Sister In Law Comes To Visit

Several years ago my wife’s sister came for a visit. It was well known by the wife that I wanted to get her sister in bed. We had role played this out in the past. I would call her by her sisters name and she would call me by my name. Not the usual we’ve been married many years pet names, i.e., babe, sweetheart and so on.

We go to the airport and pick up Sister in law. We’ll call her Asami. We arrive home and plan out some tourist things. The whole time I am checking out Asami. One trip we had planned was to a friends house to go swimming. My wife, we’ll call her Mayumi. Mayumi had told me that Asami brought her bathing suit so I could see her body, almost nude. I was truly over the top with excitement. Unfortunately that plan fell through.

While at home one day Mayumi came and got me. “Asami is out the back door, I think you’ll like this”. I sneak to the back door and look out through the blinds. My sister in law is on the deck doing stretches in her tight sweat pants. I scrambled for the camera and captured multiple pictures of Asami’s gorgeous ass.

A day later I am sitting on the couch. All was quiet and it was just Mayumi, Asami and I awake. They start to chatter in Japanese and then they go to the bathroom. I hear them talking and I here the water come on for the bath, then off, more chatter. The whole time my cock is swelling because Asami is going to take a shower. Me, thinking I really should have bought a detective camera of some sort. Mayumi comes out and announces to me that Asami is going to take a shower. I smile and ask, “Can I watch?”. Mayumi smiles and replies, “Maybe I can go in and get a picture for you”. Instant hard on.

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Short backstory. Mayumi and I have discussed this and she has gone as far as writing stories to me about Asami and I sneaking off for a quick fuck. Mayumi was very supportive.

As I sit on the couch watching the tube I here the water turn on. I am merely six feet away from the bathroom door. The heart starts pounding, blood flows and I think it’s so hard I could drive nails. Mayumi walks by with the camera and says “I’ll see if I can get something”. By this time my heart is about to jump out of my chest. Mayumi knocks on the door, opens it and you can here that Asami is in the shower by the sound of the water hitting the tub floor. They begin to talk in Japanese for a minute. Then quiet, chatter and Mayumi emerges from the bathroom. She sadly says “I didn’t have a chance to take a picture. I was trying to catch her when she was washing her hair and her eyes were closed but I was to soon.”

I was ready to sneak in myself but Mayumi grabbed my cock and said, “You really want to fuck her don’t you?”. I simply said “yes”. Mayumi then said, “I couldn’t get the picture but I saw her naked”. She then continued to tell me how her sisters pussy was trimmed, hairy but maintained. She also said her nipples had huge brown spots and her nippples were puffier than hers. I was hoping for details like big pussy flaps hanging down between her legs but woman generally don’t think like men AND I surely could be disappointed in the knowledge I had just received from my wife about her sister.

Mayumi noticed my rock hard member and began to touch it. She got on her knees and started to pull down my pants. Mayumi said, “I’ll pretend for you and suck your cock.” She continued to find her sisters glasses and wear them and said, “call me Asami”. She started to talk to me as if she were Asami, dirty talk. I’ve watched you and wanted to feel your cock inside of me for so long. Then she started to lick my cock. Up the shaft, my balls and back up popping me into her mouth. I moaned loudly, “mmmm, yeah, suck my cock Asami”, grabbing her head and pushing until I hit the back of her throat. After a couple minutes I couldn’t resist. I pulled my wife up and said, “I want to fuck Asami’s pussy. I pulled down her pajamas and panty’s.

Mayumi straddled me with her sisters glasses on, “mmmm, yes, put your cock inside me”. My cock slid inside easily, her pussy moist from this roll playing. I started to pound her pussy. With the glasses she is almost identical to her sister. I moaned more, saying her name. “Mmmmm, Asami you have a tight pussy and it feels so good”. I didn’t care how loud I was. I wanted Asami to here me, I wanted her to here her name and the moans of passion. I could have cum instantly but I resisted. Mayumi’s pussy was soaking wet and dripping down my cock as I thrust into her calling her sisters name. I kept watching the bathroom door, wishing it would open. If it did I was going to grab Mayumi tightly and pull her to my chest, look Asami in the eyes and say her name over and over while I buried my cock in Mayumi’s pussy. Hopefully this would turn her on and I would finally get a taste of her pussy.

My imagination ran wild. Mmmmm, as I fucked that sloppy pussy. If Asami comes out and I get her to join us the first thing I’ll have her do is take my cock in her mouth and clean Mayumi’s sweet pussy juice from my cock. Then I’ll have her straddle me and lower her pussy onto my cock while Mayumi guides it in. In reality Mayumi was saying cum, cum inside my pussy. She pinned me down and rode me like a rodeo bronco. I tried to hold it back but could not. I erupted inside her pussy the whole time saying Asami’s name. Once Mayumi milked my cock dry with her amazing Japanese pussy she jumped up and threw on her clothes. She then grabbed my pants and pulled them up. I would have preferred to sit there with my cock out, cum from Mayumi’s pussy and my cock dripping on my stomach. Maybe Asami would walk out and see the aftermath, curious to see and maybe I would still get a chance at her sweet pussy.

Sadly though, she is one of them four hour bathroom ladies. Many years later I would still love to get her back over for a visit and another shot to see that body and possibly slip my cock in her to make a deposit.

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