She could feel the gentle touch
of air on her back from the overhead fan, and she
thought her nipples might be getting even harder.

She heard soft footsteps on the stairs, and sounds
of someone coming into the bedroom. "Who is it?" she
asked. "Did you come back?" There was no answer, but
she could hear a short series of clicks, maybe metal.
What could it be?

After a short while, she became aware of a soft whir-
ring sound from somewhere behind her. She could barely
hear it, and she decided that it might be the fan
after all. But soon, all thought of the sound was

Without warning or words, she felt his weight on the
bed behind her, then for several seconds there was
no movement, while she wondered what was about to
happen. Almost involuntarily, her ass rose slightly
off the pillow in her desire to be touched. Her wishes
were almost immediately answered as she felt his
warm breath behind her, between her legs. This sen-
sation was quickly followed by the delicious feel of
a tongue, at first just licking the area between her
pussy and her butt, then teasing a trail down to her
pussy lips.

The feeling was pleasurable but maddening because he
licked gently around her pussy and even parted her
lips with his tongue, but his touch was so gentle and
delicate that it served only to make her hotter
without any promise of relief. Occasionally the tongue
would flick her clit lightly, sending a thrill
throughout her body, but as soon as her hopes would
rise they would be dashed again as the hot, wet touch
of his tongue moved higher and further away from the
center of her pleasure. She tried to move around,
encouraging him to put his tongue directly on the spot,
but it was difficult to move much in the restraints,
and he seemed to ignore her wishes in any event.

Her desire continued to build, but before she neared
the edge, he stopped caressing her pussy with his
tongue and she felt and heard him get off the bed. She
was disappointed, but she knew that there was much
more to come.

After some minutes of silence, she heard him moving
about the bed, and then became aware that he was
caressing the backs of her legs with something so soft
and gentle she could barely feel it at all. Was it a
feather? The tip of a silk scarf? Whatever it was, it
traced a path up the complete length of each leg, then
up her ass and across the top of each cheek. Next it
skipped to her fingers and wrists, then the inside of
each elbow, over the upper arm and across her
shoulders, then around the right side of her back.
Without being asked, she rolled slightly on to her
left side, making her right breast available. Sure
enough, the gentle touch traced its path around her
breast, just above the elastic bands, then gliding
towards her nipple. As it circled her nipple, brushing
tenderly against the clip, her nipple hardened once
again and she became aware yet again of the pleasure
of the weight of the chain pulling on her nipples and
breasts, and the constriction of the elastic bands on
her breasts. As the touch circled back around her arms
and shoulders, she rolled on to her other side to
expose her left breast, receiving the same treatment
on that side.

She could be quiet no longer. "That feels so good. But
what about you? Let me touch you, too."

There was no response, but she felt his sudden weight
on left side of the bed. Then she felt his prick stoke
her cheek. She instantly opened her mouth, and was
rewarded as his cock entered between her lips. She
licked it with her tongue, making the wet sounds she
knew he loved to hear when she sucked him. Only the
head was in her mouth, and she strained to swallow
more, but he held back, denying her the full length.
She had never known him to be this hard; it was like
a warm, throbbing stone, and she knew she could make
him cum in a short time. But it was not to be, as he
slid his cock out of her mouth, despite her attempt
to suck him back in.

"Oh, please," she moaned. "Just a little longer.

Instead, she could once again feel the feather, or
whatever it was, across the top of her ass, but this
time it traced a path down the crack of her butt and
across the lips of her pussy. Its touch was so tender,
but so maddening, she almost though she was imagining
it, but no, it was real enough. But now she wanted
more, she wanted something solid and substantial,
something that would bring her off, and quickly.

Again she felt his weight behind her, and she hoped
for a moment that he would enter her deeply and
roughly. She was as excited as she had ever been, and
she needed some relief. But instead of his cock, she
once again felt his hot breath between her legs.

This time his tongue trailed upward, towards the
rosebud of her ass, touching it slightly then circling
to lick around it. As he continued to lick her, she
tried to push her ass up in the air and further open
her legs, giving him easier access. It must have
worked, for very soon she could feel his tongue
centering on her ass, licking her in the very center.
Then she felt his tongue penetrate her ass, pushing
in as she pushed out to make open it even more. It
felt wonderful, as the very tip of his tongue worked
its way inside of here, swirling around. She could
feel the heat building again within her, rising to a
crest, and without willing it, she moaned aloud.

"Oh . . . that feels so good . . . yes . . . put your
tongue in my ass . . .yes . . . deeper . . . please!"

Although she normally could only cum with some kind of
stimulation of her pussy, she was so excited now that
she knew she could finish if he would just keep it up.
It felt so good, and she wanted so bad to be released.
"Yes . . . don't stop . . . stick it in there . . .
please, oh please don't stop!" Just before she could
finish, when she was right on the very edge of cumming,
his tongue withdrew from her ass, and she could only
groan "No, please, not now, don't stop now, I'm so
close . . ." But he seemed to ignore her.

Just then she felt something touching her ass again.
"Yes, that's it, do it some more," she sighed. But it
wasn't his tongue; it was something harder, and larger.
As it slid oh, so slowly into her ass, she thought at
first it was the butt plug they had tried before. But
this seemed much larger. It would have been painful,
except that it had obviously been well lubricated
beforehand, and she had opened her butt up as much as
possible to receive his tongue.

Almost imperceptibly it continued to slide into her
ass. She heard herself moaning softly " Oh . . .
oh . . . oh . . . unh . . ." Finally, the thickest
part slid past the barrier, and her ass closed down
on it. It was very large, but not uncomfortable.
Mostly, she felt full, and she felt like she must
finish soon, or she would faint.

"Oh, that's good," she said. "Now can you put your
cock in me? I'm so hot. I just need to cum, then we
can do anything you like. Really. You can screw me in
the ass later, I promise. Just let me cum now."

As if in answer to her plea, she once more felt the
touch of his tongue, now teasing tenderly at her
pussy and clit. Yes, she thought, this was what she
wanted, this would bring her off, just don't stop,
just put your tongue in my cunt, just suck on my
clit, like that, yes that's it, yes . . .

She could feel everything, the restraints on her
ankles and wrists, the blindfold, the tight bands on
her breasts and the nipple clips, the plug in her
ass, but somehow everything was centered on her pussy,
everything else magnified the touch of his tongue as
it sinuously worked its magic, penetrating her pussy
and spinning rapidly around her clit. She was so

But instead of continuing -- just a few seconds longer,
that's all -- his talented tongue withdrew from her
clit and pussy, forcing her to cry out "No, please,
not again, I'm so close. I just need to cum, just once.
Please, I'll be good, I promise . . . I'll do anything
you want, just let me cum now."

Unable to lie still, she writhed on the cushions,
pushing her ass further into the air, hoping to
provoke him to grab her and roughly shove his cock
into her pussy, penetrating her to the center of her

She felt him shift behind her, and readied herself
to be entered. She was so excited she was sure she
could feel her pussy dripping on the pillows. She
wanted his cock deep inside her, and quickly.

Suddenly, she simultaneously heard a loud "Crack!" and
felt a sharp sting across the cheeks of her ass. Before
she could react, or even wonder what it was, another
"Crack!" sounded, and another sharp sting. Then
silence . . .

She could feel the imprint of the whip across her ass.
It was not very painful, just enough to make her ass
tingle and redden. It felt like soft leather, not hard
and sharp, but smooth and velvety, with many separate
strands. It would not leave a mark, she knew, but it
certainly got her attention.

Suddenly, another "Crack!" followed by another, and
another. Each time, she cried out, "Ah . . . ah . . .
ah . . . oh." There was no rhythm to it, no way she
could anticipate the blow. She began to flinch in
anticipation, but no blow fell. Then, just as she
relaxed back onto the cushion, another lash, then
several more in rapid succession. As the warmth spread
from the cheeks of her ass to the rest of her body,
she bit the pillow at the exquisite throb of her rump,
crying out in a muffled tone, "Yes . . . oh . . .
that's good . . . again . . . just a little bit harder
. . . yes, that's it, just like that . . . again . . .

After about ten lashes -- she had lost count -- there
was quiet again. As she lay there, anticipating more
blows, her ass tingled, and she realized the sensation
was rather pleasant. She felt as if her entire ass was
glowing, and knew that in the candlelight it must look
rosy and warm. She was conscious once again of the
plug in her butt, and the feeling of fullness she had.

This was something very new; he had never struck her
before, even in play, and she was surprised that he
would do so now. It was really very much unlike him.

She felt his weight shift yet again, and suddenly she
felt again his tongue on her ass, but this time he
bathed her buttocks with his tongue, licking her in
every place the whip had fallen. Gradually the stinging
subsided, and she became aware again of the longing in
her pussy. He continued to lick her behind, swirling
his tongue around her rosebud, where she could feel
the end of the butt plug sticking out.

As the tingling of her ass let up, she started to
squirm on the cushions, rubbing her nipples against
the end of the cushion and bouncing her ass up and
down. Suddenly she felt his legs up close behind her,
and his cock rubbed up and down her pussy and the
crack of her ass.

"Oh God, please, put it in, please, please, please!"

With a lunge, the full length of his cock was embedded
in her pussy. She had never felt like this before. His
cock was deeper than ever before. He held it there for
several seconds as she tried without success to lay
still, but she had passed the point of controlling her
reactions. He slowly withdrew it, almost all the way
out, before once again thrusting deep into her.

He now began a steady rhythm, long, slow strokes the
full length of his cock. She tried as best she could
to meet his thrusts, but the combination of the re-
straints and her own inability to make her body obey
her mind made it impossible. As the pace grew faster,
and the thrusts harder, she could feel his stomach
pushing on the butt plug at the finish of each stroke,
enhancing the feeling in her pussy.

She could hear a voice in the background, moaning in
passion and lost in sexual delight. It was several
seconds before she realized it was her own moans she
was hearing. "Oh . . . oh, my God . . . oh . . .
yes . . . fuck me . . . fuck me . . . harder, you
bastard . . . fuck me harder . . . I'm almost
there . . . yes . . . yes . . . yes . . . fuck
me . . . YES! I'M CUMMING! . . . YES! . . .
NOW! . . . now . . . oh yes, my God, yes." At the
same time, she could feel him stiffen behind her,
and his breathing became louder and more irregular.
Then, with the longest, deepest thrust yet, she could
feel his cock spilling its seed deep inside her. At
that, a second wave welled up inside her, and she
came again, even more powerfully than the first time.

It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. She
felt as if her insides had been turned inside out.
She collapsed on the cushions, unable to move any part
of her body. She could feel his cock soften inside
her, and as the muscles in her pussy relaxed, his
cock fell out of her pussy.

He shifted his weight behind her, and quickly his
mouth was once again on her pussy, his tongue probing
deeply inside. She was too tender; she couldn't stand
it so soon after making love. "No," she said, "wait a
few minutes. Not just now."

But he ignored her appeals, and continued to eat her
pussy, roughly this time. He had never before eaten
her after cumming inside her, and she was shocked he
was doing it now. As his tongue lashed at her clit,
she could imagine him tasting his own cum. Was it
dripping out of her? Was he swallowing it?

He persisted in eating her out, licking her pussy
clean, then sticking his tongue deep in her cunt. She
suddenly realized that she had not felt his mustache
while he was eating her, nor had she felt it at any
time that night. His face was smooth and hairless.

As his tongue kept flicking her clit, she recognized
with a shock that it wasn't him! It was someone else,
perhaps a stranger, who was eating her pussy. Had he
arranged for the stranger to do this? He must have.
Perhaps he was even watching it all, sitting in the
big easy chair in the corner.

"My God," she cried out, "Who are you? Where is my
husband? Honey, are you there?"

There was no answer, only frantic tonguing of her
most intimate places. She could hear his tongue
sloshing around in her. Against her will, her body
was responding, building to another level. She could
feel the warmth spreading from her pussy through the
rest of her body.

Just then, the stranger reached around her with both
hands, grasping her breasts roughly and squeezing
them with his fingers. As he continued loudly to eat
her pussy, he gripped her nipples between the thumb
and forefinger of each hand, pulling sharply on them.
It was too much for her, as her body overcame her
reluctance and once again she reached the crest, then
crashed over the top, flooding his face with her cum.
"Oh no . . . oh . . . oh my God, no . . ."

She collapsed in tears, ashamed of what this stranger
had done to her, and how she had responded. She wept
silently, mortified about everything she had done.
Suddenly she felt the stranger's hands in her hair,
and the blindfold was removed at last.

The first thing she noticed was that the lights were
on. How long had they been on, she wondered. She
turned to see who had done this terrible, wonderful
thing to her, and was shocked to see her husband,
alone and smiling hugely behind her. He had shaven
his mustache for the first time in many years.

"Why did you shave off your mustache? Why didn't you
answer me? I thought it was a stranger, and that you
had arranged for someone to do all this while you

"I shaved it so you would wonder," he said. "I wanted
you to think it was someone else, just to add some
spice to our fantasy night. And in a way, I did do it
so I could watch."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

He motioned with his hand to a video camera on a
tripod in the corner. That had been the sound she had
heard earlier. "I captured it all on tape. I thought
we could re-live it whenever we want to."

"Thank God it's been you all along," she said. "And
let's watch it another night. I think I've had it for
tonight. But you were right about one thing, we
certainly went to another level this time!"

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