My poor ass

She stood over him shaking. She was wearing thigh high black fishnets, high heeled boots, and a tight white shirt; per his request. Her large breasts strained against the fabric of the shirt and she stood unsteadily on the four-inch heel boots. He was laying on the bed between her legs gazing up her while stroking his large cock. She knew what he wanted, and what he was going to do to her. Most of all, she knew what she had said was all right.
“Lay down.” He murmured barely audible. She obeyed, laying on her back and he got up kneeling over her. He flipped her on her stomach, rubbing his hands up and down her body. She quivered and her breath came in gasps. She wanted this but was afraid. “Ready?” he whispered in her ear. She nodded, still quivering. He tilted her head up gently and tore off three strips of duct tape off the roll that was sitting on the bed stand. After wiping off any spit that might have been on her lips, he put the first one on; the other two went on the sides, insuring it wouldn’t fall off.
“Can you breath?” She nodded mutely. Kneeling with her head between his legs, he bent forward to tie her hands to the rope already connected to the bedposts. He made sure they were tight and slid down to her legs. He sat there for a moment look at her and began rubbing her asshole and cunt lips. She groaned into the tape and became wetter. He removed the stimulation greatly frustrating her. He roughly grabbed a boot, the heel made it easier to hold and soon he had it tied with another rope connecting it to the bottom bedpost, stringing the rope across, he did the same with the other foot.
“Move.” He commanded. She complied and tried to escape, but was tied fast and only succeeded in pulling the ropes tighter around her wrists and ankles. She let her body fall limp and he knew she was ready…. well, at least she wasn’t going anywhere.
He moved his hands over her body again, feeling her shake in fear and anticipation. Leaning over her body, he found the lubricant on the bed stand and poured it on her asshole. Slowly, he pushed a finger in, she moaned into the tape. Stretching her open, he poured more lube inside of her. She whimpered as the cold liquid entered her. Setting the bottle down he lean into position with the head of his cock against her asshole.
She tried one last feeble attempt at freedom before he pushed in hard and fast. She screamed into the gag in pain as he moaned with pleasure in unison. She screamed again and fought against the ropes as he plunged in deeper over and over. Slowly her ass began to stretch to accommodate his large cock and her screams became moans.
When he pulled all the way out, she raised her ass as far as she could and thrust back at him, stroking his cock hard with her tight asshole. This time his moan became a shriek as he plunged in almost climaxing. He reached down and began to finger her clit as he was inside of her. She began humping his cock and came hard. He moaned loudly again as her orgasm tightened her ass spasmodically. The sweat on her face loosened the tape and her vocalizations were louder and clearer. Hearing her enjoying the fucking made him harder and ready to go.
He grabbed her hips and began pounding hard into her. His hands tightened around her hips as he shot cum into her ass. They both slumped onto the bed breathing hard. He pulled his soft cock out of her ass bringing cum with it. He wiped some off her ass with a finger, and brought it to her face. “Open your mouth.” He commanded her, she twisted away from it in disgust.
He grabbed her hair and twisted her head back to him, “Open your mouth or I’ll wipe it all over your face and leave it there, with you here tied up all night.” She thought about her options and reluctantly opened her mouth; he pushed his finger in and smeared it on her tongue all the way back to her throat. She gagged on the taste of her own ass, but swallowed.
He smiled and leaned back to untie her. She got up and staggered to the bathroom to clean up grumbling but still quivering and knowing she had enjoyed all of it.

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