Cousins and Lovers

My cousin, Heather, and I had always been close. I was a year older and the family clown, while Heather was more stoic. We had been best friends since we were young, going so far as to share our first kiss together.

Her parents had hit a rough patch, and it wasn't looking very good for their marriage, or even a relationship post divorce. Heather would call me almost daily to be a small dose of sunshine in her greying world. Her parents would eventually get the inevitable divorce.

School had just let out, and I hadn't found anything for a summer job when I had gotten a call from my uncle. He never calls me, just my dad. My uncle asked if I wanted to stay with him and Heather for the summer. I agreed to his conditions.

He picked me up two days later. While we drove to his house, he reminded me of the rules I'd agreed to follow. He eventually turned on an oldies station, while I listened to metal from my mp3 player. We arrived at his house at six in the afternoon. I took the two suitcases I had packed from his trunk and started toward the front door.

I didn't make more than three steps when Heather leapt on me. She was only a couple inches shorter than I was and her turquoise eyes looked even more brilliant now as they searched my ice blue ones. We hugged briefly, and she gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

I shrugged at my uncle, and he shrugged back. I followed him into the house. He led me to the spare bedroom where I would be staying, so long as I was on my best behavior. I placed the two suitcases on the bed. My uncle left, reminding us that he would have dinner made soon. Heather sat on the edge of the bed as I put away my clothes and arranged things more to my liking.

I placed the now empty suitcases in the closet and sat next to her. In an unspoken agreement, we moved forward and kissed properly. We only did so for a few seconds, to not get caught, but solidified what we already knew.

She left a couple minutes after that, asking me to be awake at midnight. No big deal, I always had been a second shift type guy and staying up was no problem. I simply couldn't figure out why she wanted me awake. My uncle had a lights out rule at eleven, which I followed. I turned on my gameboy after he had moved on to check on Heather.

After roughly an hour, my bedroom door opened. It was Heather, ready for doing whatever she had planned that night. She had changed into a dark tank top and black leggings. I watched her open the window and climb out. I saved the game and turned it off, plunging the room into darkness. I followed her out the window, and she closed it enough to not be obvious that it was still opened.

Heather, then, took my hand and led me through the woods at the back of the property. We stopped at the edge of a decent sized pond. She took a second to look around. Assured we weren't followed, she closed the half step between us. We kissed; this time with a passion that had sparked earlier in the day. I realized what she wanted as her arms encircled my head, pulling me closer.

I returned the kiss in earnest, hoping she knew what she was getting into. My cock began to harden. It wasn't going to earn me the title of hung, but, at five and a half inches and rather thick, it would have to work for her. We briefly broke our kiss to sit down; my legs open to give her a seat between them that she took. Heather's legs wrapped around my waist and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy.

Heather lay back, as I reached forward grasping her leggings. She lifted her ass to allow me to take them off her. I parted her legs to either side of my head, as I went in to start pleasuring her. Her pussy was cleanly shaved. I took a long lick from bottom to top, digging my tongue in a bit, looking for her clit. I found it as she shivered from pleasure. I reached under her tank top, looking for her tits. I found them. Tweaking the nipples gently, I kept licking her pussy.

Suddenly, her legs clenched around my head as she came. I stood up to undress, as she sat up to shed the tank top. She lay back down, and I settled on top of her. We kissed several times more. Her flavor on my tongue seemingly driving her.

My cock found her pussy entrance. I stopped and waited for confirmation that she wanted this as well. I saw her give me a nod, so I entered her slowly. She gasped as I pushed into her pussy. Before long, I was balls deep inside her, and it felt right. I slowly started to thrust. My cock, given its thickness, kept brushing against her clit.

I was in heaven, and Heather was moaning. I made sure not to go too fast and blow my load in less than five minutes. After ten minutes, I said that I was going to cum. She told me not in her pussy, since she wasn't on the pill and I wasn't wearing a condom. She rolled over and offered her ass to me.

I thought that I had the holy grail in sight. I slid out if her pussy. I placed my cock against her asshole, and I pushed forward lightly. After a few seconds of resistance, the head slid in with a pop. I pushed forward slowly, listening to her instructions as I did so in order not to cause her too much pain. It took me almost a minute to bottom out in her ass. Heather asked me to start thrusting slowly a minute later.

I did as she asked, fighting to keep my enthusiasm in check. It took me a couple of more minutes to reload after being that close. I stayed going slowly in her ass, in order to not cause her pain. I was ready to cum again and she said she wanted it in her ass. I thrust a couple of more times before releasing a large load into her ass.

I felt her ass clamp around my cock. I pulled out of her ass as I began to soften, and Heather turned to face me. We started to make out, our tongues dancing against each other. We kissed in that passionate frenzy for almost a half hour. During that time, my cock reawoke. I asked to put in her ass again, and she agreed. This time, I placed her legs against her chest, so that we could kiss while I was in her ass.

I entered her ass more smoothly this time, since she had been stretched and there was more lube. It took me close to a half hour of thrusting and kissing, before I came a second time. She told me that it was time to get back, or we risked getting caught and I would be sent home.

We made it back to my cracked window at five after three in the morning. I slept for roughly four hours, before my alarm woke me. My uncle was sitting at the kitchen table with Heather, eating breakfast. I took a few pieces of toast and put some peanut butter on them. I ate quietly. My uncle left shortly after that, heading to his job.

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