Oral fantasy

"We had some great sex yesterday," said Antoinette.

Antoinette, or Toni as she preferred to be known was my
work colleague. We worked in the bakery department of a
supermarket. I was always in first, about half an hour
before she was as it was my job to start up the ovens
and other equipment.

She was my ideal woman, slightly shorter than me, long
(dyed) blond hair, green eyes, a very pretty face and a
stunning body. She even managed to make the jackets and
aprons that we had to wear at work look good. There was
just one problem - she was married, to a guy named Mark
and it was him she had the great sex with.

Of course she knew I fancied her and she would flirt
outrageously with me at work, for my part I kept saying
that she had been married long enough to get bored and
that it was time for her to have an affair with me. One
of her favourite sayings was "off to have a wank?"
whenever I needed to go to the toilet.

Truth was that I did, not at work obviously, but at
home. In bed alone I would always fantasise about Toni
and what we would get up to together. Her husband would
drop her off at work in the morning and usually pick her
up afterwards. Sometimes however he would have to work
late and she would ask me to hang on for half an hour
and give her a lift home. I would often imagine what
would happen if one day I followed her into her house,
or maybe if I locked the doors on the car and just kept
driving until we ran out of petrol in some secluded lay-

Quite when fantasy turned to obsession, I'm not sure.
Toni began to dominate my thoughts to such an extent
that all other women got compared unfavourably to her.
Often when I was out with my mates and we hooked up with
a bunch of girls I would back away from anyone that
showed an interest in me as I didn't want to be
unfaithful to Toni, unfaithful to a woman I wasn't
having a relationship with!

One Friday in early March Toni was very excited at work.
It was her wedding anniversary and Mark had planned a
big surprise for her.

"Four years," I said, "the rot starts to set in now, so
before it all goes stale lets run off together."

Toni laughed "No, things are still great between us, but
if it ever does go wrong I know where to find you." It
was a typical Toni comment, denial followed by a little
chink of light.

I didn't go straight home after work that day, I drove
to the seafront for a stroll along the promenade. Partly
to see what the swell was like, maybe I would do a bit
of surfing the following day, but my mind as it so often
did soon turned to Toni. Mark had never come into the
shop, so I had no idea what kind of a guy he was (If I
ever did meet him would I congratulate him on being the
luckiest man in the world or would I punch him?), but I
hoped he would mess up. Maybe the great surprise would
be an ironing board and they would have a great big row.
If not, I mused, something could happen to him. I knew
he ran a car pimping firm so maybe a bit of industrial
sabotage would drop a car on him and crush him. Then at
the funeral I could comfort the grieving widow.

I stopped horrified at what had just crossed my mind.
Fantasy was one thing but I had just given serious
consideration to killing Mark. Enough was enough. I
resolved that I would stop obsessing over Toni and get
her out of my life. That weekend the guys were going
clubbing, I would go with them and get a laid by some
slut. Then on Monday I would start looking for a new

Firstly though the cold March wind had done what it
normally does and I needed a piss. Luckily there were
some public toilets at the end of the seafront. I always
went into a cubicle as I enjoyed reading the gay
cruising stuff scrawled on the walls. It amazed me how
many people would be looking for someone aged 18-25 for
cock fun - did anyone ever reply?

As I was pissing a note caught my eye "Wife wants
fucking by a bunch of strangers - today only," followed
by today's date and a phone number. It must have been
fate! I resolved to get laid and within a couple of
minutes the perfect opportunity came my way. I entered
the number into my mobile, found a quite corner out of
the wind and rang.

"Hello," said a man's voice.

I was unsure how to reply, "Err, yeah, hi, um, I've err
seen the note and err..."

"Ok this is the deal. It's the wife's birthday and she
wants me to arrange this for her - will you be free at
about half past five and do you know The Crown pub?"

"Yes to both," I replied.

"Ok, I'll meet you in the pub at half five, be at the
table next to the jukebox. By the way my name's Dave and
the wife is Vicky - see you there," and Dave rang off.
David and Victoria, yeah right!

Having had a wash and brush up I entered The Crown just
before half five. At the table sat a portly man, going
bald maybe early forties. "Hi," he said as I approached,
"are you Dave?"

"No, but I'm waiting for him too."

The man introduced himself as Alan. Then he began to
tell me his story. He was gay he said but had recently
began to get curious about having sex with a woman. He
was in the toilets earlier looking to see if there was
anyone new in the area and saw the note. He was worried
about his reaction, what if he can't do it with a woman.

"Go with what you know," I said "do you like blow jobs?"
Alan nodded "then start there" I continued "it'll still
feel good whether it's a man or woman giving it. Maybe
she's into anal as well"

At that point a man approached the table, mid twenties
quite tall, well built. "Are you Dave?" I asked.

"I am, but I don't want to know anything about you. No
names, no pack drill. Is it just the two of you?" we
nodded "there should be a third, we'll give him 10

Conversation was stilted, what do you say to a man who
doesn't want to know anything about you, and from his
point of view what do you say to someone who is about to
penetrate your wife?

"Fuck it," said Dave after a few minutes "He's obviously
not coming - lets go."

The three of us got into Dave's car. As we pulled away
Dave started talking to us, "Right, this is the
situation, Vicky and I aren't locals, we are staying at
a friend's house. We will be off after you've finished
and the phone is going in the bin, so don't try to
contact us again. Vicky is blindfolded and tied to the
bed, you can use her mouth and cunt, she doesn't do
anal. Don't tell her who you are or anything about you,
in fact if you can stay silent while you take her that
would be great.

"Oh yeah one more thing I will be filming this, even
though she asked me not to, but fuck it she's
blindfolded, she won't see it - any questions?"

We had none, and I began to recognise where we were
going. We drove onto Toni's estate, down her road and
stopped outside her house, no it couldn't be could it?
Dave wasn't really Mark and Vicky wouldn't be Toni?

Dave opened the door for us. "Up the stairs lads,
through the first door on the right, enjoy yourselves"

As I entered the room I saw something I had longed to
see for months, Toni naked on the bed. She was tied to
the headboard, but the ropes were long enough so that
she could reach her hands down to her breasts. I began
to get undressed, but as I did I had a moment's doubt.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be, we were meant to
be romantic, slow, discovering each other's bodies
before making passionate love, not like this. I heard
Alan grunt and Toni moan as he put his cock into her
mouth. That made up my mind for me, Toni was going to
get fucked and it might as well be by me. I decided to
start by giving her oral.

I kissed Toni's cunt, and slowly began to run my tongue
up and down her slit, before pushing it between her
lips. She was already very wet and her juices began to
almost flow onto my tongue. I then began to lick her
clit and pushed a finger into her hole.

"I'm sorry, no I can't I prefer men I thought it would
work... sorry," I paused, looked up and saw Alan stand
up, pull up his trousers and run out of the room.

"Don't you stop," said Toni, it was the only words
either of us would say. So I didn't, but I did move
round so that my cock took the place of Alan's in her
mouth before I continued licking her. I began to move my
hips back and forward fucking her mouth as I probed my
tongue and fingers deep into Toni's cunt. Our 69
continued for a few minutes until Toni's mouth and hand
had worked its magic and I came spraying my spunk on her

Immediately I pulled out of her mouth, shuffled to the
end of the bed, turned Toni over and thrust my still
hard cock into her gorgeous open sopping wet cunt. I
held tightly onto her hips, slapped her arse cheek and
started to fuck her doggy style I knew that I would be
able to cum again.

I fucked her gently at first. Long slow strokes, pulling
my cock back to her lips before easing it fully inside
her, as I did she began to make moaning and mewling
noises and I knew it wouldn't be long before I made her
cum. As she got closer to her orgasm I got faster and
harder, so that as I felt her cunt tighten around my
cock I was pounding her really hard, making the bed
shudder and the headboard bang on the wall. Toni came
with a massive orgasm, in a mess of incoherent noise,
she was beyond words and was just moaning, groaning and

After she came, I slowed down again. I was in heaven!
Here I was, fucking the woman I has lusted and obsessed
over for months. Each thrust of my cock made her squeal
with pure enjoyment. I wished the moment could last
forever. Unfortunately they don't and I soon began to
feel my own orgasm build up. Toni felt it too and began
thrusting backwards. I wanted to shout out, tell her
that I loved her and wanted to fuck her forever, but I
remembered what Mark had asked and bit my lip until I
emptied my load deep into her cunt.

After I finished Toni slid forward off my cock and
collapsed onto the bed.

"That's enough now," Mark said lowering his camera.

I got dressed, and on my way out of the room looked for
the last time at Toni's naked body and saw the happy,
contented smile on her face. As I went down the stairs
Mark asked if I needed a lift back into town, "No, it's
OK, I'll walk I said, but could you email me a copy of
the film?"

"No can do, personal use only. As I said she didn't want
me to so she won't even get to see it."

"Alright then," I replied "but say thanks to Vicky for
me" keeping up the pretence to the end.

That weekend I went out with the lads, and although I
didn't get laid by a slut I did meet a girl and swapped
numbers. We texted and arranged to meet midweek.

"How was the Anniversary," I asked Toni on Monday.

"Wonderful," she replied. "Absolutely stunningly
brilliant sex on Friday, followed by a trip to the
airport hotel, a flight to Paris early Saturday, dinner
in a top restaurant, 5 star hotel and a flight back
Sunday lunchtime."

It was very carefully said I noticed. No mention of the
fact that the stunningly brilliant sex wasn't actually
with her husband.

"How about you?" she asked.

"Met a lovely girl out clubbing with boys Saturday, I'm
taking her out Wednesday and we'll see how things go
from there."

"That's wonderful," Toni said "it's about time you met
someone - let me know if the two of you get it together
on Wednesday won't you."

"If I have sex, you'll be the first to know," I replied.

I have decided not to look for a new job, I have put an
end to my obsession with Toni by fucking her, and
although I would be hers in a instant if she ever asked,
she is no longer the be all and end all of my life. Our
relationship in the job is much the same as ever, she
still flirts, and I still ask her to have an affair.

The main difference is when she asks me if I'm off for a
wank I no longer have to imagine, I have the memories of
the taste of her juices and of my cock coming in her
mouth, her cunt. Memories that she is totally unaware
that I have!

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