Pink Dancer

She pranced out on stage wearing only a pink and black bra with matching thong, and four inch stiletto heels, trotting along happily, letting her breasts bounce up and down. The audience was empty, except for one man sitting in the front row, watching her eagerly as she trounced along the catwalk to the stripper pole at the end. She stroked it gently as she passed, and walked right to the edge of the stage in front of him.

She put her hands behind her head, thrust out her chest, and swayed sensuously from side to side. Out of the corner of her eye she could see him enjoying her immensely. He was wearing a button-down shirt which he had open to reveal his bare chest and abs underneath, and she could see a hard-on pressing against the fabric of his pants; spread across his face was an almost comically sincere grin as he fondled her with his eyes.

With a blush and the hint of a smile, she turned, swaying her ass, and walked back to the pole. He watched as she made love to it as if it were a long, hard cock. He stroked his concealed erection as she licked it and ran it between her tits. His mouth fell slightly agape when she straddled it and ran her pussy up and down the long, smooth shaft; and he squirmed in pleasure as she grabbed her upper calves and let the pole grind along her ass.

Seeing him get turned on as he watched her made her horny in turn; she decided to give him a real show. Pulling up the chair that was on stage, she sat down, spread her legs, and leaned back. Closing her eyes, she imagined this strong, handsome man holding her down and fucking her. She moved her hand to her pussy and leaned up against the pole as she masturbated to her fantasy.

She thought about how it would feel to have him pull her clothes off, to feel him dominating her despite her best attempts to struggle away. She felt a shudder of pleasure ripple through her as she thought about him grabbing her neck with his strong left hand as he pried apart her legs with his right. She started fingering herself faster as in her dream she saw him grinding his dick against her helpless pussy; and let out a moan as he pulled her gaping hole down over his raging cock by his relentless grip on her throat. As she thought of him forcing himself into her and fucking her, she slowly built an orgasm and came right there on the chair on stage.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, she opened her eyes and saw that he had his cock out and was fondling his balls and stroking his shaft while he watched her making herself cum. Judging by the size of his dick, he was enjoying himself immensely. She glanced around the room and saw that about a dozen other men had entered the room while her eyes were closed. They stood or sat along the edges with their pants around their ankles, all jacking off with their eyes fixed on her. Looking back to the man in front, her eyes fell on his long, hard cock and her heart skipped a beat. She really wanted him to fill her, and she decided to break some rules.

Walking to the edge of the stage, she hopped lightly down and stood immediately in front of him, putting her arms above her head again, and swaying her hips from side to side. She reached her hands into her cleavage and unfastened her bra from the center, letting it slide away to reveal her naked breasts. She could hear him draw in a sharp breath when he saw them and his cock jumped in his hand.

Smiling, she swayed around in front of him, letting him get a good look at her swaying tits as she fondled them and displayed them for his pleasure. Then, placing her thumbs on her hips, she slid off her thong and stepped forward with her legs spread in a strong, pussy-revealing stance. She could see him gazing at her longingly, and his cock looked so big and hard that she wanted it inside her.

The chair he was sitting in had no arms, and she had no difficulty straddling him and thrusting her tits into his face. Her pussy brushed his cock as she did so and now she was even wetter than before as her slit hovered barely an inch above his rock-hard cock. He began fondling and licking her breasts with obvious enjoyment, and she reached down to touch the tip of his dick. Slowly, she began lowering himself onto him, guiding the head of his cock into her.

As his head touched her pussy lips, it jumped wildly and she felt a wave of sexual energy rush through her. She kept lowering herself onto him until his cock had bottomed out inside her. Leaning her head back, she began to grind back and forth on his hips, letting his dick swell and throb inside her pussy as he continuously fondled and sucked on her naked tits.

She heard him moan in pleasure and felt his hands run all over her body, stroking her back and thighs, and fondling her ass as she rode his rock hard cock. He grabbed her ass and began thrusting himself into her as she reached down and felt up his bare chest. Her breasts undulated as he fucked her, and she could see his head leaned back in pleasure as he watched them swaying right in front of his eyes. This sight was too much for him, and she felt him start ramming his dick harder and faster into her.

He pressed himself deep into her and she felt his cock swell, tense, and finally burst waves of cum deep into her pussy. The look on his face of sheer ecstasy on his face told her she had done it just right. He began slowly pumping his cock with her tight pussy lips again and milked himself dry inside her womanhood. Looking at her he smiled, and gave her a huge kiss on the lips, holding her naked body against his chest. This could be the start of something wonderful.

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