Tammys first big cock

Let me tell you a little bit about Tammy and I. Tammy was 20 and I was 26 when we got married. The one word to describe Tammy was WOW! She was 4’11 3/4” blonde hair about the middle of her back and brown eyes, nice firm boobs the kind of boobs that spread out on her chest when she lays on her back and their still there. Her nipples were like huge pencil erasers sticking up a ¼ to ½ inch. I was 6’4” 235 pounds brown hair and brown eyes a 7.5-inch cock that was 7 inches around. I wouldn’t call it huge but at the same time it was bigger than average maybe large would be the right word.
This story is shortly after we got married. Tammy ran a Day-Old bread store and I drove a truck. I would leave on Sunday mornings to head up to the Florida panhandle and spend the night at a hotel in Pensacola. On Mondays I delivered to 10 stores in Mobile Al and the FL coast down to Panama City for the night. On Tuesdays I had several stores around Panama City and then the trip back home. I was off on Wednesdays and Fridays; Thursdays I ran a local run. Tammy had Fridays off and worked a half day on Saturdays and off on Sundays. So, we both had days off by ourselves I had Wednesday and she had Sundays. Sex was a big thing for us if we were alone and had 10 minutes we were fucking like rabbits.

Anyway, I met a guy in Pensacola one day (yes, I am bisexual and yes, she knows and loves it) his name was Bob. There was an Adult Book Store within walking distance of my hotel. I made the same trip every week for 6 months so I knew all the surrounding business. This was a place I went to just about every trip on Sunday evenings. I had taken Tammy there on one trip when she came with me and she knew I went there most of the time.
Anyway, I was in one of the booths that had glory holes on both sides of me this weekend I was not sure if I want a blowjob or to give one or several for that matter. I was sitting there watching a gay movie when the booth next to me open and someone came in. Now I was naked with a big hard on when he came into the room next to me. When his movie started I could see him just sitting there so I started to stroke my cock and watch him. He finally stood up and pulled his pants down and sat facing me I could not believe my eyes it was the biggest cock I had ever seen.
I licked my lips and leaned down to the hole with my mouth open so there was no mistaking what I wanted. He moved over to the hole and just put the head in for me to suck on. It was easily 9.5 inches around. I licked and suck as much as I could I was hoping he would let me have the rest of it. I wanted to have him cum in my mouth with that monster. Then he pulled it back and leaned down to the hole and asked if I would like to get fucked? All I could thing was hell yes, I told him I had a room close by and did he want go there to be more comfortable? We talked about it for several minutes and he was not sure about going to my room so I gave him my room number and told him I would be there all night if he wanted to play around.
When I got back to my room I was hoping he would stop by so I pulled out my lube got a beer and got naked. I lubed myself up so I was ready if he did come over my cock was rock hard just thinking about his cock and the size of it. I jumped when he knocked on the door, I looked to see if it was him and opened the door naked to let him in. I got him a beer and as he opened his beer I started to take his pants off. He started to laugh and put his beer down and helped me undress him. He sat down and I got on my knees in front of him and started to suck on his cock. He was well over 11 inches long maybe 12 and as big around as my arm! I was not sure I would be able to get it inside of me but was sure as hell going to try. I had him get on the bed and lubed him up and I pushed even more lube into my boy hole before I climbed on top of him. When I felt him at my hole I let it rest there just feeling myself open up for him. It took a long time and a lot of lube to get him in but I finally had him balls deep inside me and I mean he was deep I had never been so full. He started to slowly fuck me working it even deeper when he was getting close he asked me to turn around so he was fucking me from behind and put me into a full nelson and pound me hard from behind. I had never been used like that before and it felt great! Then he turned me around so he could watch me jerkoff as he finished inside me. When he came it was like a fire hose going off in my ass I could feel him shooting load after load deep inside me. And it pushed me over the edge as I came my asshole tighten up. My God what a feeling being that full and the spasming as I came.

Bob and I sat talking over a couple of beers after we cleaned up some. Bob asked about my ass and how I felt was I ok? Now my ass was sore but in good way I knew I would hurt for several days but I also would smile too. We swapped stories about some of the wild sex we both remembered. When he told me about a couple he had known I was surprised to find out he like girls also. He told me he loved women as well as men but his only problem is most women have a hard time taking all of him. He wanted/needed to be balls deep or he had a hard time cumming. Sitting there with a sore butt I understood what he was saying.
I showed him pictures of Tammy, I had a book of photos of her with me at all times some with clothes or a bikini on and some naked playing with herself. Bob loved the pictures of her and as we talked about the pictures and when I took them and how much she loved sex he got hard again. So, I lubed up again and laying on my back with my legs up he fucked me again. It felt great but I was very sore afterwards happy but sore.
I called Tammy the next day and told her about Bob and the evening we had and how he loved the pictures of her. I also told her how big he was and how sore my butt was in the truck today as she was laughing. I told her about him having to be balls deep before he could cum. I also had taken pictures of his cock hard and soft for her to see for herself just how big he really is. I used my arm next to his cock so she could really see the size of it. Knowing she wanted to try a really big cock in her pussy turned me on but at this point we had not had sex with other people just ourselves. We both had the nagging wonder of how we would feel about each other afterwards and if it was better left in our minds. We were both very turned on just talking about it so we decided to talk about it when I got home and she could see the pictures.
That evening she called me at the hotel I stayed at on Monday nights and we had phone sex (her idea). She was already playing with herself when she called she had our biggest dildo all the way inside herself and cumming over and over again. Our biggest dildo was only 9 inches long and 7.5 inches around. Tammy had been trying to get it all the way inside herself for weeks lots of lube and patients was needed but even then, most of the time she would cum before she could get it in. After cumming several time’s, she would get sore and it had to come out. This evening she had it all the way in and was pulling it out and sliding it back in. When I picked up the phone she was pushing it in still working it all the way in. I told her I wanted her to sit on it on a kitchen chair and force it in all the way. So, she went into the kitchen holding it inside her to the table and lean over the table and put the end on the chair. As we talked she keep working it in even deeper when there was like 3 inches left outside her I told her to lube the end even more and sit down on it. As she sat down I could hear her cumming when she was all the way down she leaned back and played with her clit and screamed as she came then she slid down the chair till the dildo was not touching the chair and as she came her body pushed it out.
Tuesday morning Tammy called me as she was getting ready to go to work to tell me she was very sore and I may have to settle for a blow job this evening when I got home. It was my turn to laugh at her and I told her the cock I was fucked with was even bigger than the toy used last night. She did not believe me about the size of Bobs cock but I had the pictures in my camera.
I got home before her and went to get the film developed so she could see just how big he really was. Then I made dinner for her and laid the pictures on the kitchen table next to her plate. When she came home I met her at the door with a drink and big kiss and sent her to shower for dinner. Just before she went into the shower she came into the kitchen naked with a cock ring we had and told me to strip we were having dinner naked this evening. Our kitchen was just of the living room in that apartment and if you walked by and looked in you could see our kitchen from there. My cock was rock hard when I finished stripping but she put the ring on anyway. It was so tight I could not even pee with it on so she had a hard time making it fit but she was not taking no for an answer.
By the time we finished dinner and were in the living room my cock was harder than it had ever been and turning blue and a little cold. I sat in the middle of the couch and Tammy got between my legs she was licking and sucking on me as hard as she could. Then she started to play with my butt as she sucked on me she was leaving marks on my cock she was sucking so hard then. She slipped 2 fingers in my butt moving them in and out then 3 fingers it was then that she pulled the ring open. The pain and pleasure were great as the feeling came back in my cock I could feel the marks and her teeth on me and the fingers in my butt were great. She slid the 4th finger in and started to shove her fingers as deep and fast as she could and swallowed my cock as far as she could I came deep inside her mouth/throat as she swallowed it all.
We cuddled on the couch afterwards and Tammy got to look at Bobs pictures. When she was looking at them she held my arm next to the pictures then she got the big dildo to compare it. I asked her if she wanted to try getting fucked by him? She said it look good and she would love to have something that big inside her but only if we both agreed to it. I knew she wanted to try it but she was concerned about our marriage and how it could affect us as a couple we had only been married a few months at the time. I told her I was fine with it if it made her happy. I was not one to talk after all I played around with guys all the time. She pointed out I only play with guys not girls so it was not the same. WE talked till late in the evening and finely we decided we would give it a try.
So, Wednesday afternoon I called Bob to make sure he was ok with it and get his address so I could send him some pictures of Tammy naked in our living room. He said he was free every Sunday evening so just give him a call on whatever Sunday we could work it out. It was 2 months later that Tammy could get the time off and I had been with Bob a couple of times by then. I called him on Sunday morning to remind him Tammy was coming with me today he said great he had not cum in 4 or 5 days and was ready for us. Bob did not believe that Tammy was going to be able to handle all of him but Tammy said she was sure she could and was looking forward to trying.
When we got their I called Bob to let him know we were there and Tammy and I shared a small joint and a couple of beers before Bob got there. She was feeling no pain and was Horney as hell. We were laying on the bed, I was naked and Tammy had on a white negligee with matching panty’s it was mostly see through but it was there and looked great on her. She had her vibrator with her and was just starting to play with it on herself as I watched when Bob called to find out what room we were in. I told him and then stepped out with a towel on to meet him.
As he was coming up the walk the door closed behind me crap. Bob was laughing as he walked up so we looked between the shades to see what Tammy was doing she had pulled her panty’s aside and was slipping the little vibrator in and out randomly with her eyes closed. We watched for a couple of seconds but I didn’t want her to start cumming so soon. So, Bob knocked on the door as I watched through the shades. Tammy opened her eyes and looked at the door and finely got up to open the door but she could not see me when she opened the door just Bob. Bob had gotten hard watching her in the window. Remember she only had a negligee on and she was looking at someone she had never met with a big Hardon. So, Bob asked her if she was Tammy and was she looking for a guy with a huge cock tonight? She did not know what to say at first so Bob looked down telling her he was Bob and he had what she wanted.
It was then she remembered she only had on a see-through negligee on and she was standing in an open door with people in the parking lot we were buzzed remember. Of course, I only had towel on so I stepped up and said I see you met Bob lets go inside before someone complains. As I closed the door I asked Tammy and Bob if they wanted a beer as I dropped the towel in a chair. Both said yes so as I got the beers Bob asked Tammy if she had seen the pictures of his equipment. She told him yes, she had but she would like to see the real thing for herself. I laughed at them as I handed them both their beers Bob took a drink and told Tammy she could under dress him and see for herself anytime she wanted to. There was gleam in her eyes as she started to undress him the first thing to go was his belt and jeans then she unbuttoned his shirt and reached out for his beer telling him to take his shoes and shirt off he also pushed the jeans the rest of the way off then she gave him his beer back. You could see the sheer size of him bulging in his underwear even as he was soft. She then picked up her beer and took a sip as she ran her hand over his cock feeling him grow under her hand. Then as she knelt down in front of him and slowly pull his underwear down till it fell at his feet. She reached out with both hands and held him just looking at his cock in her hands. She started moving her hands up and down slowly on his cock it was like Bob and I were not there just her and that massive cock in her hands. She never looked at either of us just his cock as she played with him she licked him all over and took his balls in her mouth. She even tried to suck on his cock but could not get it in her mouth.
That’s when Bob broke the spell and said maybe we should get on the bed. We had Bob get in the middle of the bed with Tammy on one side and me on the other. Tammy wanted to start at the top so she moved up to kiss Bob, she loves to find a great kisser. I started on his nipples moving from one side to the other till Tammy pulled my head up to her and Bobs she pulled away from Bobs mouth a little and moved to lick my lips moving between us as she did till at last she pulled my mouth over Bobs. She started to suck on my nipples and play with Bobs at the same time with a smile in her eyes she took my hand and put it on Bobs cock and I just did what I do and started stroking him. Tammy moved down to watch me play with his cock every once in a while, she lick on Bobs cock holding my hand still as she did. I had moved down to Bobs cock when he pushed my shoulder down wanting me to get on the other side from Tammy. Tammy and I looked at each other and were kissing around Bobs cock remember now she had never seen me with a cock in my mouth before this it was a first for her and I was holding my breath hoping she was ok with it.
She was more than ok with it she was dripping wet from it. She pushed me to the head of Bobs cock as she watched and rubbing her pussy she quietly told me suck his cock honey. I was licking his head and I knew it was ok with her from the look in her eyes. I closed my eyes and really started to work on his beautiful cock I also reached over to her and replace her hand with mine I was palm deep with 2 fingers in her pussy and had 5 inches of his cock in my mouth. Tammy blew on Bobs cock and my face so I opened my eyes to see she looked at me and said I love you sweetie but I want to try it please. Lol
I helped her climb on to Bob then moved between their legs to help her get him started in and to lick them both. She told Bob to just lay still and let her do all the work if he pushed up he could have hurt her and she wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. I put lube on Bobs cock and then all over Tammy’s pussy then pulled open her pussy to get her around his cock and get it started. Tammy started to move her hips slowly pushing down as she went when his head slipped in she stopped moving I knew how she felt his head was even bigger than his shaft about an inch bigger. Finely she pulled off of him and asked me to use a little more lube I could have told her there was more lube then need already but I just put more on them both. As I lubed her I ran my hand down her pussy till I was rubbing her clit and she started moving on my hand she had her eyes closed Bob told me later moaning all the time. I moved Bobs cock in place again and rubbed lube all over him as she moved down on him. His head slipped in easier this time and she was ok with it now I was running my hands all over her inner thighs and pussy and his cock with lots of lube. It was truly a 3 some we were all a part of this no one just watching the other 2 as they fucked. Tammy had her eyes closed just concentrating on the feeling and getting his cock as deep as she could. It was like she was there all by her self-riding a great cock only, her and her pussy with a big cock.
I leaned back to watch and stroke my cock when Tammy looked back at me and told me not to cum to save that for her later. She went back to riding that cock almost like Bob was not there just his cock. Slowly she kept going she was in the middle of his shaft when she asked me how much was left to come inside? When I told her, she was only half way down she moaned and asked me to play with her clit some and she started to play with her boobs. Her whole body was on fire and the center was her pussy. She laid on top of Bobs chest and asked him to gently start moving inside her. Bob moved a little faster than she had been still slowly so as not to hurt her. When he pulled out her pussy was coming with his cock but he slowly made progress. When Bob had 7 inches inside her she started to go wild pushing back when he pushed in. She put her hands down on her stomach so she could feel his cock inside her she was squeezing him as he moved inside her. You could see his cock inside her when she tried to sit up on him. When she had 9 inches of him she said she could feel him at the opening to her womb and not sure she could get it all inside her she didn’t figure it would fit inside the opening of her womb. I was shocked she would even try but was her pussy and if it hurt too much I knew she would stop and I would never let him hurt her. She was now riding more cock then she had ever had before and one hell of a lot wider.
She started to pull out over 7 inches of him and push back down to 9 or more she would grunt every time she felt him hit her womb opening but she told me later her womb was starting to open she could feel it moving inside her. When he was getting close she pushed down and felt him slip inside her womb that’s when she told him to wait for a second. When she had his head inside her womb she could not pull out like she had before but there was still a couple of inches left and Tammy wanted it all inside her. Tammy pulled her feet up a little so she could sit on his lap kind of I moved around to kiss her as she was cumming but the whole outline of Bobs cock was showing on her stomach I mean you could see the outline inside her. She was rolling her hips when I kissed her our tongues dancing with each other and her holding on for dear life and that’s when Bob said he was cumming I leaned back to watch as she ground herself on him as he came inside her womb she was moaning and saying how hot his cum was and how much there was she felt like he would never stop cumming. I looked at his cock inside her stomach and I could see him pumping load after load of cum into her womb and pussy. She fell on top of him holding her stomach and saying please take it out of me the pressure from his cum was just too much for her she was that full. We were not sure how to go about that because he was at least 3 inches inside her womb. This was something neither of us had ever had to deal with before now.
Before she came it was one thing but after was a different story. I pulled her up some but his head was stuck in her womb kind of like a dog does but she wanted it out now not when he went soft. At last she pulled up and he came out of her womb and she started to cum again from the feeling of being stretched like that was more than she could stand. She sat there for a couple of minutes then she opened her eyes and my cock was right there still as hard as a rock dripping pre-cum. Tammy reached out to my cock and pulled me to her as she laid there with 9 inches of cock still in her she licked the pre-cum from the head of my cock. Then she looked at me and asked how close are you honey, when I said very she pull me to her and said fuck my mouth sweetie let me feel and taste your cum. I held her limp head and fucked her mouth inches from Bobs face knowing just how far to go in her mouth I kept her from gaging till the end I told her I was cumming and she pulled me to her pushing my cock down her throat. When I was finishing and before she could gag I pulled out a few inches to finish in her mouth.
Then I helped Tammy get up and pulling her pussy the rest of the way off Bobs cock she was gaping open but nothing was coming out. With me my cum slides right out and we need a towel next to the bed. His cum was in her womb and not coming out at all. When Bob got dressed we said our goodbyes Tammy and I both still naked and walked him to the door as he opened the door there were people in the parking lot across from us I tried to cover her with the door but she said what the hell my pussy is gapping open and I am covered in sweat at this point I don’t care. We all laughed and Bob took off as we closed the door and I don’t know if anyone complained or not, not that I gave a dam. Tammy was very sore so I ran her a bath in the hot tub in the room she said the warm water felt funny as she got in. She could feel it running up inside her because she was still gaping open. After cleaning up the room and getting us a couple of beers I slipped in with her rubbing her feet and legs. It was a great evening over all but the next day was a bitch the passenger seat was not air ride in my truck and Tammy’s pussy was still sore. I had looked at it that morning for her because she hurt like hell when she peed. She was still swollen and red but when I asked her how she felt about her first 3 some and a really big cock like Bobs. She thought about it for a second then asked me how I felt she wanted to make sure I was ok with it. I told her I loved watching her enjoying herself it was a big turn on and the sex was different with just the 2 of us it was making love with others or flashing it was sex. We finished out the trip without any more sex but a very happy wife. And on the last day of the trip on our way home 400 miles to go Tammy asked how we would be able to find guys to play with around the house? She did not want 2 girls and me, she felt kind of jealous about the idea of me inside another girl and was not sure how I could be happy watching her with someone else. She knew I was ok with it and loved watching her but now she wants to know how I would find guys. Little did she know I already had several in mind. She told me guys like Bob were ok a couple times a year but she would have never been able to go to work the next day with her pussy so sore.

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