ASSTR Swimming Pool Fuck

Jane and I worked (and still do) for the same
organisation, although in different departments. Our
paths had crossed several times and she was always very
pleasant towards me, but then she was towards everyone.
She's one of life's nice people: always smiling, very
pretty, dresses nicely but not in a tarty way - just
generally nice. She is also 12 years younger than I am
and, as I am married and she was engaged to be married,
our relationship was nothing more than pleasant towards
each other.

I don't know how it happened, but a couple of years ago
I started being a bit flirty towards her. She'd
recently got married and seemed a bit low at work. I
had to do a bit more work with her department, which
meant talking with her more than usual. It started off
with me paying her compliments about her clothes and
hair � which as always were lovely.

I'm sure I'd done this plenty of times before, but for
some reason she seemed genuinely pleased with the
compliments. This carried on for a few weeks, with the
occasional risqu� comment from both of us. As I said,
I'm 12 years older than her and nothing to write home
about, so just put it down to her pleasant nature. Then
one day, I needed something that was locked away in
another office used as a store and Jane said that she'd
take me to get it.

We went into the room and I was stood next to her
looking at her intently. She looked at me and smiled -
a smile that always melted me - and asked what was
wrong. I just blurted out that she was a very beautiful
woman and that her husband was a very lucky man. She
said that I must be daft, but thanked me anyway and
kissed me on the cheek. I held her hand and kissed her
lightly on the lips, she didn't resist so I put my arms
around her and we had a deep, full-blooded kiss.

We had to be careful, as there were other people nearby
and the risk of being caught was too great, so I got
what I had come for and left the office. Jane said
goodbye and smiled a lovely twinkly-eyed smile at me. I
couldn't believe what had happened and never dreamt
that it would develop further than that.

Over the next couple of weeks somehow we manage to
exchange mobile numbers and began texting each other,
very infrequently and very innocently. I knew that very
occasionally first thing in the morning she went to a
swimming pool near to where we work prior to coming
into work. She knew that I liked swimming and out of
the blue sent me a text asking if I'd like to go
swimming with her the next morning.

I was excited by the prospect, but also a bit worried
that people that we knew might see us and come to the
wrong conclusion � which would have caused us both
major bother. However, the next morning I left for work
earlier than usual and met her just before the swimming
pool opened. I was pleased to see that there weren't
many other people there that early and that neither of
us knew any of those that were.

I'd never been to that pool before, so didn't know what
to expect. We went into a mixed sex changing area,
which had a large array of changing cubicles of varying
sizes, along with lockers for our belongings.
Jane and I went into nearby cubicles and I felt excited
knowing she was nearby, stripping out of her clothes
and putting on a swimming costume. I had to be careful,
because my cock was twitching at my thoughts and I
didn't want to go out in my swimming shorts with a
bulge in the front, just in case she thought I was some
sort of pervert.

I had a thought that if we had adjoining cubicles after
we'd been swimming, that I might be able to somehow
sneak a peek at her under the large gap at the bottom
of the wall panels, but knew that wasn't really going
to happen. I heard the door of her cubicle open and
gathered my stuff to go out and join her by the
lockers. Wow! What a sight. Jane stood in a high-cut
one-piece swimming costume that accentuated her long
legs and slender body. She had small breasts, but they
looked fabulous in the costume and she just looked
beautiful. I told her this and she answered that I must
be mad and said we should go to the pool. I didn't have
a pound coin for the locker, but Jane said there would
be room in one of the larger lockers for both of our

After depositing our belongings we went to the pool,
showering ourselves off first. This made Jane's costume
cling to her skin and she was a bit embarrassed to see
me looking at her, especially as her nipples were
starting to raise the flimsy material. The pool wasn't
very busy, with what appeared to be regular early
morning lane swimmers. Jane and I got into the pool and
began our swim in adjacent lanes, stopping every now
and again in the shallow end to catch our breath, or
passing the odd comment as we passed each other.

I must admit that I did try and get behind her to try
and catch a glimpse of her as she opened her legs
during her breast stroke kick, but this proved too
difficult and risky. So we carried on swimming up and
down until more people started arriving and it was time
for us to go and get changed for work. I followed Jane
over to the steps and stood behind her as she climbed
out, looking at her tight buttocks in her costume, and
then followed her to the communal shower area.

We kept our costumes on whilst showering our arms and
legs and washing our hair. Whilst Jane washed hers and
had her eyes closed, I took the opportunity of putting
my hands inside my shorts to wash my prick. Afterwards,
we went to our joint locker and gathered our clothes.
Jane made her way towards a cubicle and I started
towards an adjacent one when she shocked me by saying,
with a smile on her face, that her cubicle was big
enough for both of us. I looked around to see if anyone
else was nearby and followed her in before she could
change her mind.

We put our things on the coat hooks and shelf and Jane
stood with her back to me. I took her towel and started
to dry her long auburn hair. She leant her head back
and made a small moan that indicated that she liked the
attention that I was giving her.

I just couldn't believe my luck and slowly pulled her
straps from her shoulders and down over her arms;
peeling the wet costume down to her waist, revealing
her small pert breasts and back. I wrapped the towel
around her shoulders, covering her back and breasts,
rubbing her back and shoulders through the towel to dry
her off. She offered no resistance as I did this, but
leant back into me, wordlessly inviting me to kiss her
head and neck.

My hands moved around to her front, so that I could dry
her stomach and breasts through the towel. This, along
with the kisses to the back and side of her neck, was
obviously having and effect on her, and she leant
further back into me and purred like a kitten. My hands
parted the towel, dropping it to the floor, and moved
to feel the naked skin on her flat stomach, slowly
moving up to the firmness of her breasts. As I did this
she turned her head to the side so that our lips met
and we tenderly kissed.

My hands moved down to her sides and pulled the
swimming costume over her hips and bottom, down her
long slender thighs past her knees until she could kick
it away from her, leaving her naked in my arms. I was
still in my cold, wet trunks, but my prick was swelling
more, forcing the wet material to press into her
beautiful buttocks. I stroked the front of her thighs
and felt them part slightly, which I took as an invite
for me to move my hands further up to her pussy.

I reached the top of her thighs and felt the edge of
her mound, revealing a shaved or partially shaved
pussy: something that I absolutely adore, but my wife
never does. My fingers moved across towards her lips,
where I discovered that Jane had a thin strip of
trimmed hair over the top of her mound - wow! Her lips
were puffy and I could feel the heat and wetness from
them. They parted easily as I ran a finger up and down
them, lightly pressing her erect clitoris when I
reached the top of her wet slit.

By now my prick was straining to break free from my
trunks and Jane put her hand around behind her, undoing
the draw string and pulling the front of my trunks down
before gripping my hot stiff shaft in her warm hand.
She slowly wanked her hand up and down my meat, whilst
my fingers worked their way slowly into the sopping
wetness of her cunt hole.

She moved around, so that she was facing the bench in
the cubicle, releasing my prick as she did, so that it
nestled erect in the valley between her two firm
cheeks. She leant forward, placing her hands on the
bench and parted her thighs inviting me to fuck her. I
bent my knees so that my cock slid down between her
buttocks, passing her arse hole before finally touching
the wetness of her lips. She pushed herself back
towards me as I thrust forward, my knob parting her
lips and sliding deep into her tight cunt hole.

My cock was harder than it had been for ages and my
shaft was being gripped tight by the walls of her cunt,
and I could feel the tip of my knob banging against the
top of her love canal with each thrust - making her
gasp and moan. We couldn't make too much noise, as more
and more early morning swimmers were mingling around in
the locker area near our cubicle.

If they'd looked down to the gap at the bottom of our
door, it would have been obvious what was happening and
this thought made me both excited and a little nervous
of being caught. I continued to fuck her with long slow
strokes, pulling my knob out to tease her lips and then
sinking back in to the hilt; Jane taking a gasp of
breath at every thrust/. We then heard someone enter
the adjoining cubicle and paused, my cock buried fully
inside her.

We stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity,
me not daring to move, but her cunt muscles holding my
prick tightly, seeming as though it didn't want it to
slip out or her. Jane turned slightly to look around at
me, her face was flushed and the nipples on her small
round breasts were erect and inviting. She whispered
for me to pull out of her and sit on the bench.
Reluctantly, I pulled my prick out of her, the shaft of
it glistening with the juices that coated its length.

I moved around in front of her and sat down, getting a
sight for the first time of her full nakedness. She
supported herself by putting her hands on my shoulders
and placed one knee either side of my thighs,
positioning her pussy lips directly over the top of my
rock hard cock.

She sank down onto me impaling herself again with my
friendly weapon, whilst I kissed her erect nipples that
were now conveniently in front of me. I couldn't
believe that the wild, sexy woman that was now fucking
me just a few feet away from a complete stranger,
separated only by a piece of cubicle wall, was the same
prim and proper girl that I'd known all these years. I
could see that my cock was giving her as much pleasure
as her cunt was giving me, as she kept it deep in her
whilst she ground her clit against the shaft.

Even though she was stifling her obvious pleasure, she
was like a woman possessed. Her eyes were wide open and
her mouth lips were swollen. Her face and breasts were
flushed red and her nipples were erect, with the
aureoles around them bright red. We heard the door of
the adjacent cubicle open and the person leaving.

There were still people moving around in the locker
area, but they were making enough noise so that they
wouldn't hear us. Jane took her hands off of my
shoulders and put them above her head, grabbing the
clothes rail beneath the upper shelf, taking her weight
off of me and making her cunt slip slightly away from
the base of my prick. She then commenced fucking my
prick hard, pulling the bar with her hands and pushing
off of the bench with her thighs.

With each stroke she got faster and faster, building to
an obvious climax for herself and me, making more and
more noise so that I was afraid we might be heard, but
at the same time not caring a damn what anyone would
say. Her small breasts were jiggling around in front of
me in time with thrusting and I held them in my hands,
squeezing the erect nipples between my fingers.

She suddenly let go of the bar and held me tight,
kissing me passionately to stifle our moaning as her
body went rigid with her orgasm ripping through her.
She bucked and bucked on my cock as wave after wave
caused her body to tense, finally causing me to lose
control and pump spurt after spurt of my hot spunk deep
inside her. She stayed on me as she gradually gained
control of herself, slowly returning to me. She had the
most amazing satisfied smile on her face and her eyes
twinkled as she looked at me.

We kissed gently as our arms lovingly held each other,
both in a moment where nothing else in the world
mattered. Finally she moved away from me, my still
engorged prick slowly slipping out from her beautiful
pussy; spunk dripping out of her open, puffy cunt hole
over my thighs, the bench and the floor. We finished
drying and dressed, but held each other again before we
finally checked to see if it was safe to leave our

We walked back to our cars and made our way to work,
where I had the biggest grin on my face for the rest of
the day. Jane came into our office later in the day and
some of the guys that I work with said that she was
gorgeous and they'd love to fuck her, but that no one
had a chance. If only they knew.

This wasn't the last time that we fucked, but it was
just so fantastically unexpected, horny, sensual,
sexual and exciting that I just had to say something to
someone. Maybe I'll tell you more if you didn't find it
too self-indulgent and boring.

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