Welcome to ROOM 12.

You’ve had a really long week…you are totally stressed out and really looking forward to a much needed release….You walk into the massage parlor to check in….. as you give the lady your name, you notice a masseuse behind the curtain, getting ready, and you see that she has gorgeous long flowing blonde hair. You can just make out her tight fitting maroon masseuse outfit and that the low cut pants hug her perfect little ass. The top hits her right at the top of her ass and For some reason, you can imagine her bent over the table with those pants down at her knees…. “God” you think, “She really turns me on!” You immediately ask the lady if that masseuse is available.

She says “yes”…. “That’s Samantha and she is your masseuse. Go get changed and she will meet you in room 12”…..

You’re excited that this blonde is going to be rubbing you down in just a matter of minutes, so you go get changed. As you step out of the changing room, you notice that the rest of the place seems deserted. You walk down the hall past several closed doors, nervous that someone knows you’re turned on, and you quickly step into room 12…..

When you walk in, it is empty but the massage table is ready for you and there is a candle glowing in the corner….it smells musky and sexy in the room and you start to get a little wet thinking about her hands rubbing oil all over you…

You slip off your robe and slip between the cool smooth sheets. You lie face down because you don’t want her to see that your nipples are hard.

Several minutes pass and you’re nervous that they’ve forgotten you, but you’re so hot that you slip your hand underneath you, down, between your legs, and start to slowly rub your finger across your clit ….so slowly that she won’t notice when she comes in…. you feel yourself getting wetter and then you hear the door open so you freeze…..

In a deep soothing voice, The masseuse says “I’m Samantha, are you comfortable?”

“Yes”, you say, “very.”

She says, “lets get started….. do you like it deep or gentle?”

“Deep” you say. ”Very hard, I’m so stressed out.” You slowly move your hand so she won’t see that you were touching yourself.

Samantha says “good, I hope I can help you relieve that stress”… and she begins.

She starts to rub you through the sheet and you hear the pump squirt a few times. She pulls the sheet down to your ass and places her cool hands on your back, covering it with hot oil….she starts rubbing your back and shoulders and you expect her to pull the sheet back up, then off one leg at a time, but she pulls the sheet all the way down to your ankles and starts rubbing your back and legs at the same time…her hands running the full length of your exposed body. You shiver a little and she asks “are you cold?”… “no” you say…”it feels amazing”… she runs her hands back up your legs, grazing your inner thighs,… so you spread your legs, just a little…and you’re sure she knows how wet you are.

“Is this pressure ok?” she asks, “do you want me to go deeper?”…..

“yes, deeper” you reply and open your legs just a touch more. Her hands start to move up and down your thighs and, insanely, you start to hope that they will make their way higher, and touch you….right there.

As she gets closer and closer you start to get hot and sweaty, practically ready to come and she asks, “do you want to turn over?” so you do. She places a mask over your eyes, and all of a sudden her hands are on the top of your thighs, your stomach, your neck…..and she says ”have you ever had your breasts massaged?”…. you reply, “no, but I would like that,…a lot” and her hands start slowly caressing your breasts.

You feel your nipples get hard and in spite of yourself you let out a moan.

Your hands grip the sheets beneath you as she rubs one tit and the other….going back and forth, up the middle and around each one as you get wetter and wetter and more and more out of breath….. she leans down and whispers, “are you ready for…. more?”…

”Yes” you moan,”please, more” and you feel her oily hand slip down your belly and inside your thigh,…. slowly cupping your wetness, then back to your thigh, and back to your center again……she takes the middle finger, of her right hand, as you spread your knees open, and she slips it inside of you….ever so slowly, in and out.…..then she pulls it out and starts rubbing your clit, sending your body into shivers…..she rubs it back and forth, back and forth, grazing you ever so gently as you grip the sheets harder and lose your breath…. She starts going faster as you move your hips to her rhythm, raising them off the table to meet her finger. Her other hand finds your nipple and she starts rubbing that at the same time, driving you crazy!.....she keeps rubbing and rubbing until you can’t take it anymore, and at the exact moment you’re about to come, she plunges 2 fingers inside you…… bringing you to climax as your hips drive her fingers deeper and deeper until you’re shuddering on the table, a sweaty, hot, satisfied mess…

She removes her fingers….covers you with the towel….and leaves. You decide you’ll be back to Room 12, real soon!

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