My Hot Mother and Me

Dear readers, I am P N abhi Ram a very handsome man of 33 years. This is an actual account of mine that happened 10 years back, I.e. when i was 23 years old. By the title of this story you know that this a incident that took place between me and my hot mother. So let us go that period. Actually this thought had occurred me in my mother tongue that is in telugu. I am writing this in English for the benefit of readers but now and then particularly some conversation I may write in telugu. For which you have to bear. So let me take you to that period.

I am floating in cloud 9 as I am holding my partner’s hand and entwined my fingers in her slender, soft and long fingers. My partner is walking along with me in grace. We were in a mall observing the shops and materials displayed and talking ourselves. My partner wore a tight jeans and short top. Through which her 36 B boobs jetting forward. The impression of her nipples can be seen through her fabric. The jeans so skin fit that contour of her panty is visible. She is revealing almost all her curves. She let loose her hair and tied it at the end with thin silk ribbon which opens as a flower. Generally such ribbons are used for gift wrap. The flower is swaying as her buttocks which are swaying.

On the path way there are three men of my age are gazing at us. Particularly at my partner. As we crossed them one of them said “Abbaa.. emundira..gunta.. aa pirralu choodu.. choostunte venuka nundi dobbalani anipistundi. (My.. what a bitch she is.. look at her ass .. oh! Wish to fuck her from back). He said in telugu. He might thought that we don’t know telugu. .

As I heard that, there is a stir in my trousers. I smiling myself looked at my partner. Her cheeks turned red.. I don’t know whether it is because of shy or anger. As I said she is very graceful. She didn’t turn her head and slowly said to me “paddu… let’s go home.” I simply nodded my head in yes and moved out of the mall.

As I drove my bike out of the mall she sitting behind me putting her legs on either side of the seat. Because of which her fine boobs are touching my back and causing tingles in my body. As we drove some distance “Ufff…” she exhaling her hot breath on my shoulder, and fumed “bloody rascals…”

“Poor fellow.. what is his mistake..?” I mumbled.

“Paddu what are you saying.. Sympathizing that brute..”

“No…but what is his mistake maa you are such a beauty, and so… hot… why he.. some times by looking at you from back I feel like to hug you.. and…”

“Voonnn..and what…?” “…and kiss you..” I couldn’t dare to say fuck.

“Orey…chilipi vedhava..siggu ledoo… amma tho ala mtladadaniki..” (you naughty fellow don’t you have shame to talk like that with your mother” there was no anger in her voice.. rather tingling.

She pinched my cheek hardly. “Sssshhaaa.. why are you pinching so hard. “That is the punishment” “Really.. then I will tell again and again you pinch me..” I said teasing her..

“cha.. cha.. buddi leni vedhava.. intiki pada nee pani chebuthanu..” (chi chi.. mannerless fellow.. let us go home I will take care of you..” “What will you do..?” I teased her again. “That you will know when we go drive calmly.. There is traffic on the road. I drove the vehicle feeling and enjoying the soft firm touch of her boobs on my back.

Oh! Yes readers..What you read is correct.. She is my mother. She is the most beautiful woman. Very, very attractive and sexy also. As I said I am 23 and my mom is 40 years. she is from the village atmosphere. So her father married her when she is only 16 years to a man who is 12 years elder to her.

We reached home and we both went to our rooms. I had bath and came out thinking about the incidents of last 4 months or so…then I heard my mom calling “Paddooo.. where are you? Coming down..?” “Yes, maa in a minute..” I answered and went to her room. I am not having guts to face her after what I said to her on the bike.

Maa is standing in front of the dressing mirror and looking into it combing her hair. There is a humming sound from her mouth.. she has a habit of humming songs within herself. It seems she had also had bath and she wrapped in a light blue color chiffon saree. And a sleeveless blouse. I could not see any impression of her panties.

With a thumping heart I went nearer to her looking her face in the mirror. There was no anger in her face. I had some courage and went still near to her. She looking at me through the mirror asked “… now tell me what you said..?” as she asked my pulse rate fell down. A kind of dizziness taking place in me. “Maa…” I said.

“Voon ….tell me what you said?” she asked again. Now there is no escape for me.. yet I said.. “When maa….?” “On the bike when we are riding back home..” “Ooh! That…?” “Haan.. that only… come spell out..?” she said. Though she is asking I could not find anger in her voice.. nor in her face. She is as usual calm. But I had a doubt that she is smiling herself seeing my situation.

“I…I… maa…” “Arye Paddu.. what I.. i.. when you don’t have guts to accept what you said then why did you said that..?”

I gathered courage in me and said.. “What is the wrong in his words maa.. you are so cute.. Particularly from back…sometimes I myself feel to hug you from back side..” I said gathering courage and waiting for the whip to fall on me.

She still adjusting her hair.. said.. slowly..”Then what hurdles are there for not doing it..?” hearing those words I am in shock.. Did I hear correctly.. I looked at her in the mirror and said “Maa….” Then I saw a mischievous smile on her lips and hugged her tightly from back. Instantly my manhood stood erect poking at her fleshy butt. “Thank you maa… thank you..” I said and gave a poke of my dick again.

She slowly turned towards me..and putting her two hands on my shoulders and looking into my eyes said.. “Paddu you are my darling son.. you have protected me many a times from your dad’s wrath. It is the responsibility of the mother to fulfill the desire of the children.. Isn’t it?”

“Oh maa.. thank you…” and I am watching her mesmerizingly. She naughtily smiling at me said “Now that your desire of hugging me from the back is fulfilled.. Are you satisfied now .. my dear son..?”

I didn’t know .. what answer to give her. I put my one had on her creamy waist and the other on her shoulder, lustfully looking at her face. She might have read the desire in my eyes and said “what more kanna…?” When she turned towards me her saree pullow had fallen down and I could see the brown areola and stiff nipples of her tits through the thin material of her blouse. “Maa.. you are so cute.. so beautiful.. and so..” I stopped, couldn’t dare to say sexy.

“.. and what kanna..?” she insisted. “please don’t be angry.. maa.. but I say you are so sexy..”

“Hummm… “ in a long hoarse she said.. “…so my son had grown so big that.. for him his mother appearing sexy…that is what you say.. am I correct kanna..?”

“Yes maa…” said and kept quiet for a while and said again.. “You are the sex goddess .. Venus.. the goddess of love. You know Venus.. maa..”

“Kanna,..your maa is not so educated… who is she..?”

“She is the goddess of love..for Greeks maa…”

“OK.. so what..?” she is playing hide and seek with me.. She is clever at developing lust in me. By the time I don’t know when she brought me to the bed and throwing on the bed she sat at my side. While we are in conversation. I don’t know when she removed her saree. Now she is in a petticoat and thin blouse on her body. Here my member had fully grown and wanted get release from my shorts.

“O.K, as you said I am beautiful, cute, and sexy..and what not… so what.. is it wrong to be beautiful or sexy…?” maa asked me smilingly at me.

“No.. maa…” what to say after that I could not understand. Her firm boobs under the thin material is piercing in my eyes. I am looking at them with lustful eyes. “Naughty boy, what are looking at? Don’t you know that a son must not look at his mother like that..?”

“Maa…” I called her looking at her firm tits. Maa raised her eye brows as if asking ‘what?’

“You have such a lovely TITS maa….” I said gazing at her high boobs.

“Hooon…” do you want a peek at them? Open the hooks and see how sexy your maa’s Tits are..? that is what you said na.. Tits..”

Though I heard what she said I could not dare to touch her. Maa took my palms and placing them on her boobs, looking at me signaled with her eyes to open the hooks. My fingers were trembling when I touched her firm boobs. But still I opened her hooks by which her blouse flaps separated revealing the most beautiful tits I ever saw. The soft, firm fair twin peaks with brown areola and stiff perky nipples.Though she is 40 years and a mother of two children, i.e. me and my sister Vishnu, her breasts are very firm with smooth texture and chocolate colored areola and thick nipples.

“Wow.. what a beauty maa.. really they are very cute” I placing my palms on her boobs said.

“Really! Are they better than Vishnu’s?”

“I was in shock. I looked at her surprisingly. As I said above Vishnu is my sister 3 years younger to me who got married four months back.

Maa pinching my cheek and pulling it asked again… “Orey kanna chepparaa avi Vishnu salla kante bagunnayaa?” (orey kanna tell me are they better than Vishnu’s boobs?)

I couldn’t dare to say anything.. is maa knows about our relationship or is she guessing. By the time Maa pushed me on the cot on my back and keeping her right hand on my chest and bending on my face looking at me. There is smile on her lips and her eyes are gleaming.

Slowly she whispered n my ears… “Paddu.. My dear kanna.. I know everything between you and Vishnu.. I have seen my loving son’s monster dipping deep in my sweet daughter’s slit. You know how horny I used to turn by watching you…By the way what nonsense thing you have done to her..?” I didn’t understood what she said. I was looking at her bluntly having a question in my eyes that ‘what did I do?’

“Saying so many things to her like safe sex.. avoid pregnancy before marriage.. and so on… and you made her pregnant..”

“Whhaaat…?” I almost screamed. “Don’t shout… why are you shouting..?”

There is no question of denying my sexual encounter with my sister I said.. ”Maa.. but we have taken precautions..”

“No precautions at all..most probably Vishnu might had miscalculated about her safe period.”

“But…when maa…?”

“Do you remember what Vishnu fell sick and was in hospital for 4 days and after coming home also she was weak for a week… during the 4 days she was in the hospital for abortion”. She said.

“Visnu didn’t tell me anything about this to me..”

“I only asked her not tell this to you. “

“But why didn’t stopped us..?”

“these things cannot be stopped by force. However it is her wish. She wants it and you also wants it.. So I thought why I should stop you. But after this whenever Vishnu came to you she was under my monitoring. Whenever she came to you and you played the love game, you know how much horny I became by watching you. Many a times I thought of entering in the room.

“then why didn’t you?”

“My dear son… I don’t want to grab the joy of my daughter. She will be with us for two or three years.. when she gets married my kanna will be for me permanantly.. is it not?”

“Yes Maa…. I am always at your service.” I said but I thought greatly about her broadmindedness and her sacrifice.

“Maa…..” this is another shock to me that my mother watched me playing love game with my sister. That means she watched her daughter and son involved in sex.

“After that she came to you under my monitoring.. But Paddu you didn’t’ told me whether they are better than Vishnu’s”. she asked again.

“Almost all the same maa… any how she is your daughter.. Naturally she gets your features only..” “Really…?” “Yes maa…”

“Then what about my body kanna… is it also like Vishnu’s?” she asked me and getting down of the cot stood in front of me. Just in her blouse whose flaps are open and in her petticoat. There is a mischievous smile on her lips and her body is shining.

Clad in half opened blouse and petticoat, she stood there quietly. I had an instant hard on seeing Maa like that, I gazed at her sweaty neck, her full breasts, her beautiful stomach beholding her deep navel, giving way to flaring fertile hips. “Do I look okay?” Mom whispered.

“Look what you and your body done to me!!” I removed my shorts to reveal my hard-on. “God! You are…um…so huge” rotating her tongue on her luscious lips. Maa flushed thinking she could still give a man such a hard-on. i sat down on the bed, my erect shaft standing out like a pole.

“The pressure, it is paining Ma…” I groaned pressing my penis.

“Let me help you” mom knelt down between my legs. She slowly brought her hand to my trembling dick, she gently pulled my foreskin down to reveal my pink bulbous knob. She inhaled the musky scent of her own son i.e mine…. She gently began jerking my penis up and down. “it needs lubrication!” Maa looked at me with lust filled eyes and in the next moment, she licked on my balls, slurping and sucking, she then lashed her wet tongue from the root to my gland.

I closed my eyes at the pleasurable sensations. I felt maa’s warm mouth engulf my rock hard pole.

Maa’s mouth covered my shaft blowing in and out, As she got more comfortable she swallowed more of my penis, “God! My own mother, my dream lady, giving me this pleasure! What a luck!” I thought as mom gave me her first and best blowjob to me. It is much, much better than Vishnu’s sucking. Maa increased her pace. I lost in pleasure and felt the ripples of impending orgasm.

Maa was quick to sense her son’s spasm. She quickly tightened her grip around his the base of my dick and stimulated the cock head with her forefinger.

“Ah…Maa, would you like to taste my milk?” as I said She replied with another strong sucking motion. I shot loads of cum into my mother’s waiting mouth. Maa couldn’t take it all. She choked and the remaining ropes and ropes of my hot semen fell on her neck and blouse and hands. She let go of my manhood and kissed me. We exchanged my cum fluid.

“Did you like it Paddu?” “It was the best mother!”

“Look what you’ve done to me son, look the mess you’ve made on my blouse”

“I’m sorry maa!”

“You better be. Remove my blouse” and maa lay on the bed. I meticulously removed her blouse from her body. A sculpted naked bust is in front of me.

“Do you like what you see?” maa asked twitching her eyes. I cupped her full breasts under my palms and kneaded them gently.

“Oh mom! They are so soft”

“touch me! Feel me.. feel maa’s boobs” and I ran my palms on those milk pots.

“God kanna! Your hands are so rough” “Does it hurt maa!”

“No you fool! maa loves this. Touch me like that. You know a woman always likes rough” I squeezed and massaged Maa’s breasts. I had dreamed this for last 3 months. After Vishnu’s marriage when I noticed how cute my maa is.. Her tits were firm like mangoes and smelled of body spray and sweat. I pinched her hard nipples.

“Oh! Son, they are sensitive…!” my maa Malini gasped. Oreu vaatini cheekalani leda.? Cheeku… nee chellivi cheekinatlu cheeku…” (Don’t you want to suckle kanna suck them as you sucked your sister’ boobs)

“Oh yes maaa, here I go”. Maa closed her eyes as I gently nibbled and chewed her nipple. I alternated with both her fruits giving mom a great pleasurable sensations.

Malini, my maa was sweating like anything and shivering in heat. I shifted my attention to her stomach, lapping her belly. I pointed my tongue and inserted into mother’s deep round navel. Mom wriggled as my facial hairs ticked her belly. She giggled. “You love this mom!” I laughed as I tickled her navel and stomach with my rough facial hairs. “That was good kanna…but there is one place that needs your attention!”

Mom took my hands and gently guided it into her panties lifting her petticoat up, up to her waist. I felt the slipperiness of mother’s love hole. I began fingering her gently over the panty. Maa’s precum oozed over my fingers. I took out my finger to find mother smiling at me. I tasted it. “Want some Maa?” I stretched my fingers towards Maa’s mouth, which she sucked eagerly.

“Take off my petticoat” as an obedient boy I unfastened her petticoat and all that was remaining was mother’s sticky slimy panties.

Mom gently removed her panties. She felt my hand on her secret mount. God! This might be the first time someone other than her husband is touching her privates and the one touching her cunt is none other than her own son!

I was curious. I brought my nose to maa’s fuck hole and deeply inhaled the pungent sexy aroma of her pheromones. “You hungry?” maa asked.

“Oh maa, its like a dream come true” “Then eat me my son, I can’t wait!”

I with my both hands I spread apart her labia and brought my lips to mother’s sacred hole. At the first contact, maa gasped. I entered my tongue into her canal and began teasing her cunt walls. It seems mom is enjoying the new sensations. Her warm pussy responded to my invasive tongue releasing copious amount of cunt juices.

“lick there honey, my boy yes… yes …right there….yes…harder honey, harder…oh yessssss!!hmmmm mmmf aaaahhh baby, that’s the spot….aaah ahhh faseter…uffffffff” mom wriggled as her first waves of orgasm spread through her being.

I don’t want to stop. I slurped and sucked and plucked her pussy walls with my mouth. This led her to another big orgasm, maa clutched the bed sheet and pulled my hairs as ecstasy overtook her.

I then climbed back on maa, kissing her passionately, I lay next to her. When I looked my mom’s face, she looked so happy. I dragged her closer and we caressed each other.

“Kanna keep this a secret. Will you?” “I promise maa”

“You are so wicked, son, seducing your own mother, kissing her, suckling her breasts! Can you imagine?” she pulling my nose affectionately said.

“You are so clever Maa, looking like a goddess and seducing me with your words. giving me erotic nightmares, taking your son’s penis and jerking it” I also teased her.

“I can’t believe I let you eat my pussy. Did you enjoy?” “So much maa, your pussy tasted sweet and your moans are so sexy!.” I looking at her with lustful eyes said.

“And you are so sexy son, your body is so sculpted,” she said wrapping herself around me “And your cock is so big”


“The biggest. I say”. I hugged her again, my hard-on began touching mom’s pussy lips. “Someone is knocking my entrance”. Maa giggled.

“Look who is knocking?” maa clasped her fist around my fuck pole and said “Oh! This is my kanna’s monster…. Massive fuck pole”

I rose up and pinned her to bed, and placed myself on top of her. My god mom had parted her legs and our pelvises touched each other. I holding my hard-on and rubbed it against mother’s velvet entrance “Will you let me in Maa?”

“Is it right son?” “I don’t know maa. But I love it…”

“I too son.. though It is a sin ….I enjoyed much, I got unbearable joy…you know why because it is taboo, forbidden.. I am sure you also enjoyed as I …”

“Yes maa… Very much, much more than with Vishnu..” “Really…!”

“Yes, Maa you are such a beauty.. sexy and supple…ohhhh! Please Maa.. let me enter the world of paradise.”

maa said looking deep into my eyes said. “yes beta.. my dear Kanna..after coming so far now I can’t stop.. please enter … enter into your birth place… I am waiting…” she cooed in my ears.

“Are you sure ma… if you have any inhibitions.. I will stop.. I don’t want you to repent later. I am happy with what I got so for…” I said… thinking that mom must not feel bad later.. or feel uneasy to face me.

“I mean it, my beautiful son…Okay beta come take your maa to the gates of Heaven.,” she said and Maa spread her legs again and placed mammoth cock at her entrance.

“Now push it in slowly….ohhh…slowly..kanna …yes.. oh! god! You are so big son my walls are being stretched!” I saw she bit her lips as I entered her. “You are such a sweet and loveable son Paddu.. Now pull back and push it again .. but slowly”. Maa whispered.

I looked back at her into her eyes. I gently withdrew my phallus “I love you maa” and in a swift motion I clutched mom’s nubile body and stabbed deep into her wet oozing pussy.

“Ahhhhh….uummmn…ussss” Maa moaned loudly at my unexpected move. In an excitement I pinned her to the bed and began thrusting inside her, Malini, my mother hugged me hardly and raising her ass up to meet my thrusts.

“Nooooo! Noo! kanna ….you are too big for the path was closed for long.. oh maa… be ss..l..ow.. ….ahhhh..” her breath became heavy as I began to ride mom. “Ahhh son….nooo… please…no… ummm,..¬ Yeah….ohhh beta…stop it…ah huff…huff….a hhh…isss…..nooo….. it is paining…aaahhhhhisssssss” she moaned with pain cum pleasure.

I started moving in her rapidly sliding my dick in her slippery, and ever wanting pussy.

Soon her moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure. “Yes beta….ohhhh…my son…ahhhh…ahhhhh…ahhhhhh…ufff …yyess” my huge cock stimulated every inch of her tight hot vagina. Every inch of her tissues was deeply massaged by my massive cock. I thrust and grunted inside her gently but firmly.

The heat and mating made our bodies sweat, sweat lubricated their movements. Now it seems mom is in seventh heaven, she was being taken and lovingly fucked by a man whom she could trust. I smiled in pleasure as my mother’s tight love walls made delicious friction against my invading cock.

“Do you love this mother?” I asked combing her hair with my fingers. “Ahh…I love it…ufff…oh my god! Paddu.. my dear Kanna …you pervert, you fucked your sister and now fucking your mother…look what you are doing, having sex with your own mother! Whaaa…why did you stop….aaahhhh”

“Tell me you want me maa…”

“Ohh.. kavai ra.. kanna naaku nuvvu kavali.. ammanu baga dengu.. inka gatiga.. nee chelini denginatlu dengara..”(“Ohh…I want you son, I want you to make love to your mother as you did to your sister, and make her scream in ecstacy,) mmmm…I want you deep inside me, I want your seed beta….make love to your maa…ohhhhh…ohhhhhhhh…deeper son deeper, faster…yaaa, yeahh…issss.. aahhhh…ahhh..aahhh”

We mated like animals I pounding her with all my mighty cock and Maa receiving my length and strength in all openness. Our pelvises slapped against each other, the bed shook and the room was filled with “slutch” “sluch” noise as maa and me made our irrrr…forbidden consummation.

“Ohhh baby … aahhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh… hhhhhh…ummmmm..”. Mom was so lost in her enjoyment, she wrapped her legs like a vice across me (her son), she clasped my body pulled me closer to her body.

She crawled on her back and bit my shoulders as orgasm approached like waves….i felt Maa’s grip tighten and her breathing became erratic, her juicy pussy walls gripped my cock even tighter as convolutions overtook my cock

I let go of everything and fucked my mother with ferocious speed, and my thrusting was so dramatic. We fell from the bed to the floor and still, we clasped each other in wild mating frenzy. “Oh god, mommy… my dear maaa..aaahhhh… I’m cumming!!!” I groaned.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhh…Come inside your mother you lovely bastard….give me everything…” mom raised her bum up.

Me and Maa came together, as waves of Maa’s orgasms pulled my cock deep into her cervix, waves of my orgasm made me shoot torrents and torrents of semen into my mother’s fertile unprotected womb. Mom felt my spunk unloading inside her inner walls.

We girdled and clutched each other like inseparable souls. I lifted her and placed her on the bed and caressed my mother. She was still lost in the orgasm. So was I … Entwined against each other me and maa drifted off to sleep.

The darkness gave way to dawn, maa was woken up from sleep by the gentle sensations of my licking her love hole.

“Good morning maa” I growled amidst lickings. “What a way to wake your mother…issss”. Maa moaned. “My morning wood needs some attention,” I said looking into her lustful eyes.

“Amma pooku lo pettara.. nenu choosukuntanu”. (Put it into your mother’s choot, I will take care). Mom widened her legs. I placed my manhood inside her and we made love early that morning till I cummed deep inside her again.

Then I fell back on bed tired. Maa tenderly kissed me on the lips.

“You are amazing son, now get some sleep”. Mother got up and saw the bed sheet crumbled and stained. When she bent down to pick her panties, our love juice seeped out of her pussy. She felt them flowing down into trails through her thighs.

She smiled… “Thank you son. After so many years a women in me is aroused. And the man who kindled the fire is my man, my son.. hope you will see that it is kindled continuously… thank you once again.” She hugged me tight.. kissed my forehead. She smiled joyously. That is Maa.

I woke up by hearing maa’s voice. “Orey Paddu get up. it is almost 11 and you are still sleeping… get up”. I pulled Maa on me and gave a wet kiss on her cheeks saying “Oh! Maa.. let me sleep for while.. there is no sleep in the night”.

“Enduko? Antha spcial duty dora garu emi chesaro..?” (Why? What special duty this raja had done) she asked mischievously smiling at me and wiping her cheek where I kissed.

“Emi special duty chesano neeku teleeda..?” (Don’t you know what special duty I had done) I hugging her whispered in her ear. Malini, my mother’s cheeks turned red with shy.

“O.K., O.K. get up we have to do the shopping, tomorrow midnight is your birthday”. She said. The day is 30th December. I have born on 1st January at 2 AM. Three after me my sister Vishnu is also born on the same day i.e. on 1st January, at 7 am.

“Oh! Maa we’ll go in the evening”. And I covered my face with bed sheet.

“Evenings it will be rush, we can’t select correct designs then. Now get up and get ready” and saying so she gave harsh slap on my bum…. “Aaahh…maa ninnooo..” I got up to catch her.. but she hilariously laughing ran out of the room.

When she is running, by seeing the rhythmic movement of her bum cheeks my sleepiness vanished. To see her again i came into the hall and looked around for her. i heard her humming ‘Andame anandam, anandame jeevitha makarandam’ from her room. She has a habit of humming some old melodies within herself.

Slowly i went up to her room and peeped inside. She humming the song, searching something in the almirah. Because it is her room she is a bit careless and her saree pullow had slipped from her shoulder and hanging to the floor. The place between her blouse and saree appeared naked. The fair soft back and the smooth fold of her waist are tempting.

As she raised her hands to the upper shelf her firm boob is slightly raised up jetting forward, as if inviting me. By observing that shape my palms were itching to do something urgently. But I controlled myself went to my room and freshened. As I was ready Maa had entered into the room asking “Orey..are you ready or not…?”

By seeing her dress I am dumbstruck. Originally her’s is a slim personality. Over which she wore chudidar of red kammez and black salwar. Oh! she is appearing 10 years younger than her actual age of 40. Her this figure resembled me of Priyanka Chopra, the Hindi actress.

Yes My maa, Malini is 40 years old lady of two children me, Abhi 23 years and my sister Vishnu 20 years. she was born and brought up in a village. Though from the village she is very beautiful with fair complexion, smooth skin texture, when she was married at the age of 16 her boobs were of 32B but now at 40 her statistics are 36B-30-34. (this she told me later) Her father had married her to distant relative who is 12 years older than her. He is development Officer in an Insurance company. He is money minded man. To reach his targets he will be on tour with his agents, for almost 18 – 20 days of the month. This is Maa’s background.

By looking at her dress and personality it is difficult for any man control himself. That’s what happened with me also. My tool starts jumping underneath my trousers. i gaped at her beauty and structure.

As I am looking at her without blinking, maa felt shy and hot blood might have ran in her cheeks turning them red. The woman in her is awakening. “Hey! Kanna.. what are you staring like that”? She asked with her pink lips quivering.

“Oh! Maa… if you dress like this it will be difficult for men to control themselves” i said still staring at her. “Oh! Do you want me to remove this?” “Oh…no it will be much more danger…” I said teasing her. She understood what I said a bit late and sharply looking at me “Orey.. kanna.. you are totally spoiled raa! Don’t you know a son must talk like that to his mother, must not ogle at her… talk properly seeing with whom you are talking”. Though she said that there is a mischievous smile on her lips and she also felt proud of her beauty. This is her way of tempting and teasing me.

“It will be difficult to talk seeing at you.. come let us move…” I said. ‘Brute, brute’ she mumbled within herself. Though she mumbled I am sure she felt proud as her son i.e. me is praising like that, and her body tingled.. I could notice a short quiver in her body. Her smooth cheeks turned red and became more attractive. By seeing her red cheeks I could not control myself and coming forward gave a warm kiss on her cheeks.

“Aye,,,” she screamed and wiping her cheek said… Don’t be naughty.. I’ll kill you… come” and she started move, and again stopped and looking at me said “walk in front”.

I felt a bit uneasy and said O.K and moved forward and stopped. I under stood why she asked so, and asked “Why should I walk in the front..?” I teased her. “Because when you walk behind me I know where your eyes will be.. no argue, move front..” as she said I smiled myself and went out take my bike. She locked the door and sat behind me on sideways. I moved the bike.

After five minutes of riding when I applied break at suddenly my bike jumped over a speed breaker, Maa’s firm smooth boobs touched my back and tingled me. Then I started driving the vehicle through the pits and speed breakers, and every time her soft boobs are causing thrilling in me.

As it happened three-four times, she understood what my intension is. Though she knows that pressing of boobs on the bike to the rider.. is common but it is me, her son…so naturally her body tingled. For me it is becoming difficult to control myself and ride. But at the same time I leaned back. I felt the touch of her boobs on my back. She moved back and I also moved further back. Now she can’t move still. Invariably she leaned on my back pressing her boobs to me.

She understood that I am enjoying the touch of her boobs… there is no other go for her, and now she encircled her hand around my waist and pressed her TITs hardly clinging to me. She might have thought that she also must enjoy.

As maa sat like that, temptation started in my underwear. As she is pressing like that I thought I can ride her whatever the distance it may be. “Which shop will we go maa…” I asked. She told the name and my heart jumped with joy.. as the mall she told is an hour distance from there. That means her tits will be pressing me for `1 hour, I thought and driving the bike with enthusiasm.

By the time she put her hand on my thigh and keeping her chin on my shoulder whispered in my ear … “this main road has heavy rush. Why don’t you go through the service lane”.

Now I understood why she asked that … the service lane has more speed breakers and pits also. I smiled myself and ran the bike on a speed breaker. Seeing the chance maa hugged me so tight that her boobs have flattened.

“Kasta choosukuni ponivvaraa.. asthamanamoo thagalala..?” (Why don’t you drive properly.. is it necessary that they must always touch)

I looking at her through the mirror asked “Emi thagulu thunnayee…?” (What are touching..?) I teased her. “By whose touch yester day you ran to the bathroom… those..” she also said naughtily.

I just recollected what happened yesterday— yesterday at about 4 pm I was watching cricket match. Then maa came and wanted to see a telugu movie.. and there was a tussle between us. She wanted to snatch the remote from my hands. In this tussle I fell on the sofa on my stomach and stretched my hand above the shoulder. Maa fell on my back on her stomach. Because of which her firm soft boobs are pressing my back. As soon as I realized I stopped my struggle. Maa was quiet for while then she understood why I stopped the struggle. Yet she laid like that on me for few seconds and got up.

I also got up but my shaft Is fully erected and I needed a relief. “O.K. Maa you only watch” saying this I gave the remote to her and ran to the bathroom. When I came back she raised her eyes as asking where did I go? I simply showed my little finger. “Why so much of time for that..” “What do you mean.. can’t I take more time..? I said.

“Naaku thelusu raa nuvvu enduku poyavoo… ? Andukenaa…?” (I know for what yo have gone…. For that only?) she asked. I simply nodded my head lowered my face.. “Paapam…” (poor fellow) she said and went out of the hall…… I just recollected that.

“Mari sandullonchi velithe avi alage thagulutayi” (..if we go in these small lanes they are bound to touch) I said

“Then when they touch is it not problem for you…?

“… of course problem only, I’ll adjust because you are my mom” I said and asked her “is it not problem for you..?”

She soothing my thigh with her palm said…”It is O.K. you are my son I have to adjust.” “Oh! If it son it is o.k. for you…” “Yes now and then O.K.” said and again said “Orey kanna.. stop aside..for a while..”

“Why…?” I asked stopped the bike. “I have fear that I may fall down by sitting sideways” saying so she got down and sat again placing her legs on either side and put her two hands around my waist and hugging me tightly said..”Now.. go…”

As maa sat like that my whole body tingled. Maa moving further front and pressing her boobs to my back said.. ”Come on move…”|ssss… ummm..” I moaned slowly and started the bike. As I was driving suddenly I felt that maa had still moved her waist forward …’Aaahhh… what is this…oh!.. maa’s cunt lips are touching on my bum…’

“Orey Kanna… “ she encircling her both hands around me said “Did you took any girl sat on your bike like this.. ?” I am not in a position to control myself as her cunt lips and her boobs tickling me at the same time…Ohhh…

“No…Maa… I don’t have any girl friend at all to take her like this…” She brought her hand from my waist to my right thigh and pinching there whispered in my ears.. “Don’t you have shame to tell that you are not having any girl friend…” “iissss…..”

“Why should I feel ashamed …maa.. I couldn’t get a girl friend that’s all…”

“Ummm… is there anything special to be your girl friend..” Maa soothing my thigh asked. As she is soothing like that I am not in a position to say anything.. it is becoming difficult for me to control the erection of my tool. As it is not sufficient she crawled her fore finger inside my thigh and pressed there.

I took the bike aside and stopped. “What happened..?” she asked teasing me.. there is smile on the corner of her lips. ‘Nothing…” i started the bike again.. She might have smiled herself understanding my situation.. Maa is very clever in tempting me like this..

She kept her finger like that only and poking there said .. “Tell me the answer for my question. “

Emitadeee..?” (What is it..?_ I asked.

“Ade neeku nachalante ammayillo emaina special ga undalaa..ani..” (is there anything special you need in a girl?”) She repeated her question.

“Don’t know.. I never thought..” “O.K. look at those girls..” she showing a group of five six girls standing in the bus stop and said again… if you like any one we will talk..” “I won’t look at the girls like that..”

Then why are looking at me like mad boy…” Maa asked and pinched me again. “That’s not my fault.. yours..” I said..”Mine…?” there was surprise in her voice.

“ Yah!.. Aa pirraloo inka balamaina nee sallu, nannu tempt chestunnyi.. mari emi cheyanu..? (Yes… those bum cheeks of yours and those high firm boobs tempt me to look at you like that.. is it my fault..?) I said teasingly.

She gave a hard pinch on my thighs..” “Isssuu Abbbaaa.. don’t pinch like that maa.. it is difficult drive the vehicle..”

“You enjoyed by seeing my BUM CHEEKS. Isn’t it? Now enjoy this also..” she said I could see a smile on her lips in the mirror.

“I know.. When I look at you like that you also enjoyed my looks…” when I said this she soothing there, where she pinched me said slowly and affectionately “I didn’t enjoy,..”

“Then why did your cheeks turned pink..? You know how cute you look when you blush.. I will be mad.” I said lovingly. Her cheeks turned red from pink. Observing this in the mirror I asked.. “Tell me Maa. Did you enjoyed my looks or not..?”

“Vooonnn…” she said slowly.. “It means you like my looks…”

“Voonnn.. we are women.. if any man, any outsider, he may be a brother or a son looks at us where they have to look .. Definitely we like..” she said.

“Is it O.K with you wherever I look at you…” I asked teasing her..”Still what you want see…?” she asked.. “Where means how can I say there are many places in your body which I didn’t see, like the naked hills and valleys etc.” I was smiling at her.

I knew my words are causing heat in her body and she is turning horny… ‘Kanna.. baga vedhavvi ayi poyavu.. urgent ga neeko ammayi ni choodali” (Son, you are becoming very naughty.. I must search a girl urgently’) She said and pinched my thigh.

“Sare.. neeku kooda naalati abbayini vethukko..” ( the same time search a boy like me for you)

“Ammo nee lati abayi ayithe assalu voddu” she said naughtily and pressed her boobs to my back. “I am a good boy maa..” “Oh! No I don’t want a good boy at all..” she whispered in my ears and pressed herself to me.

“Then which kind of boy you want tell me…” “I think a little bit naughty is ..O.K. like you..” and she touched my ear lobe with her tongue tip. My whole body shivered with that touch and I lost my balance. With difficult I controlled the vehicle. Maa sighed and said.. “O.K. no more talking till we reach the mall.. Drive the vehicle properly..”

After half an hour we reached the mall. I stopped at the main entry and told mom to wait there and moved to the cellar to park the vehicle. While coming out of the parking I saw mom standing at the entrance. “My God.. What a beauty…” I thought.. till three months back I looked at her as mother only but after the marriage of Vishnu.. Her dressing, her attitude towards me made me think of her separately.. Then I observed a woman in her.. That too a beautiful woman in her forties. She stood like a showcase doll. I blamed myself for not observing her early.

Seeing me standing at her side maa came out of the trance and said “Shall we proceed…”. I didn’t give her any answer just looking at her alluring beauty. “Hey Kanna… what are looking at..?” she asked. “Maa… you are the most beautiful women… in the world.” I said slowly.

her face turned red with shy and said.. as if whispering “Umm.. Nice discovery.. come we will go in..” she moved, I also moved along with her and holding her hand entwined my fingers with hers. She smiling herself walked along with me. Now I felt the difference when her bobs and lower body touched me and the feeling now I am experiencing. That was the feeling of desire, lust and to have her. But this feeling is of adore, affection and the feeling of belongingness.

I am sure maa also felt the same way.. Particularly a satisfaction of oneness and belongingness. Now there is much more glow in her face. And she is walking gracefully holding my hand in her.

As we crossed the entrance I heard a voice “Hai Abhee.. here..” and looked at that side. My classmate Neha is rushing towards me. She stood at my side then observing Maa at my side asked..”Who..? is she your sister…?” I looked at maa and laughing said.. “Yes, how did guess…? “Resemblance my dear.. She is also as tempting as you… my what a figure your sister has.. Like a bollywood star..”

“Yes.. you are correct.. I tease her by calling Priyanka Chopra..” I said and seeing maa said.. “Akka… she is my classmate Neha..” I introduced each other. Maa looked at Neha who is in her tight skin fit jeans and short shirt.. Two of her shirt buttons are open revealing a part of her cleavage. When I looked at maa I am shocked to see her face… I could read jealous in her eyes. “O.K. Neha we will meet again.” And I took maa and walked.

After coming aside.. maa asked.. ”Is she very close to you..?” I could sense the jealousy in her voice. I thought to play for some time.. “Han, very close…” I teased her looking at her red face. “Why? Can’t we be close…?” as I asked.. She got release of her palm from me and mumbled.. “if so close.. then do the shopping also with her.. asale baga kasi (tempting ) ga undi.. Why I must be in between you…” saying so she moved to go away.

“abbaaa.. maa! How tempting a girl may be. I can’t be as close as I am with you.” She looked at me as if asking ‘is it true’ I moved close to her and whispered in her ear.. “Yes..True..”

“Promise..” she asked in disbelief. “Tell me where do you want to promise …?” I sad holding her hand again and pressing tenderly. She calmed down a bit.. and asked “Ummm…MMm… where will you put a promise..?” I acted as if I am thinking and said.. “Do you want me do promise.. by kissing on your quivering lips..” I smiled and asked again.,.. “Is it O.K. if I tell or want me do the practical also..” I said still mauling her hand.

Now maa smiling at me said.. “Not necessary… I believe you.. come.. and started to I move and I followed her. As we moved in front of a ladies boutique in the display I saw a single piece frock. It very short, and transparent.. ‘How maa would appear in it?’ I thought but didn’t dare to ask her to buy.

“Paddu.. come..” she moved rhythmically swinging her ass. As she is walking I stood there like a statue. “My what an ass..’ I thought. Maa turned her head back and coming to me.. asked.. “What? Again seeing them only..?”” she asked provokingly. “Vooon” I said unexpectedly.

“Nughty.. naughty..” said maa. “Then why are you walking like that?” I blamed her.. but quickly se gave a reply… “To tempt you… come.. move” I moved with her as if in trance.

We both entered into gents shop and after searching for while maa selected a jeans and a Tee for me and “go to the trial room and try.. “It is O.K. maa it is my size only..” but she pulled me to the trial room. Looking here and there she opened the door and along with me entered into the trial room.

“Maaa…” I said in confusion.

“How will you do trial when I am out..?” I still looked at her in confusion..”It is O.K. Try… “ she said as if encouraging me.

“Emi try cheyali.. dresse kada…!” (what to try.. dress only isn’t it?)

She biting her lower lip with the upper teeth asked “Then what will you try..?” “If you say I will try anything..“ Maa moved a bit front and touching her tits to my chest ”is it? Then try…!” she said opening my shirt buttons.

As she opening buttons my mouth became dry.. “Can I try…?” and I kept my hand on her naked waist. She moved quickly back and said first try the shirt.. Then I’ll tell you what to try..” I looked at her and removed my shirt. Maa is seeing my naked chest with appreciation. I felt shy.

“Maa don’t see like that I am feeling shy..”

“Oh! Ho.. you feel shy when I look at you, .. then you look at me temptingly in all angles..” “But, Maa I never saw you without cloths..”

“Abbaaa.. choopiste chooddamane..” saying so she gave a chapat on my head do quick.” I wore the shirt. She looked at me and said… o. k. now try the pant..” “You go out..” I said shyly.

“Orey.. you are acting as if I have not seen you at all. In your childhood how many I saw you naked..” she said and pulled my pant down. She never mentioned about our recent encounter.

“Maaa… ummm…” and I turned my back to her. “It is alright remove..” I pulled my pant down. “Abbooo orey.. your bum cheeks vey sexy raa!” she poking my bum sais. “Naturally I got your genes only.. like maa… like son” I turning my head said.

“Ummm. Are my bum cheeks so sexy..: she poked again. “Oh! Maa don’t remind me of them it will be difficult to wear the jeans”.

“What is so difficulty..” mischievously asked.. “No.. I can’t tell”

“Is it so?.. Do you want me remind which made you to run to the toilet..” she teased me. “Which are those…” she touching her TITs to my back said “Vooonn.. Those which are round.. and soft..” She teasingly pressed her tits to my back.

“Ammaaa..please.. “and I turned back to face her. She looked down at my underwear and noticed the bulge… “Oh! It seems really you are facing trouble.. o.k. I am going out” while going out I don’t know how it happened that her hand touched my bulge and it rose further. She went out. it took full 5 mts for me to control my bulge.

After purchasing some more items we returned. Suddenly she stopped and asked me to go get the vehicle and she went into the lingerie shop where I have seen the small frock. I couldn’t dare to ask her to purchase that frock. I came out went to the parking.

As maa sat we started and I am diving speedily. Maa hugged me tightly from the back and whispered in my year “Why so speed..?” “Have urgent work at home..” “What is so urgent..?” maa’s question. “No, can’t tell..” I driving with the same speed said.

Her palm came over my bulge and softly touching there asked “Idenaaa..?” “Voonn…”. As I said ‘Voon’ maa pinched my thigh hardly. “ISSsss..uuu..hhaa..” I moaned with pain.

My maa Malini, soothing where she pinched, asked “Noppiga unda..?” (Is it paining?) “Yes. But not there..” “Then where..?” “If I tell you where it is paining what will you do to relieve the pain..?” “What I have to do..? “Just sooth like that only..” “O.K. Tell where the pain is..?”

I took her palm and put it on the bulge. “Chee.. padu pillodaa..” “You only said you’ll sooth…” “Ala anni chotla cheyaru (Soothing)”

“Amma nenemi cheyanu…”(Maa what I have to do?) “Ummm nee noppi thaggalante..” she stopped… “Cheppamma.. thaggalante..”

“Ummmm.. nee friend Neha undi ga.. Danni piluvu..” “Uh.. amma cheyadu gani ammayi chestunda,,”

“Chestundi.. daaniki bagaane undiga,,!” “ “Emitee undedee..?” “:..Ade..” “Ade antae..?”

“DOOLA…” andi amma kachchiga. “Neekoo undiga..” “Ohu,, anta ledu..” “Konchemundiga…” “Ummm Unte..”

“Nee DOOLA nenu theerustanamma..” I said putting her hand on my bulge again. Maa pressed there for second or so “Challe intiki pada choddam..” (enough..let us see at home..). I am elated by her words drove speedily thinking that I’ll jump on her as soon we go home.

(Sorry friends.. I couldn’t get the correct words for the conversation so I wrote in telugu only)

As soon s we went home, I closed the door and throwing the packaged on the sofa I jumped on maa. But Maa putting her both palms on my chest and stopping me said.. ”Paddu.. we are coming from the shopping. See our bodies how dusty and sweaty they are .. go… go and freshen up ‘amma ekkdiki potindira.. neede kada..’ (where does mom goes.. she is yours only) go and be fresh. We will have a fresh session o.k.” she smilingly went into her room.

After half an hour of my freshening Maa came in to the room with a steaming mug of Horlicks. “Kanna drink this..” and she handed me the mug. We both had the Horlicks.

I grabbed Maa to me.. “Oh! Kanna wait… don’t be hurry..” and saying this she seductively looking at me started opening her blouse buttons. There is a mischievous smile on her lips. She is opening her blouse so slowly, that is causing tension in me..”OH! Maa.. do quickly.. See this bastard is jumping up and down” and I signaled her to look at my dick which made my pyjama a tent.

“Vadiki buddi ledu, neeku buddi ledu..” (He don’t have sense and you too don’t have sense) and she removed her blouse and then pulled her saree frills. Saree fell at her feet. She came and sat in my lap and squeezed my raging cock over the pyjama.

I put my mouth to her perky nipple and sucked. “Ummm….Kannaa..” she pressed my head to her boob. “emaindamma..?” (What happened maa) I aked… “Orey.. nuvvu maya chestiunnavu ra..” (You are mesmerizing me son..) She holding her boob and pushing deep into my mouth said. “Nuvvooo maya chestunnavu kada..” (You are aslo mesmerizing …isn’t it?) I started sucking her boob and pinching other nipple. Then we sucked our lips for 5 mits and then I wanted to pull her petticoat string.

“No..Kanna.. no voddu..” “Enduku maaa..?” I asked. “Sorry to tempt you kanna during the riding.. but what to do? I couldn’t control myself.. We will have the love game tomorrow O.K.” “But why..” “… umm..coz there is red ribbon there.. She shyly mumbled…”

“Oh! Shit… I am totally disappointed. Now I have to use my hand to relieve my heat..”

Enduku Kanna.. antha dheela padahavu… Amm puvvu lekunte emi..? amma noru undi.., amma chetulu unnai… inka..” she stopped. “Voon..Inka..?” I raised my eyes. “Amma sallu unnai kada.. eppudaina sallnu dengava..?” Maa’s vulgar words are making my temptation high. “Cheppu Dengava..?” she opened my pyjama knot and holding my Ram rod in her hand asked again.


“Ayithe ivala amma sallanu denga raa..” (Then fuck maa’s boobs today come) she said lied flat on her back. Her firm boobs are standing like peaks. Her brown nipples stiff and perky.

I fell on her like a mad dog. Mauling her in my hands.”Oh! Kanna why hurry.. maa is not going anywhere..” and she invited me on to her. I placing my buttocks on her stomach sat holding my erected shaft in my rt. Hand. She asked me to come up a bit. I moved further up now my dick is between her fair boobs. Maa held her boobs from both sides and pressing them together. By which my Rod is caught by her boobs. The soft touch of her boobs are causing intoxicating in me..”… Ma.. “I groaned in ecstasy. “What happened Kanna..?” she running her one had on my head asked?

“Maa I am in heaven..” I said.. “Now do you agree maa will show the gates of heaven..” she smiling at me asked.. “Yes, Maa.. you are sweet.. loving oh!” and I started moving my dick between her boobs as she held them together. The satin friction of her bdy..ooohhh.. “She taking her tongue out touching the tip of my dick when it is moving forward… which is causing tickling sensation in my body?

“Kanna Dengara.. amma sallu dengu…umm.. kanna..aahhh… aamaa.. emi dobbu thunnavura.. alage… abbaaaa.. pyna sallnu dengu thunte kinda puvvuni dengi nattu undira kanna.. my sweet boy.. will you give me this pleasure always…” she talking as if in trance.. “Yes Maa.. for ever…” I said. This session continued for 15 mts. In between I am kissing her, sucking her lips, kissing her neck, soothing with my hands on her silky thighs and what not. Now I am not in a position to withstand any more. I said the same to maa.

Don’t worry son release.. leave on your maa’s boobs..Oh!.. my dear Kanna…. “” and I released my white thick juice on her boobs, on her face, nose.. and more on her body. And I fell down exhausted at her side.

Afer 2 mts when I opened my eyes I found maa sitting and taking my cum with her fore finger and licking. What a scene it is.. immediately I brought my mobile and took two three photos of her.. after five mts we both entered in my bath room and had a good bath.. We came out fresh. We dressed up. It is about 5.30 pm then.. Son I will prepare tea.. Come down”.

As she put her steps on the stair case.. we heard the door bell ring. Mom quickly ran down to open the door.

I was eagerly waiting for her return back. But I heard my dad’s voice asking maa “How are you Malini..? Where is paddu..?” “He is in his room..” I heard maa’s voice a bit shaky.. “Come have bath.. did you had lunch..?” maa asked dad..

“You don’t bother now.. it is almost 5.30 pm now.. I had my lunch in a hotel. I’ll freshen and have some rest… and he went into the room.

That night I.E. On 30th december 2007, I had to masturbate twice once thinking about maa and another thinking about my lovely sister vishnu. From the time our intercourse started maa used to wake me by her warm kiss. But today that didn’t happen because of dad. That day was the last day of the year I.E. 31st december. 2007

I got up freshened and went to the kitchen. Maa is standing at the kitchen plat form humming as usual ‘thu mera chand mai teri chandini’ it seems maa already had head bath. She wrapped a towel along the hair and made her long hair as bun. She is clad in cotton saree and blouse. The cotton saree clung to her body revealing the shape of her bum. The moment I saw her my shaft stood erect.

I slowly walked up to her and encircling my both hands around her waist said. ”good morning maa. Tumhara chand aa gaya.” and gave a kiss on the nape of her neck. Mom bending her neck and enjoying my kiss said “good morning kanna.” she put her palm on my cheek affectionately.

I bending forward I kissed her cheek. “ore kanna. Vodduraa. Mee nanna unnaru.” (no kanna. Your dad is at home.) “he is in the bathroom ma.” I said and raised my hand up and cupped her breast. “ummm…” she moaned slowly and said.

”daniki buddi leda.?” (it doesn’t have sense)

“deniki maa.?” (which maaa…?) “deeniki…” (this one) she thrust her bum back on my shaft said again.”adeppudu legise untundaa.?” (is it always erects like this?)

“nenemi cheyanu maa. Ninnu chodagane adi ala avuthundi.” (what I have to do maa. The moment I see you it becomes like that). I tickled her deep navel.

“orey paddu. Nee modda ala allari chesthe daanni kosesthanu.” (orey if your dick does like that I will cut it off)

“adi cheyi mummee. Kosi nee puvvu lo pettuko” (do that maa. Cut it and put it in your pussy) saying so I grabbed her pussy in my palm.

“poddunne sarasam challe. Mee nanna vostaru vodulu.” (enough of early morning romance. Leave, your dad will come) “o.K. Give me a kiss” and she stamped a warm kiss on my cheeks. “hu .Hun.” I said and made my lips as ‘o’. Maa looked at the door and quickly put her tender lips on mine. We intermingled our tongues for 2-3 seconds and we moved away from each other. The moment we separated dad had entered into the dining cum kitchen.

While we were having breakfast…we heard. “hai nanna. Amma. Annayya.” we all heard Vishnu’s voice. She is coming with a suitcase in her hands. We all surprised to see her and happy also. It is almost four months after her marriage. We all hugged her affectionately and all are happy to receive her. We enquired about her married life and her in-law’s welfare.

After breakfast, I went to invite my close friends Vikas, his wife mythili and shubham and his wife charulatha for dinner tonight and to celebrate the new year’s eve. They both were married 6 months back, I came home.

After the lunch, I and vishnu sat in my room and chit chatted. After the marriage there a glow in vishnu’s face. Her boobs turned a bit big. I looked at them hungrily. “annayya entala choostunnav.?” (bro what are you looking at?) vishnu asked me.

“nee sallu peddaga ayi natlunnai.?” (it seems your boobs have grown big) “chee! Poraa. Nee kallu eppudu naa salla meedane.” (chee poraa. Your eyes are always on my boobs only) she said with a bit shy.

At 4.30 pm we were having tea. Dad came to us and said “paddu… happy birth day son. Vishnu for you too.” and he gave me and vishnu cheques of rs 50k each and blessed us.

“are u not staying for our b’day dad…?” I asked. Vishnu is looking anxiously. “sorry my children … my br.Mgr. Had organized a new year’s eve with all the development officers. & staff. I have to go” and he went.

At 8 pm my friends vikas and shubahm arrived. I introduced them to my maa and vishnu. They are meting them for the first time and they gaped by the beauty of maa and vishnu. Vikas introduced his wife mythili and shubam his wife charulatha.

Both are young ladies with attractive figure and stats. Mythili is in saree and sleeveless blouse where as charu is in calf length hot pants and short shirt. Two of her shirt buttons are open revealing her cleavage and bra.

We all had dinner with jokes and light fun and beer. Maa didn’t have beer. Then it is decided that we will play rummy. We will play in pairs my friends with their wives and me with vishnu as my partner. The fourth player is mom. After the first game shubham suggested that after every game we will change the partners.

After that a lot of fun took place. We played rummy, blind fold etc. But one thing I found is that both my friends are ogling for my sister and maa. Charu tried her best to attract me and mythili kissed me when for 2 mts lights were off before new year’s eve. I am omitting those details here. If time permits I will narrate them later.

So after cutting the cake we all enjoyed and merrily danced. My friends took leave from us. We wished them happy new year and bid them.

It is 2 a m of 1st january 2008. I, maa and vishnu gathered after the bath again because of smearing cake’s cream on our faces. We changed into new cloths. I wore the dress maa purchased for me. Vishnu is in knee length skirt and stripes t shirt. Maa is in her silk salwar suit. The most attractive person of the night.

On the center table is placed birthday cake which I have to cut at 2.15 am. Exactly at 2.15 I cut the cake and fed my mom and sister and they fed me cake saying happy birthday. Then I turning to vishnu said “happy birthday to you also vishnu”

She smiled and said “orey neninka putta ledura. Inka rendu gntala time undi.” (orey. I have not born yet. There is two more hours are there for my birth). “challeve posu” I said and stamped a kiss on her cheek and mom also.

“vishnu did your brother born now.?” maa asked vishnu. “yes maa.” “then how can a new born boy will be in dress? Orey paddu remove your dress” she said. I didn’t understood what maa said. This is the same situation with my sis also.

“orey kanna neekera cheppesdi dress vippu” (orey kanna I am telling you open your dress). I am sitting on the sofa where as my maa and sis wee sitting on the carpet. Maa asked me to come to her and I went and sat at her side on the carpet. On the other side of mine is my sis vishnu. Maa started opening my t shirt buttons.

“maa. “ I said as I was in embarrassing situation because of vishnu. My sis is looking at maa shockingly. Vishnu don’t u want to help me?” mom said.

Vishnu looked at me in confusion. By the time maa removed the buttons and pulled my t over my head. Then she pulled my banyan also. My fair upper body is naked before maa and vishnu. Mom looking at my body with appreciation and lustful eyes put her palm on my chest and running her palm on it.

Then slowly she pushed me on my back. Maa bent over me and deeply looking into my eyes. Her eyes were shining. She ran her tongue around her lips and ran the same on my lips. Her forefinger is soothing my small brown areola and pinched my small nipple between thumb and forefinger. My whole body tingled.

“vishnu… come see how brother’s nipple is turned stiff. Come feel.” by this time vishnu though still in confusion, came to me and sat other side of mine and watching maa. Maa taking visnu’s finger and keeping it on my areola and said “choodu veedi nipple ela birusekkindo. Kada.?” (see how his nipple is stiffened.) sis nodded her head in yes.

I was not in a position to tolerate any more. “isss…mm.Mmmaaammm.” I moaned in desperation. Maa is running her tongue tip on my areola and nipple which is causing immense pleasure and also unbearable erection. If jeans would not have been there my rod would have been out tearing my underwear. Maa giving kisses all over my bare chest, licking, now and then holding the skin with her lips and what not.

Suddenly maa raised her head and looking at vishnu asked. “vishnu. Did your nipples are also as stiff as your bro’s.?” asking so maa quickly grabbed vishnu’s boob over the t-shirt and squeezed. “mummy.” Vishnu squealed. She said again… “ won’t you want your bro to be a birthday boy?”. My sister nodded her head in yes. “then remove his jeans see how he is inside.”

By the time I think vishnu guessed that there is something fishy between me and ma. She decided to play the game as maa wants. My sis sat at my waist and started unbuttoning my jeans. Then she pulled my zipper down. The moment zip is down the cool air entered in my underwear and caused a tingling sensation.

She pulled my jeans down. I raised my waist up to help her. She looked at my bulge and said “ammaa itu choodu.” (maa look here). Maa who is poking my navel with her tongue turned her head towards my crotch. She didn’t say anything but I think she gave a signal to my sis to pull the remaining garment also.

Vishnu pulled the last garment from my body. I was so aroused that my dick stood erect fully. It is so tight that it arched upwards. The fore skin pulled back over my knob and revealed a part of pinkish purple head shining in the led lights.

“my god! Vishnu! How big it is. How long it is.?” she asked and sis shrugged her shoulders as if ‘don’t know’. “vellu, velli measuring tape the… veedi podugu lavu koluddam. Eppudaina kolichava.?” (go and bring the measuring tape from the sewing machine. Let us measure his length and girth… did you measured at any time?). She asked. Vishnu mumbled “no” and went to bring the tape.

As sis had gone maa looked at my tool, kissing my abdomen she took the tool in her hand and looked at it lustfully. She spit a lot of saliva on my dick and moving her hand over the shaft and planting the kisses on my thighs. “maa tape.” vishnu came and maa took the tape and keeping it at the base of my dick measured it. “oh! Veedidi 9” undi vishnu” and moving her hand on it my dick had become slippery because of maa’s spit. Then she measured my girth it is 4”.

Maa bending down, lifting my cock up she licked the base of it and ran her tongue upwards. My whole body is on fire. “maaa…mmmumm… isss… oh! Aaaammmm.” I moaned in ecstasy. “what hapened kanna.?” she asked and continued her lick. Then suddenly she took my one ball in her mouth and sucked like a lollypop. “aaaggrrhhaa.” a joyous groan came out of my mouth.

Maa looking at my sis said “what are you looking my dear. Come help your brother see how he is in agony.” vishnu was dumbfound as she could not understand what to do. But at the same time I observed that she also turned horny. She is pressing her boob over the shirt. “have this chinnee . Hold your bro’s dick in your tender fist” maa said shaking my tool.

Vishnu came and sat at my side and took my tool in her fist and quickly released…”maa. It so hot.” said she.

Maa seeing at her daughter said “chinnee . Help him raaa…” my sis still could not understand what to do. Maa bending vishnu’s head on my dick and pushed my shaft in her mouth. Vishnu who is very horny by this time greedily gobbled my rod in her wet mouth and started moving her head up and down giving me a blow job.

A double action on me is unbearable for me. Maa is licking and sucking my semen filled balls, while sis is sucking my dick and rotating her tongue around my knob. It is becoming difficult for me to control any more. So far I am lying idle without any action. Now I put my hand on Vishnu’s head and pressing her to my tool, I shot my load in her mouth.

Torrents of hot sperm touched the back of her throat. She quickly removed her mouth. The torrents started shooting on maa’s face and on my stomach.

I was panting in exhaustion. “chilipi vedhava. Appude kaarchu kunnava?” (naughty boy, released so early.) maa said and licking my sperm from my stomach and also from vishnu’s mouth. In exhaustion I dozed off.

When I opened my eyes and looked at the watch it is 4 am. I heard moaning sounds. I turned my head.

My god! What a scene it is. At a distance of two feet maa is sitting reclining to a single sofa. She is totally naked. Her left knee raised and vishnu keeping her head on the knee and suckling the boob of maa. Vishnu is also naked. Her dress and maa’s are lying at a side neglected.

Vishnu sucking maa’s one tit and patting the other with her palm as a child plays with her mom. Maa is holding her left boob and putting it in the mouth of my sis. Maa’s eyes are closed with satisfaction. What a beautiful scene it is? If I were a painter I would have drawn the painting. Slowly I crawled towards maa on my palms and knees. “maa.” I slowly called as if I don’t want to disturb their intimate activity.

Maa opened her eyes and seeing me said… “oh! Paddu… kanna… your sis is just born. I am feeding her. She is also in birthday suit like you… she is cute isn’t it?”

“yes maa. She is very lovely and cute. ‘chu,chu.’ and I pinched her cheek. Vishnu opened her eyes and looking at me felt shy and covered herself with her hands. “maa I also born few hours before… wont you feed me.?” I greedily looking at her naked boobs asked.

“why not kannaaa… come drink duddu from mother and she pulled me closer to her. Seeing this vishnu got up from there and I kept my head on maa’s knee took the nipple which was so far in vishnu’s mouth. As I started suckling her nipples maa moaned with pleasure. Maa’s palms are running all over my body. Vishnu put her mouth on maa’s other nipple.

“mmmmm.Kanna what a suckling you are doing…mmmumm… even when you were a child you used suckle like this only. On the top while you are suckling it used drip in the bottom. Ummmm…” and maa pressed her own boobs.

“when it is dripping what you used to do mummee.” vishnu asked fingering her own choot.

“what to do… bangaraam. I used finger myself”. Maa said pinching vishnu’s cheek. “what will you do now. Mummee.?” sis enquired “finger again” “no bangaram what is the necessary now. Nee annayya tho kumminchu kuntanu.” (your brother is there he will bang me.)

“ayithe kummichu ko mumee nenu chostanu.” (then let annayya bang you maa. I’ll see) vishnu pinching maa’s nipple said.

“voon. Chilipi . Vedhava ela cheeku thunnado. Kindantha kaari poyindi” (see the naughty fellow how he is sucking… it is drenched at the bottom). Saying so maa moved away from me and lied flat on her back. She spread her thighs wide. ‘wow what a beauty. Ummm. Her flat belly, clean shaved, swollen pussy, fair and firm thighs.Oh! She is an apsarasa. (angel) she spread her arms inviting me.

I went to maa. She raised her knees, widened the thighs for a good access to me. I entered between her thighs holding my raging dick in my fist. As I want to shove my tool deep in maa. “orey annayya agara. (annayya stop a while) vishnu said and came to me and holding my dick in her fist rubbed the same on pulsating lips of maa. Then she separated maa’s lips and putting my dick head there said “ orey thoseyara.” (orey shove it in).

I gave a hard thrust of my waist and more than half of my ramrod went in the crevice. “ammammmamamm…ummmm…hah.Hah.” maa moaned with pain and said again “orey kanna idi amma puvvu ra. Nee chelli di kadu.Konchem slow ga.” (orey kanna this maa’s flower not your sister’s be slow…).

“maaa. What is this? You are senior. Isn’t it?” vishnu said pretending anger. “what wrong I said chinnee. I am senior o.K. But my furrow is not ploughed for a decade now. Whereas your furrow is ploughed regularly for more than 3 years first by paddu and now with keshav.” (keshav is vishnu’s hubby.)

In these conversation maa’s pain subsided and raised her bum up. I asked with eyes can I continue and she nodded her head in yes.

I started moving in and out of maa. Vishnu came to maa and took her nipple in her mouth and started sucking. While the other she twisted. Ummm… chinnee. My dear daughter do like that only. Oh! Maaa. What a joy you brother and sister are giving me… kanna . Alage kummara…uf.Uf. I am lucky to have such loveable children” maa said in satisfaction.

Maa said this and vishnu put her tongue on maa’s cunt wich is holding my rod. Vishnu’s tongue is touching me and maa causing thrills in us. Our love game s continuing. After 10 mts of this play suddenly vishnu came behind me and rubbing her naked pussy on my neck… wow what a sensation it is.Uh.

Then I had an idea. And I removed my dick from maa. “emaindi kanna enduku apavu?” (what happened kanna, why did you stop?). I asked vishnu to lie on her back and asked maa “maa chelli puvvu ni suck cheyi.” to lick sis’s oozing slit. Maa turned and came on her knees and bending down put her mouth on vishnu’s pooku.

As maa bent down I had the better access of maa from back. I went behind her and placed my dick on her cunt. Maa quickly took my dick and guided it into her love hole and said “kannaa amma puvvuni venuka nundi dengu. Umm abba. Inka. Gattiga. Inka. “ she is moaning and thrusting her butt back to receive my love rod. The hall is echoing with erotic sounds. Vishnu is also making sounds of aaah. Oh hiss. Etc.

And raising her bum up to maa.

This love game continued for another 15 mts I am about to finish. “maa. I am finished.” I said “o.K.Kanna. Fill your honey in maa’s honey pot. Aaaahhh,,,off. God how warm it is. Kanna it is soothing raa. O.K. Now. Have rest for a while then you have to satisfy vishnu also. Poor girl, see how her pussy is dripping. Don’t worry chinnee. Within 10 mts annayya will make love to you.O.K.” and she kissed vishnu and me.

I fell tiredly at vishnu’s side.

After 15 mts maa came with steaming horlicks and we all drank it to rejuvenate. Then my second game of the day started. What happened and how it happened. I am not giving here because most of it repeated what we done with maa. After the game, we three slept and got up 12 noon.

Before concluding this episode I want to tell something to you. Dor 10 days we three slept together and enjoyed sex doing a lot of kinky things and sexy talk. On 12th january 2008 my BIL I.E. Vishnu’s husband had come. He stayed with us during the festive days of Sankranthi. When vishnu and her husband are mating me and maa peeped on them.

On the third day after witnessing their game maa said “now I have confidence that my lovely daughter gives full satisfaction to her husband and also gets satisfaction”.

When I and maa came to my room, I asked maa which I am not supposed to ask but it slipped. “maa… keshav’s dick also like mine do you want to enjoy him?”

The moment I said that maa looked at me angrily and without a word gone out of my room. I understood that I asked a wrong question and I repented. Next day whole day maa didn’t speak to me. Not even wanted to look at me. I pleaded a lot but in vain. Vishnu asked the reason. But what can I say to her. I simply shrugged my shoulders.

That evening vishnu and her husband had gone for a newly released movie. I literally rubbed my nose at maa’s feet, and then only her angry came down. She became calm.

It is around & 7 pm. I put my head on maa’s lap and said… “maaa. Pl. Forgive me. I am sorry. “

Maa stroking my hair with love and affection said. ‘kanna. I am your mother. Always yours. You are enjoying me. I am also with you. It doesn’t mean that I am a whore. I can be fucked by any other.No. Not at all. You are my loving son. That is one matter what you asked is another. Please don’t ask such questions again. I love you kanna.”

‘I am sorry maa. You can punish me if you want.” I sincerely said. Maa bending down kissed my cheek lovely and said. “of course. You are to be punished.”

“cheppu maa. Emi cheyali. Any punishment I am ready. “ummm.” she thought for a while and sweetly whispered in my ear. “ee rathriki neeku rest ledu. Ee ammnu baga dengali. . Amma puvvu vachi povala. O.K. Naa.” and she smiled.

Thank you maa. I am eagerly waiting for your punishment and I kissed her boob over the blouse and squeezed.

“come get up. By the time vishnu comes we will go somewhere out.” and we both freshened and went out.

I, Abhi was very gloomy during those days. I turned moody, irritating, after the marriage of my younger sister Vishnu. I was missing her a lot. I was missing the warm, tight sheath of my sister around my dick, soft touch of her giggling boobs on my chest or on the back, smooth touch of her cheeks against mine, and the rose petal-like lips of Vishnu, my sister.

Yes, I had been enjoying Vishnu from the time she was 18 and I was 21. At the age of 20 a month back she got married. Thus this is my situation. Seeing my position my mother Malini was worried. She wanted to cheer me up and give me some counseling.

My Maa, Malini is only 42 years, and the most beautiful woman. When she was 18 she was married to a person12 years elder to her. At 19 she gave birth to me Abhi (Padmanabaham) and after 3 years Vishnu was born.

I had completed M.Sc. (Physics). On the advice of my mother, I am just enjoying my life. My Maa asked me not to apply for any jobs at least for 3 years. According to her, I am only 23 and not necessary to take the responsibilities of the job now.

I love my Maa most. So I obeyed her and I am enjoying the life. After Vishnu’s marriage, I turned gloomy. Maa had stopped Vishnu’s education also after her inter, saying that anyway she is to be married. Then the responsibilities of the family. So let her enjoy the life.

This was her intention. I loved my sister very much and after she stopped going to college, we spent most of the time together. That evening Maa came into my room and said, “Abhi, cheer up Kanna, life is not Vishnu alone. Apart from that, she got married to lead a happy life. You have got your life. Enjoy, be happy. Make others happy. One day or the other she had to be married. Isn’t it?”

“But Maa I am missing her terribly. We were so close and both used to roam around,” I said. “Yes, true. But is she the only one to take care of? There are others you can take care and take them out as you took your sister. There are others also to accompany you,” mom said smilingly.

I looked at her in surprise and said “Maa!” She smiled at me and said “Am I not supposed to accompany you, my son. You can not only take your sister, sometimes you have to take you Maa also.”

“Oh! Maa!! How I like you to accompany me, but I thought” and I kept quiet. “What you thought?” she asked and said again, “Forget about past, now I hope I can accompany you.”

“Yes. Maa today only we will go out somewhere. Spend the time and have dinner in a hotel and come back O.K.” As I said, she said, “All right, Kanna.” She went down to have a bath and get ready. I also hurried to the bathroom.

After half an hour I went down in fine jeans and t-shirt in my mother’s room. As I entered in I was in a shock as Maa was standing in front of the full mirror and humming some song and combing her hair. What made me wonder was, she was wearing only a petticoat around her waist and nothing on top.

Her fine fair smooth back is shining in the light. Her petticoat is so tight that I could see the contour of her panties over the petticoat. All these glimpses I saw in a few seconds. Then realizing that Maa is changing, I stepped back to move out.

“Come in, Kanna, why are you going? Just sit down for 5 minutes we will move.” She was looking at me through the mirror said. I didn’t say anything and slowly went in sat on the edge of the cot. Maa was casually humming herself, combing her long hair while looking into the mirror.

She is totally naked on the upper part and her smooth texture of the skin is shining. Whenever she was raising her hand to comb, I could get the glimpse of her firm fine boob from her underarm. They are jiggling as her hands are moving. I looked into the mirror through which I could see her front totally.

Then for the first time, I realized that Maa is a beauty. Not only beautiful but a sex bomb. Her body statistics are superb, though she is 40 years, her body is totally firm. She didn’t have even an extra gram of fat on her body.

One cannot find looseness in her body. Fair body, smooth texture of skin, she possesses 36B size boobs, at the peaks brown colored areola and stiff nipples. Slim waist, a fine fold on the waist, below the waist is her broad fleshy buttocks are her special assets which her husband, I mean my father didn’t realize.

She is such a beauty that whoever looks at her his first gaze will be on her fine boobs than on her wide crotch. What my father could not see, I have seen it. ‘Oh! My God! What a beauty Maa is. She is more beautiful than Vishnu!’ I thought.

My member under my trousers started stirring. Maa unknown to her son’s looks is casually combing her hair. After 3 or 4 minutes she completed setting her hair into a bun. Turning aside took the bra which she kept aside and wore it.

“Paddu”, that’s what she calls me “can you fetch my cream color saree from the almirah please,” she asked. I went to the almirah and brought the saree. While taking the saree from me she turned totally towards me revealing the frontal beauty to me.

It was the first time I had seen my mother like that! I could not believe how beautiful she was!

After my sister, Vishnu got married, I realized that my mother is also a very beautiful woman. We had now started spending a lot of time together. We were going out to enjoy and my mom was dressing up.

I was mesmerized to see mom’s deep navel, soft abdomen and the outline of firm thighs under the petticoat. By seeing Maa in that posture my dick is at 90 degrees angle to the ground. In trance, I went to bed and sat there. “Paddu! shall we move?”

By seeing Maa I was dumbstruck. That is the beauty of Maa. She wore a cream color embroidered saree with matching blouse. The transparent blouse she wore has only lining in the front part of the blouse. Her total back is clearly visible through the blouse.

The bra straps the hook etc. She put on a designer shoulder clip on her shoulder to keep the pallu intact. Maa is a long-legged lady. Now with this saree, she is looking taller and gorgeous. Though the pallu is intact her firm high bosom is jetting out through the pallu.

It is difficult to control anyone after seeing in this dress. “Maa! your dress!” I said. “What Kanna not good? Do you want me to remove?” she asked. I don’t know whether Maa knows what she said. I smiled at myself.

“Kanna enduku raa navvu thunnav?” (Why are you laughing Kanna?)

“Nuvvu anna mataku.” (The words what you said.)

“Nenemannau. cheera baa ledea? Theseyana annanu.” (What did I say? Is saree not good, you want to remove it?)

“Mari nee vonti meeda emuntundi.?”(Then what will you have on your body). I asked her mischievously. “Chee pora vedhava,” she said but I could see a smile on the corner of her lips. “Do you want me to change?”

“No Maa this saree is so cute on your body. You didn’t wear such a dress before”. “See Kanna such dresses are generally worn when we are going out or going for any functions. Apart from that the dress we wear there must be an appreciation for it.”

She said and after a minute or so she said again “Your dad had no time to take me out. And I didn’t attend functions without him. Now who is there to appreciate me, you tell me.”

“Oh! Sorry Maa, but you should wear such dresses regularly. You look so great in these dresses.” I said in real appreciation. “For whom I have to wear Kanna.?”

“For Me. Can’t you wear for me? For your Kanna?“ I said looking intently into her eyes. “Sure Kanna, I definitely I wear if you like. I am thankful to you that at least you are there for me.” She said came forward she gave a kiss on my cheek and asked, “Shall we move?”

I am flying in the sky. This is for the first time Maa kissed me after so many years. With joy, I went out and took the car. She came and sat in the passenger in the front. “Where shall we go Ma?”

“What can I know where you are taking me. Any place which you like is O.K. for me. I thought for a while and asked: “Lover’s Park, is it O.K. for you.?” I asked. She looked at me and asked. “Am I your lover?” Very casually she asked but I could see a smile.

And said again “As you wish Kanna!” and smiled at me openly. I drove the car. When I parked the car she said, “Kanna this is Sanjeevaiah Park. You said Lovers’ park?”

“Nowadays this is only lovers’ park Maa. Inside you find 90% of them are couples only.” We both got down the car and proceeded in. I took a Turkish towel which is in the car. We went deep into the park and sat near a bush spreading the towel.

For a while, we kept quiet. Then Maa started telling me about her childhood and of her village life, about a ruined temple and what not, then she asked me about my college life. I laid flat on my back and looking at the sky started telling about my college life.

As I spoke she came closer to me. She took my head and kept it on her thigh and stroking my hair affectionately. If I was a beautiful feeling. When I stopped telling she came very close to me, almost reclining to my body and sat like that for a long time.

When it was dark she looking at the starlit sky and said, “Here we can’t see full starlit nights because of skyscrapers. During my childhood, we used to see the Milky Way (Palapuntha) in the open sky. Here we miss the opportunity. Once we go to our village where you can see the starlit sky during the new moon day.”

After that, we had dinner and came back. In this manner, we, Maa and I, roaming together continued for a week. Every time one way or other she used to cling to me and whenever chance had come she stamped warm kisses on my cheeks.

Whenever we went out on the bike, Maa’s boobs tickled me on my back. Her hand on my shoulder or around my waist is a sweet moment for me.

Then one day I saw an invitation for a Personality Development Training Programme, inviting participants. The Programme was conducted in a 5-star hotel. And each participant is allowed a companion. Only 20 participants on a first come first serve basis.

I immediately booked for the Programme because,

1. That gave an opportunity to be with Maa throughout the day.

2. Maa will be seeing the 5-star hotel environments.

One day I took her to a roadside dhaba 30 km away on a National Highway. The owner Shri Santokh Singh knows me very well as I took Vishnu to that dhaba many times. As he saw me he wished and provided the best food. When we are coming out he asked: “Sahebji yeh memsahib kaun hai?”

“Socho Santokh,” I said. He thought for a while “Sahebji, aap ki patni tho nahi hai, shayad app ki badi bahen. Shakal milti hai” I smiled at him and introduced Maa to him. Immediately he touched Maa’s feet and said. “Maaji. aap bahut hi khoobsurat hai. Aisi khoobsurat tho aaj kal dekhne ko nahi milti. Maf karna agar koi galti ho toh. Aap tho sahib ji ki Maa bilkul nahin lagti.”

As Maa felt shy and blushed, I felt proud such a beauty is my Maa. Here one thing I wanted to tell. Only the first three days or so, we used the car. Then Maa suggested using a motorbike rather than a car.

I wanted to do everything to ensure that Maa is the happiest person with me.

My Maa and I went for many outings. There’s one thing I wanted to tell. Only the first three days or so, we used the car. Then Maa suggested using a motorbike rather than a car.

Many times she sat putting her legs on either side and pressed her heavy bosom to excite me. Though she was giving indirect hint to me, that she wanted me. But I am a fool didn’t understand her for a long time. This she told me later when our carnal relationship had started.

Our intimacy is developed in such a way that every day I used to hug her from behind and kiss on her cheeks or on her neck or on her forehead etc. She used to reciprocate me by saying ‘I love you Kanna’, or ‘my sweet boy’ and kiss me as I did to her.

Sometimes I even felt that she is rubbing her fleshy bum on my crotch feeling the hardness of my male member. One morning, as usual, I went to the kitchen. Maa is preparing idlis. I hugged her from the back and pressing my tool on her bum gave a kiss on her cheek and said: “I love you Maa!”

“Emitee ayya gariki roju roju ki prema oliki pothundee.” (What is the matter my Kanna’s love is increasing day by day.) She thrust her butt back. “Maa eenadu nuvvu nannu vollo koorchunda bettukuni thini pinchali,” (Today you have to feed me by making me sit in your lap) I said, and gave a thrust of my manhood.

“Voon! roju roju ki chinna pilladivi avu thunav. kanee, nee ishtam thappu thunda! enthaina loving son kada.” (Kanna day by day you are becoming a small child. Voo! O.k. you are my loving son. I can’t say no to my boy) she said, enjoying my press on her bum and my hot kisses on her face.

“I love you Maa,” I said and gave a strong push of my tool. “I too love you Kanna!” and she thrust her butt back on my crotch. Five minutes we stood like that enjoying each other. She sat on the chair and spread her hands inviting me.

With a thumping heart, I sat on her lap. My! What strong and shapely thighs she possesses. My heart beat increased. Her firm strong boobs are tickling me on my back.

Maa encircled her left hand around my waist and dragging me to her lap started feeding me the steaming idli. I was savoring the taste of idly and also enjoying her body aroma. Once it happened in such way that Maa’s hand slipped from my waist to my lap and very casually touched my throb.

I don’t know whether she had touched deliberately or accidentally. My shaft jumped up. From the corner her eye she saw my temptation and smiled herself. This continued for three more days i.e. she to feed me having me in her lap.

On the fourth day again I was waiting for my Maa to invite me to her lap. But she sat at my side. I raised my eyes at her as if what is the matter. She seductively smiling at me and looking at me.

Don’t know for what she is waiting. Now and then nibbling her lips with her teeth lightly or running her tongue on her lips. Finally, I said “Maa! emaindi? ivala thini pinchava?” (Maa what happened are you going to feed me?)

“Eppudu nene thinipinchla? Ivala nuvvu thinipinchu.” (Why should I always feed you. Today you feed me).

“Mari naa vollo koorchuntava?”(Then will you it in my lap?)

“Nuvvu adigava?” (Did you ask) she asked and said again ok.

She came forward and sat in my lap placing her fleshy butt. The moment she placed her butt she might have felt the rage of my dick. Yet she didn’t say anything. I started feeding her putting my hand around her waist.

When I gave the roti a second time to her mouth, she turned her face and gave that piece to me with her lips. I cursed myself for not doing so for the last days. However, we both ate the breakfast in this manner. Once she even thrust her roti in my mouth, touching my lips with her tongue.

Here at the bottom my dick stood in full height and poking her. While feeding her I made circles with my forefinger on her thigh. She observed it and looked at me. Then slowly she removed my hand from there as if very casually did it.

I was disappointed but again my finger went over her thigh and did the same. This time she didn’t say anything. When she didn’t say anything I got courage and crawled my palm on her smooth stomach and slowly fingered her navel. I sensed her body shudder.

That day it went like that. Maa’s attitudes are giving me courage. Sometimes I feel a kind of fear, ‘what if I go further’. Next day again the same thing happened. She didn’t come into my lap nor she asked me to sit on her lap.

“Maa come let me feed you,” I said inviting her into my lap. “Voo hun!” she moved her head in a no. “Emaindi Maa?” (What happened Maa?)

“Huh. huh. nuvvu chala chilipi ra! Edo koduku vi kada ani nee korika teeruddamu ani anukunnanu, kani voddu.” (Voo hun, you are a very mischievous son. You are my son, so I want to fulfill your desire, but no.)

“Enduku Maa?” (Why Maa?)

“Nuvvu anni chilipi panulu chestav?” (You do all naughty things)

“Nenemi cheasanu?” (What did I do?)

“Velu petti kelikavu kada?” (You have fingered isn’t it?)

“Ekkada?” (Where?)

“Chee vedhava. anee natho cheppinchalani choostavu, velu pettindi nuvve kada? Ekkada pettavo theleeda.?” (You naughty fellow. You are trying to get everything from my mouth. You have fingered. Don’t you know where you fingered?)

“Em? neeku nachca leda?” I asked. (Didn’t you like it?) “Voon nachcha leda ante, nachchindi. Kani, amma tho ala thappu kada?” (Voon, I liked but you are not supposed to do such things with Maa.)

“Sorry Maa! Nee boddu antha andam ga vunte ala chesanu. Nee ku nachcha ka pothe cheayanu pl. vochi koorcho” I said. (Your navel is so cute that I could not control myself. If you dislike I’ll not do again.)

She came and sat on my lap again. After a while, I started the same and again I continued what I did yesterday. She observed but didn’t object to me. Like this kind of hide and seek continued for three-four days. Every time Maa is raising my temptation and suddenly sprinkles cold water on me.

Almost one and half months passed in this manner. Day by day my lust on her is increasing. She also mostly wearing tempting dresses or tying the saree below her navel walking seductively with rhythmic movement of her butt. I am sure she might be laughing at my situation.

Then one day she asked ”Paddu! Shall we go for a long drive today?”

“Yes, Maa as you like,” I said.

“Paddu, can you spare your jeans today. Today I want to wear Jeans” she asked.

I looked at her in surprise. So far she wore beautiful sarees, designer blouses, wrapped saree below the navel and beautiful salwar suits. But so far she didn’t wear the jeans. “Hey, Kanna! What happened? Does it not suit me?” she enquired.

“No, Maa it is not like that. I am thinking whether it fits you?” I said. “Don’t worry Kanna! I am sure, your waist is almost the same as mine. Only thing is that you are taller. I will fold the jeans at legs,” she said.

I went to my room and given her my jeans which I hardly wore for two, three times. After five minutes when she came into the hall. My God! I can’t explain how cute she appeared. Waist of the jeans properly fitted to her waist.

I don’t have words to explain her charms. Every day she is showing her new charms to me. I am becoming more and madder at her. Then we both moved for a long drive. She sat putting her legs on either side of the seat and wrapped her arms around my waist.

Her melons are tickling me on my back. She was totally leaning on my back and keeping her chin on my shoulder talking and saying something to me causing a thrilling sensation in my body. We crossed the city limits, sub-urban and still going further. We had gone beyond all the boundaries that held us till now.

Maa and I went out in the car and sometimes on the bike as well. We crossed the city limits, sub-urban and still going further. There were no boundaries to keep us back.

Then suddenly she showed me a poster and said, “Son, shall we go to that movie?” I looked at the poster. It is an old English Tarzan movie. We went to the hall. We took the highest class tickets in the hall and went in. To my surprise except for the class which we were in almost the theatre is full.

Once the movie started I understood what kind of movie it is. It was a total romantic, or rather semi porn movie. Tarzan, the main character is a savage and lives in the jungle. He doesn’t know to talk. He only makes sounds and gestures.

One day he meets a young girl who came to do some research on forests with her colleagues. She got lost in the forest and met Tarzan. Both are surprised to see each other. The girl looks at Tarzan’s strong body whereas Tarzan looks at her mini dress and the revealing body parts.

She is in short skirt and a small top. The girl is poking his body with her finger and wondering about his strength. Seeing her Tarzan also did the same to her. Particularly when he poked her boob, it pressed down and rose up. Tarzan was doing it again and again and the girl is giggling.

Mom who was sitting to my left entwined her arm around my right hand and leaned towards me. With this, her fine smooth bobs are pressed to my elbow. I looked at her face in the glow of the screen light. she is seeing the movie intently. Her face is flushed.

Then suddenly Tarzan knelt on his knees and raises the girl’s skirt and looks inside. The girl tried to pull her skirt down. Seeing this Maa said “Chee, Chee emi cinema ra idi?” (Chee, chee what kind of movie is this?)

“Maa! shall we go” I asked? Maa was quite for a while and said: “Voddu, elagoo vochcham kada chooddam” (No, we have come we will see). Then the story turns almost semi porn movie. Then I understood why the hall is full.

Then one scene is that the Tarzan and the girl go behind a bush. What is shown is the violent shaking of the bush and the grunts and moans of Tarzan and the girl. There was a big ‘oooh’ from the lower section of the hall and the movie ended.

When we came I could see that Maa’s face is flushed. On our return, Maa sat behind me almost clinging to my back. She put her chin on my shoulder and said “Sorry Kanna!”

“Why Maa!”

“I didn’t know that the movie will be like this. I thought it will be an adventure, like the Tarzan comic I used to read to you when you were children.”

“It is O.K. Maa! it is not your fault” I consoled her.

“Baga vedekki poyavu kadoo?” (You have become very horny isn’t it?) She almost touching my earlobe with lips asked. What answer can I give? I just kept mum. “Em chestav?” (What will you do?) she asked.

I don’t know why she asked this question. But I wanted to play safe. A small mistake may spoil the total broth. “Voon” she insisted again. I have to give an answer. “Em chestanu, cold water tub lo ara ganta koochuntanu” (I’ll sit in the cold water tub for a ½ hour.) I said.

“Avunu nenoo ade cheyali”. (Yes, I too must do the same). Indirectly she gave me a hint that she is also horny. I don’t know how I controlled my temptation till we reached home. On that day for the first time, I cursed myself not taking the car.

Such a long journey and Maa clinging to me. OH! God! is it hell or heaven’ I thought. In this situation, we have forgotten to have dinner in the hotel. We directly came home. I went to my room and then to the bathroom.

After the ½ hour when I came out fresh Maa called me “Paddu! did you finish bath?”

“Yes Maa, coming” I went to the kitchen.

Maa has also had her bath, looking fresh like a blooming rose flower. She kept two steaming cups of Horlicks and some biscuits and said “Kanna, we have forgotten to have dinner. Tonight we will adjust to this.”

We both had it. After the movie, Maa had turned so hot, that her face flushed, and I expected Maa to call me into her room. “Good night Kanna!” She affectionately kissed on my forehead.

I too kissed her on her cheeks and said “Good night Maa” and came to my room. We both were feeling uneasy to face each other. Exactly after one week of this, we went to the mall. One person had commented “Abbaa. emundira.gunta. aa pirralu choodu. choostunte venuka nundi dobbalani anipistundi. (My, what a bitch she is. Look at her ass. oh! Wish to fuck her from the back).

He said in Telugu. He thought that we don’t know Telugu. When I sympathized with that fellow she was angry and said “Let us go home. I’ll take care of you.”

After reaching home she called me to her room and asked what he said on the back. I gathered courage in me and said. “What is the wrong in his words Maa! You are so cute. Particularly from the back. Sometimes I myself feel to hug you from backside”

I said gathering courage and waiting for the whip to fall on me. She was still adjusting her hair and said slowly, “Then what hurdles are there for not doing it?”

Hearing those words I was in a shock. Did I hear correctly? I looked at her in the mirror and said “Maa!” Then I saw a mischievous smile on her lips and hugged her tightly from the back. Instantly my manhood stood erect poking at her fleshy butt.

It was the month of February. One day Abhi’s mother received a marriage invitation card from her parents’ village. It is from one of her distant relatives. Malini’s father and mother have died a long back.

It is almost 12 years that she had visited that village. Hers is a small village in Vishakhapatnam dist. Few km away from the sea. As it had been a long time that she had been to the village. Malini decided to go the marriage and asked her son to accompany her.

Abhi wanted to book Railway Ticket but could not get the reservation so they have decided to go by bus. They booked tickets in Volvo A/C bus and that night at 9 Abhi and his mother reached bus stand. Before boarding the bus Abhi saw a lady boarding the bus before him.

She may be around 44-45 in age wore Panjabi suit which is tight around her ass. “Abbbaaa.usss.” unknowingly Abhi said seeing her tight ass. It resembled him, his Maa’s ass. ”Kanna what happened?” mom asked the son. “Nothing Maa.”

“Then why did you moan ‘Aabbbaa.’” Malini enquired. “I’ll tell you after boarding the bus,” and that ended the matter. The moment lights were off Malini leaned towards Abhi, her son and he also moved closer to her. This is a new experience for both.

Abhi is excited. In that excitement, his put his hand on her thigh and lightly pressed. “What is the matter, my dear son? Why are you pressing there?” She mischievously asked and looked at her son. Abhi noted a glow in her eyes in the blue dim light.

“By accident, my hand fell there Maa,” he said but continued to rub her thigh. “Mmm,” Malini still clinging to her son’s body said, “You said you’ll tell me something. now lights are also off, so tell me.”

“About what Maa?” Abhi wanted to avoid that matter. “How can I know? You said you’ll tell me after boarding the bus. Now tell me” Abhi was making circles on her thigh over the chiffon saree, acting as if trying to remember. As her son was making circles on her thigh there was an itch in her thighs.

She tightening her thighs looked at his crotch. In the dark, she could not find anything. “It might have erected. How to find out?” she thought. Abhi kept making circles there and slowly slipped his hand inside her thigh. The moment her son touched the inner thigh her whole body tingled with desire.

Malini tightened her thighs over her son’s hand and asked, “Did you finish thinking what is it you want to tell me?” The soft and smooth touch of his mom’s thigh made him hornier. His body tingled and sweating. Unknowingly he placed his head on her shoulders, “Can I tell Maa?”

In an excited situation, Malini ran her palm on her son’s hair with affection. “Maa, no one can control himself if he sees your ass,” Abhi said and hid his face in her shoulders. “Kanna. why are so mad about my ass.” She asked with excitement.

Though she knows what her son says, still she wants to listen again and again. “I am so obsessed Maa that every women’s ass appears to me as yours only. Just before we boarded a lady boarded the bus. Her ass is also like yours only. The moment I saw them my rod stood erect.”

Malini turned towards her son. Abhi pulled his hand out of her thighs and putting the same on her waist and dragged closer to him. She almost clung to him. Abhi ran his palm on her waist. Slowly lowered it on her fleshy BUM and pinched.

Maa gave a jerk of her waist moaning sweetly, “Mmmm. What did you think of my bum?”

“Dreaming To lick and Fuck your Ass Maa. To thrust my dick deep in your ass.”

“Only Dreaming.Kanna.” she licked his cheek and said. All this was happening in the darkness. The blue bulb was also switched off. As it is an A/C bus all windows were tightly closed and curtains are hanging. So no outside light was also coming in.

In response to her question, he pinched her bum. She hugged him tightly. She inserting her hand in her son’s thighs and squeezing the tool said: “Don’t worry Kanna. after going home I’ll fulfill your dream.” In this manner the mother and son fondling each other enjoying the bus journey.

By the time bus had stopped for a tea break. Most of the passengers got down. Malini and her Abhi also got down. Malini moved to a darker area for urination as she knows that washrooms in these stands are unclean and stinky. As she is moving that side she saw the young lady in Punjabi suit also going that side only.

On her return, she met that lady and had chat with her. She came to know that her name is Kalpana. She is also going to the same village for the same marriage. By the time they came, Abhi finished his work and was waiting for his mom to have tea.

Malini introduced Kalpana to her son. The moment he saw her, his eyes gleamed. Malini observed this and smiled herself. Whereas Kalpana observed the manliness of Abhi and thought, “My, so handsome he is. and how manly he is. How it will be if he hugs me tightly.”

All the three had tea and boarded the bus again. Kalpana went her seat which was behind their seat. Before leaving Kalpana took Abhi’s hand in hers and pressed it strongly and went.

The moment lights were off Abhi moved nearer to his mom and excitedly put his hand on her bum. He was very excited. It is the same with Malini also. This bus journey is giving them new vistas to explore their incestuous pleasures.

Abhi removed his hand from her bum and was trying to hold her boob through her underarm.Malini tightened her under arm stopping him to move further and mischievously smiled at him. She put her hand between his thighs.

“Please Maa, let me press them once,” he whispered in her ear. He doesn’t know that his maa is enjoying this hide and seek with him. “Vodduraa Kanna idi bassu. Severina choostaru.” (No, Kanna in this bus someone may observe us.)

She tempted him more by putting her hand again on his bulge. Though she knows no one can see them because of two reasons, one is high seats and the second, is darkness. “Please Maaa. it is totally dark. we will not be visible.” He said and put his hand on her bum again.

She pressed his tool with her fingers and licked his chin. Malini squeezing his manliness with her fingers said, “Before getting down the bus and after boarding, something is missing. Find out what it is and do whatever you want.” and she whispered in his ear.

She is playing with his tool over the trousers and Abhi is not in a position to control himself. He thought for a while and pressing her bum hard, said, “I can’t guess Maa, please you only tell.”

“You will get the answer where your hand is now. find out given you a clue,” she inserted her tongue in his ear. With her palm pressed his bulge. With excitement, Abhi was sweating. He ran his palm on her bum and came upwards.

As he came to her waist he understood what is missing. “Oh! Maa, your panty. your panty is missing Maa.” She gave a light kiss on her son’s lips and said, “That is why I got down. see for my son I have removed my panty, but my son not even pull his zip down,” she said in a disappointed voice.

“One-minute Ma.” and he pulled his zip down. All this was happening under the darkness. She inserted her hand inside and holding his dick over underwear and pressing it said: “Uumm. ippudu aa panty ekkada undo find out cheyi. nee tool ni bayataku theestanu.” (Now find out where the bra is. I will take your tool out.)

Malini said squeezing her son’s dick. She said, “Wait.” and pulled the rug and covered them with it and said, “Now you have total freedom.” The rug was provided by the operators. “Maa,” Abhi said in excitement. “Vooonnnn, don’t delay,” Malini said teasing him.

He slowly started searching from waist. “Oye. how can I hide it there?” “no Maa. just felt to touch there.” and raised his hand over his Maa’s boobs and asked, “Can I touch them?” He knows that his mother is teasing him.

“So far what you have done and now asking permission, naughty fellow.” Malini pinched his cheeks. Now she again inserted her hand under his pant and slowly soothing. This made the son hornier and pressing her boobs over the blouse and trying to unhook her hooks.

Both mom and son turned very hot and breathing heavily. With difficulty, he unhooked her two hooks. She looking at him and smiling. Her boobs also turned heavy and robust. She breathed deep and another hook broken. Abhi started pressing maa’s tits over the blouse.

“Ummm. your softballs,” Abhi said breathing hard. Abhi removed remaining hooks and ran his palm on them over the bra. “Mmmmm. what about the remaining?” and she bends on him. Abhi understood, she is talking about her bra and ran his hand behind her back.

Her satin smooth texture made him mad. He started running his hand there.

“Mmmm. Kanna do it quick. they are pulsating and itching.” Abhi could not remove bra hook in the dark. “Maa.” he said disappointedly. She bent further over him. Her milk pots touching his chest are tickling him.

“Maa. They are tickling me.” as he said she opened his shirt buttons and pressing her boobs over his naked chest asked, “Now what do you feel?”

“Habbbaaaaa.” he hugged her tightly. Her soft tits were crushed under his strong chest. Holding her like that he removed bra hooks. Abhi raised the bra cup above her tit. As it rose up the panty which she hid under the bra fell in her lap.

“Maa see your bra. I found it now you do what you said.” He gave her panty.

Malini removed his dick out of his boxer. Abhi’s snake raised its hood proudly. “Mmmm. Kanna your this is very proud re,” and fondled his dick in her fist. “And your these are also proud maa, see how firm they are” and he mauled them.

“O.K. then you take care of them and I’ll take care of this” and she was moving his dick up and down. Abhi was pressing maa’s boobs happily. This new bus journey romance was exciting for him. He started squeezing her one boob.

She is getting immense joy with his sucking and she pulling his head to her other boob gave her taut nipple into his mouth. Abhi started nibbling his mom’s nipple and sucking while pressing the other. Malini was enjoying her son’s sucking, moving his dick up and down.

While playing with his dick with one hand, with the other she ran her fingers in her son’s hair, pushed her tit into his mouth. Moms this sudden action made him suffocate and nuzzling her boobs. “Mmmm.voooonnn.” she moaned slowly. Her pussy was dripping in her saree.

Abhi’s juices are raising up. Gradually both increased their speed. Both are on the verge of climax and reaching the gates of heaven. Then that sound came “haha.” someone shouted in the bus and the lights were on.

And Abhi discharged in her hand. His warm thick juices were dripping on her naked stomach. As the lights were on they both covered themselves properly. Her blouse is opened and his dick is pressing her belly.

Abhi quietly put his head on her naked boobs and closed his eyes. She was also holding her son to the tits and closed her eyes.

By nine in the morning, Malini and Abhi reached their destination. In their local bus journey, Kalpana was also with them along with her 9-year-old son.

The hosts were happy to receive them. What Malini observed is there is a lot of change in the village. When she last came except one or two all the houses were of tiled roofs. Now, most of the houses were converted into RCC roofs.

A few houses are also with one story. Roads were of tar roads. At the bus stop, she found a few vendors selling eatables and cool drinks. Previously there were bicycles, now she found two-wheelers. The host’s house also had two rooms and a bath on the first floor, which were given to Malini and Kalpana.

Abhi enjoyed the village atmosphere. At the edge of the village, he found a hill with a ruined temple and decided to go on top of it. It was the third day of their arrival. Now Malini and Abhi could get an opportunity to be alone. That day there was a ritual in the house.

Before making the girl as a bride, the bride and others have to go to the village temple and perform pooja. This takes around two hours. Every one of the house along with the bride was ready to go. Even Kalpana was ready. Malini excused herself saying that she is not feeling well and will meet them after taking ½ hour rest.

Looking at Abhi her son she gave a quick wink. Abhi is aghast to see this as his mother had winked when so many people were gathered. Abhi also excused that he will bring maa to the temple. All went to the temple. After waiting for 15 – 20 minutes Malini climbed the steps saying that she will get ready.

After 5 minutes Abhi followed her. When he went in he found maa taking her dress from the suitcase. Without making any noise he went in and grabbed her waist from the back. She turned over her shoulder and finding her son said teasingly,

“Vadlara evaraina vastaru.” (Orey leave me, someone may come.) “Nijama ayithe kannu enduku kottav?” ( Is it so, then why did you wink?) and tightened his grip. Though she didn’t want to get rid of him but acted and struggled to get rid of him.

“Someone may come,” she said a meek excuse. “By this time all might be at the temple. No one will come till 2 hrs. All have gone to the temple. Even if you say no. I am not leaving you.”

Abhi started fondling and kissing his mom where ever possible on her body. “Oh.mmm. naughty. even your dad had not done like this you know,” she rubbed her cheek to his. “That is why I am doing, not to worry if dad had not done. son will do.” and he grabbed her one milk pot from the back. “Oho! What is special in you? She enjoying his fondling said. “Don’t you know what is it?”

He stamped a warm kiss on her lips. “Mmmmm goppa.” she cooed.

“Vippey ma, please let me see your naked beauty in this village atmosphere.” “Abbaaa . aasha” she smiled and showed her tongue tip and teased him.

“Abba what a smile maa. You are killing. How cute you look when you smile like that.” and Abhi tried to catch her lips. To avoid him she stepped back. Behind her was the cot. She tumbled and fell on the cot on her back. Abhi also fell on her.

She moaned sweetly for his weight and tightened her grip on son’s body. He too was fondling roughly and kissing all over her face. Cheeks, nose, eyes, chin, and neck. Malini herself don’t know why she became so mad about her son.

She always wanted him with her. “He is my son. He belongs to me.” She thought. Malini’s whole body is tingled as her son kissing her like mad.

Abhi kissing his Maa furiously for some time, he stopped to take a breath. When he stopped Malini could not wait and opening her eyes raised her face to hold Abhi’s lips.

He teasingly moved his face away. “Ppch,” she said pretending anger. He smiling bending forward touched her pink lips with his. The moment two pairs of lips intermingled they felt that the world stood still. Enjoying his touch Malini stayed for a while and then ran her tongue on his lips.

Abhi’s body jerked with unknown thrill. They looked against each other and again their lips met. In between, she is touching his lips with tongue. Abhi also leaving her lips entwined his tongue with her’s. “Mmmm” sweet moan came out of her mouth.

Fondling each other, rolling on the cot over each other. Their bodies are heated up. To cool their heat there is only one way and they both knew it and looking at each other smiled themselves. “What to do?”

“What will you do?” she is panting and asked smilingly. While rolling her pullo had fallen her twin firm peaks pierced his eyes. Abhi put his hands on them. She smiling cutely signaled for him to remove. He slowly pressing them and unhooking one by one.

As he doing his job she closed her eyes and held her lower lips with upper teeth. It is a smile on her face. Her smile made him hornier. In excitement, he was unhooking one hook and biting her cheek. His actions were causing tingling in her and she was cooing in satisfaction. Unhooking all, he squeezing the milk balls hard and bit her lip a bit harshly.

Her sweet words caused his tingles. He wanted to unhook the bra but it didn’t come. He looked at her. She teasing him rotated her tongue on her lips. In an excitement, he pulled her bra forcibly. Her bra hooks broken and her peaks got released and swelled up.

Abhi squeezed the peaks for a while and sitting on her opened his T-shirt. By the time removed her bra. Though she had been seeing her son’s naked body, every time it tingled her. She saw his body admiringly pulled is down over her in a way that her nipples touched his nipples.

Abhi felt as if 1100 W naked wire touched him. “Kanna, how is it.?” she enquired with her eyes. “Maaa.uffuuu.uummm.” he trembled. She sucked his lips and said, “If you remove the remaining garments we can go for an actual play,” she whispered in his ear.

Abhis body was trembling with tension and desire. His mind was not working what to do? He is unable to decide. poor son maa understood son’s confusion and she brought her hand between them tried to pull is short down. Then with a big sound, his cell rang.

He stopped her work and looked at the cell. “Oh! Someone is calling. get up.” she tried to pull son aside. “Abbaaa. maa. let it be. see afterward” and he started pressing his head to her boobs. His force on her aching boobs gave her a thrill.

The cell stopped ringing. She was running her fingers in her son’s hair fondly pulled it down and gave her nipple to his mouth. Abhi started sucking the sweet lemon hungrily. As he was sucking and nibbling her nipple her whole body turned on to fire.

In between her thighs the nectar dripping making her panty wet. She inserted her hand inside his short and took his raging manhood in her hands and fondling and measuring its length and stoutness. Abhi continuing his work raised her saree up.

To support his she raised her bum up and pulled her saree along with petticoat up to her waist. Abhi pushed his hand between her thighs and held her flower. It is totally wet there. His fingers were slippery. For his fingers, Malini raises her bum up.

As her sons causing tingles in her she widening her thighs and said, “Kanna. Shove it deep in maa,” and she put his dick head at the entrance. Abhi was about to thrust deep into her then again cell rang disrupting their activities.

She quickly threw him aside. “Maaaaaa. ummm,” he said in disappointment tone. “Kanna. my dear Paddu, wait let me see who it is and I will switch it off.”

She took the cell and saw the screen. Her husband’s name displayed on it.

Hesitating for a while she received the call and said “Hello,” slowly and signaled Abhi that it is his father.

“Hello! Malee. is it you? Did you reach safely? Not phoned me.” his voice coming from the speaker. “Yes, we reached safely. Due to busy marriage functions could not phone you, how are you?” Malini asked her husband.

“I am fine. Convey my blessings to the couple. How is Abhi? Is he with you?”

“Yes talk to him,” she gave the phone to Abhi. Malini’s saree still rose up to the waist. Whereas Abbi’s short is pulled down and she is holding her son’s dick in her fist.

“Yes, dad,” Abhi said on the phone. “Abhee! How are you son? Are with mummy?” “Yes, nana. She is not leaving me at all,” he said looking at his mother who is holding his dick and smiled. Malini twisted his dick playfully.

“Be with her son. She is very innocent. Take care of her.”

“He is taking full care of me. Don’t you worry? He is always with me to do any service.” Malini said and she winked at her son. Abhi pinched her hard. “Issshhaaammm,” she moaned. “Malee what happened? Her husband voice.

“She got sprain in her leg dad. I am massaging her.” Abhi replied and pinched her again. After another 2 minutes, phone switched off. Malini lay flat on her back and widening her thighs said. “Kanna! Come quick. it is itching much. See how this bitch is pulsating.?”

She took Abhi’s hand and kept it on her oozing pussy. Abhi once fingered her pussy and put his dick at the entrance. “Do it quick. we have to go to the temple.” she raised her bum up and Abhi gave a violent push in her crevice.

Abhi continued his movement. and they both enjoyed their love game for 15 minutes and they both went to the bathroom together.

This is the second day of the marriage at the village. That evening at 4.30, they had to catch the train. Kalpana said she will come along with them. They booked the train tickets and got the reservation.

Malini wanted to see the ruined temple once. At 11 am, all four i.e, Malini and her son Abhi, Kalpana and her son went to the hill where the temple was situated. By seeing the hill, Kalpana said she can’t climb the hill and asked them to go. She held her son with her saying she will be alone otherwise.

Malini was in enthusiasm while running towards the steps. Malini was in the front and her son Abhi was behind her. Abhi was observing his mom’s swinging buttocks as she was climbing step after step. It was a very erotic scene for him and his dick started pulsating. After climbing half of the steps, Malini turned her head over the shoulder to look at her son. The mom found her son looking at her back intently.

She smiled to herself, turned back and looking at Abhi, she said, “Hey Kanna! Why are you behind? Move to my front”. He smiled sheepishly. She asked, “Malli ave choostunnava? Vedhava rara?” (Are you looking at them again? Naughty! Come on). She smiled and turned and continued climbing the steps.

“The view is very good from the back, maa”, he said.

“It is okay. Come, move. We have to catch the train in the evening”, she mumbled. Malini felt proud that her assets were making her son so crazy. At the same time, she thought why she was going so crazy for her son. Her cheeks turned red with blush. A thought occurred in her mind, “How will ‘it’ feel in the open and in nature’s lap?”. Her whole body tingled at that naughty thought.

They both climbed the remaining stairs. They saw the ruins of the temple and its architecture and enjoyed. On their return and after getting down around 50 steps, Abhi saw a shelter like thing to his left which was fully covered with a canopy. He asked about it.

“Oh! It is used as a shelter to the pilgrims during those days. The pilgrims used to take rest in these shelters. There used to be some vendors also who sold food items and water to the pilgrims”.

“Shall we go there, mom?”

“If you wish so”, and they moved towards the shelter. Abhi ran behind Malini and put his hand around her waist asked, “Antha thondaraga vundaaa?”. She pinched his bum and retorted, “As if you are not in a hurry”, and she ran towards the shelter.

“Maa.. wait”.

He also ran behind her. By the time they reached the shelter, they both were panting and breathing heavily. She held to a pillar there and stood while breathing heavily. Abhi held her tightly from the back and planting a kiss on her cheeks, he said: “Entha bagundi maa. How nice is this place? This place is surrounded by thick trees. No one can see us from outside”. He pressed his torso on his mom’s fleshy bum.

“Emitadee bagundedee”, she asked and bent her head for him to kiss. “Idee..” he said and gave a thrust of his dick on her ass. She felt his erection.

“Vedhavadi eppudu legise vuntundi”, she thought and pushed her ass back on his dick.

As Abhi thrust his manhood on Malini’s bum, she moaned: “Mmm..”. He put his hand around her stomach and hugging her, he gave a small kiss on her neck. “Aahhh..mmm..”, Malini cooed and took her son’s hand on her bust and pressed.

He started playing with her boobs one after the other and continued kissing her. Malini was getting more and more horny by her son’s squeezes and kisses. Her body was on fire.

“Iss ssuuuu..”. She bent her head to give more access to her son. Abhi continued pressing her boobs and kissing her from her neck to her lips.

Unable to tolerate the delay, Malini touched her tongue on her son’s lips and ran all over his lips. The moment her lips touched, Abhi’s whole body shuddered. “Maaa..”, he said slowly. “Ummm..”, she turned towards him and looked deep in his eyes.

Then she slowly opened the buttons of her son’s shirt and gave kiss on his naked chest. “Aaahhhh..”

Malini touched Abhi’s nipple with her tongue while kissing on his chest continuously. Abhi’s whole body tingled with that touch. During his last birthday, Malini had found out that her son was more sensitive if kissed on his chest and sucked on his nipples. So, whenever possible, she did those things to make her son horny. When he became horny, he would her vigorously and make her reach her orgasm at least thrice in a session!

Mom’s nipple stimulation was making Abhi go crazy. “Maaa..”, he mumbled slowly in her ears. She hugged her son tightly while kissing him and pulling his small nipple with her lips and then sucking it.

Abhi felt his life was entangled. He ran his fingers through her silky hair said, “Maaa.. something is happening to me when you do like that. Ummm.. You know how to tempt me”, he said.

“We also experience such pleasure when people do it to us”, Malini said.

“Mmm.. Maaa.. So you are saying you also get such a pleasure when I suck you?”

“Yes Kanna, let me give you some more”.

“Oh! maa! Give me”. Abhi pressed her boob with one hand and squeezed her butt with the other hand.

“For today, I am the male and you are the female”, saying so Malini moved from him and said, “I will come just now..” and quickly went out of the shelter.

“Where are you going, mom?”

Malini didn’t reply. She went out and came after three minutes.

“Where did you go, mom?”, Abhi asked.

“To check whether people can see us from outside”

“Can they?”

“No chance at all”, saying so, she dropped her saree pallu.

Abhi could not control himself seeing his mom’s braless boobs jetting out. He pressed them hard in lust. She stepped a foot back and said, “I told you, today I am the male and you are the..”

“Female”, he completed her sentence.

“Good boy, now remove..” and she signalled him to remove his clothes. Abhi watching mom’s lust filled eyes, removed all his clothes. Meanwhile, Malini pulled her saree frills and then her petticoat. Both clothes fell at her feet. She came out of it. Though Abhi had seen his mom’s naked body many times, every time his mother looked new to him. He kept looking at his mom’s nude beauty.

Smiling at her son seductively, Malini took his hand and led him to a flat-form like thing which was 2 feet in width and 7 inches in length. It was used by the pilgrims to sit and relax. Abhi followed her as if he was in a trance. “Lie down”, she ordered to him. Abhi lied flat on his back, looking at her.

Malini sat on him, putting a leg on either side of him. She ran her smooth palm all over his body. Small moans started coming out of his mouth. Running her palm, Malini started kissing all over her son’s face. She kissed his cheeks, chin, eyes, eyebrows, nose tip, and neck. Malini even rotated her tongue inside his nostrils.

Abhi was not in a position to control himself and he started biting his own lips in pleasure. Then Malini brought her lips to his. Abhi took his mom’s lips in his and started nibbling them. Malini inserted her tongue into Abhi’s mouth. Abhi felt like he was floating in heaven. In order to increase his lust further, Malini took Abhi’s nipple again in her lips and tightened around them.

Abhi felt that he was going to explode. Malini was trying to entwine her tongue with his tongue. Abhi too became ready for a tongue fight and started pressing his nails on her back. His actions were generating her tingling sensation inside Malini and she was running her palm on his chest and pressing his tool between her thighs.

“Ahhh.. Maa.. you are killing me.. Ahhhhh”, he moaned. Still, she didn’t release him and she kept sucking his lips hungrily. Meanwhile, Abhi was pressing her butt hard.

In this love game of sucking and pressing, both mom and son were soon tired and began gasping for breath. The more Abhi was pressing Malini’s butt, the more she was tempted. When they stopped for a while to breath, he said, “Maaa.. I am in heaven..”

“Have you enjoyed any thing like this?”, she asked. The moment she asked, he understood that his mom was again for a new game with him. He decided to play along and asked, “What maa?”

She too understood that her son was up for the game and whispered in his ear, “Ade.. Everinaina ila dengava?” (Have you fucked anyone like this?). She asked and squeezed his tool with her thighs. “Ummm, ledu maaa” (no, mom) he said and raised his crotch up.

“Oh! That means I am going to take your virginity”.

“Yes, mom. But do it quick, mom. I can’t tolerate”.

Malini slightly moved her legs aside and rose up to take her son’s tool and kept it at the slit of her pussy. The moment her pussy touched his knob, Abhi was in seventh heaven. Abhi’s body was trembling. Malini started rotating her waist, making her son’s tool feel the soft petals (pussy lips). Then she asked, “Dinchukonaaa?” (Can I take it?)

Abhi was getting mad with all these wild actions. Squeezing Malini’s ass hard, he said, “Please maa. Have mercy on your son. Dinchuko”. Abhi pleaded.

“Orey nuvvu nannu chesinappudu ela edipinchavo. Gurthu chesuko..” (Remember how you begged me to fuck you), Malini teased her son.

She was enjoying his squeeze on her ass , “Mmmm” and then she sat on his tool. It slowly slid into her wet pussy. “AAaahhh,.. Maaa.. Ummm”, Abhi was cooing in excitement.

Once Abhi’s cock was fully inside her, Malini placed her hand between them and said, “Now my dear son, you have lost your virginity to your own mom!”. Malini then slowly rose and sat up again. Abhi’s tool was sliding in and out of her wet slit. In ecstasy, Abhi forgot to press her ass anymore. Patting his hand, Malini said,

“Vooonnn Kanee. Pisakaara.. Nee amma pirrlani..”. The moment she ordered, Abhi again started his work on his mom’s fleshy butts.

“Aaabbba.. Emi pisukuthunnavu raa. Kanna.. Alage.. Ela undi amm dengudu?”, she asked.

Rasing his crotch in rhythm with his mother’s movements, Abhi said, “Mom, I don’t want any other lady in my life. You are truly showing me heaven”.

Malini tightened her thighs around Abhi. Her pussy muscles were slowly getting tightened too. She asked, “Ayithe rojoo ilage denginchu kundama?”

“Mom, if you give me the chance I will keep this permanently in your pussy. Maaa.. Abbba.. Emundi maa nee dengudu.. Oh!”

Malini started moving up and down, fucking her son. “Aahhh.. Naa puvvantha nindi poyindi raa nee modda.. Amma.. Ela penchavura deenni..”

“Nenu penchada memiti maa.. Adi nuvvu penchidegaaa.. Ememi posavo daniki” and Abhi raised his bum up to meet her thrusts.

“Nemmadiga digithene ila vundi sammga.. Ika gattiga digithenaaa..”, Malini closed her eyes in satisfaction. “Dinchuko maaa..” and Abhi pinched her stiffened nipples with both his hands

“Isss.. Emi chestunnavu raa..”

“Choodu Maaa.. Entha perky ga vunnayo?”, he twisted her one nipple.

The moment he said, “Dinchuko Maaa..”, Malini rose up and sat forcefully on his tool. “Aaahhhh.. Maaaa..”, Abhi moaned.

Now Malini started moving with more force and her son’s shaft was sliding in her socket rapidly. The force was so powerful that Abhi’s foreskin totally slid back causing him a burning sensation.

Abhi also started moving his waist up. In this way, their love game continued for 20 minutes. Malini sensed that her son was on the verge of ejaculation. She too was in the same position.

She bent forward, tweaked his nipple and said, “Son.. My dear kanna.. Fill your mom with your hot juices.. Umm..”. Hearing that, Abhi increased his pace too and soon, he filled his mother’s wet pussy with his warm love juices.

Malini, pressing Abhi’s crotch to hers, bent her head back and moaned in satisfaction experiencing an amazing orgasm. “Issiii.. Chaluraa. Tripti ga undi” (Oh son! It is such a satisfaction). She kissed him with affection.

Abhi remained still while palming his mom’s waist folds. She kissed him and said, “Now, get up. It is time”. She got down from him. Abhi’s juices were dripping from her pussy and sliding down over her fair thighs.

“Maa.. One more time”, Abhi pleaded.

“Son, athi sarvathra verjayet” (Anything more than necessary is to be avoided)

“Come, it is time. We have to catch the train. Poor Kalpana and her son are waiting for us..”. Malini wiped her thighs with her petticoat and wiped her son’s tool also and wrapped her saree. She moved towards the steps and the obedient son followed her.

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