Spying On My Slut Wife

My wife and our daughter went to Jamaica.

My wife had gotten a great deal on A week Long Stay at a resort.

It was very last minute and we booked it in a hurry.

We were excited to see the hotel as our cab drove up to the entrance.

Our excitement turned to shock when the hotel doorman approached to open the cab door.

He was stark naked!

“What the hell is going on?” I asked.

We stared at the doorman. He was early 20s, Black, muscular and had a huge cock which went semi erect when he saw my wife.

“This must be a mistake” said my wife open mouthed with shock.

“There’s no mistake...you people are at the right resort this the nudist side of the island” said the Cabbie and smiled as he looked at my daughter staring at the doorman’s penis.

“Oh god no wonder the last minute deal was so cheap... they knew it would be tough to get someone to book it on such short notice otherwise!” I said, as the reality of our situation began to set in.

“Hello Welcome to the Phallus Hotel and resort” said the Doorman with a perfect smile.

“Just give us a minute please” I said as I closed the door to speak to my family.

“Well ladies what are we going to do?” I said looking at my fearful family.

“Oh honey this is all my fault, I thought we were staying at the Palace hotel not the Phallus hotel I never researched the place before I booked it and I never took out the holiday insurance because I wanted to save us money...booking another hotel will cost us a fortune!” my wife said distraught.

“There is an alternative” I ventured

“We could stay?” I said “I know this will be the weirdest holiday we’ve ever been on, but we’re not prudes and Jessie? she’s mature enough to handle nudism....right Jessie?”

Jessie didn’t turn her gaze from the doormans penis...

“Huh? Oh yes Daddy I’m old enough to handle that...I mean all this” she said her voice constricting slightly.

“Well I suppose it would be an educational experience for us all and something to laugh over for years to come” said my wife encouragingly and she smiled optimistically.

“There its settled” I said and paid the Cabbie and the doorman opened the door to let us out.

As we were getting out the doorman eyed my wife and daughter up and down and his large cock became fully erect.

“Welcome again to the Phallus Resort, we hope your stay will be an enjoyable one” he said...his smile seemed to take on a new visage it seemed slightly nastier almost sleezy!

The Cabbie laughed and drove away and so began our week long stay at the Phallus hotel!

part 2.....

“My name is Leon, I will take your luggage and bring you to the check in desk” said the well built, well hung, fully erect, naked doorman.

“thank you” I said trying to sound relaxed with everything.

We followed him into the lobby and we were immediately taken back by the blatant erotic art and sexual theme of the lobbys design.

There was also alot of naked people there...young and old, white and black. The guests were white and the staff were all black and nearly all young well built men at that.

I didn’t want to imagine what my wife and daughter must be thinking as we all approached the check in desk.

A young beautiful black girl stepped out from an office behind the desk.

She was stunning probably 19 or 20 years of age beautiful and a spectacular toned body.

“Hello my name is Tasha welcome to the hotel may I check you in?” she said smiling and brimming with enthusiasm.

My wife stepped forward and said “I’ll handle this honey” and began dealing with the beautiful receptionist.

“I don’t think mom wanted you talking with that girl” said Jessie laughing.

“Alright, I’m sure your mom isn’t jealous after all she’s the one who booked the hotel online, she’s the best person to deal with checking in!” I said laughing along.

After we got our keys a bell boy took our luggage and led us to our suite.

Once again our bell hop was naked, a fit young black man named Theo, no more than 18, and unsurprisingly at this stage he was well hung too.

We arrived at our suite and we were pleasantly surprised it consisted of two large bedrooms both with balcony and living room space to connect the two rooms.

“wow” said Alanna (my wife)

“this suite is amazing” she said thrilled with space and the furnishings.

“we’re glad you like it” said Theo as he placed our luggage in our rooms.

I went to give him a tip but he wouldn’t accept...

“No sir, we don’t accept cash tips from our guests” he said respectfully.

“no cash tips then what do you accept?” asked my wife.

Theo smiled and looked down at his penis then he looked up again...

“we accept non monetary forms of appreciation” and he turned to my daughter and smiled.

“we hope to see you all for dinner, it starts at 6 until 9" and with that he left.

“non monetary forms of appreciation?” I said confused.

“well what should we do now?” I asked the girls.

“we should unpack and shower then go for a stroll around the resort” said Alanna decisively.

“should we even unpack?” said Jessie “everyone here is naked!”

We all laughed...

”that’s a good point, alright let’s shower and take in the resort.....naked...I guess!” I said.

“This is really going to be the strangest vacation we’ve ever had Daddy” said Jessie laughing.

Part 3

We all went to our rooms and showered while I waited for Alanna to finish hers I decided to look at some of the pages left on the nightstand welcoming us to the resort and listing the policies and rules.

I laughed at what I had read....

“Hey Honey listen to this”...and I read out some of the rules.

“All residents must be of consensual age!”

“All female residents must wear high heels everywhere in the hotel and on the grounds”

“Nudity is mandatory and failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave with no refund given”

“Non monetary forms of appreciation to our staff is highly encouraged and expected”

“All intimate encounters with guests and staff must be consensual by all parties involved”

There was more but it was less important.....

“What do you think of that?” I called out to Alanna.

She appeared out of the bathroom....

“Darling there are a few things we need to discuss before we go on our walk.....things that were made clear by the receptionist when I was checking us in” she said nervously.

“I didn’t want to tell you in front of Jessie or the hotel staff in case you got upset”

I stared at her “Go on” I said anxiously.

“well.......this is more than just a nudist resort...I promise I did not know any of this when I booked it but apparently it’s a....sex resort too!”

“what the fuck?” I said startled

“you mean our daughter? You? Me? Are all staying at a swingers hotel?”

Alanna blushed bright red “yep” she said and winced with embarrassment.

“and you still let us book in? Why?” I was perplexed and shocked!

“Well honey, you and I lost our virginity to each other. We were childhood sweethearts we’ve never experienced sex with anyone else and I thought maybe I’d like to...if that was okay?...and maybe you would like to....too?” she said almost apologetically.

“and what about Jessie..are we to allow her to...have sex with people here?...it’s crazy!”

I had a sick feeling in my stomach about all of this, I was feeling angry and betrayed.

“Honey” said Alanna “I love you, I want you, I’ll always want you, it’s just I have an itch to try other men...I love you, our sex life is sort of bland because we’ve been having sex so long and there’s only so much we can do to keep it interesting and arousing but eventually it just...it gets routine! I think we owe it to each other to experience sex with other people for this week...and use that experience to refuel our sex life with each other!”

“I get that” I said “and I think I love you enough to try this for the week but what about Jessie?”

Alanna sat down beside me and put her arm around me.

“jessie” she said “ will start having sex with inexperienced lovers they’re going to fumble and rummage around blindly with her and give her the worst sexual experiences of her life....but...here in the hotel all of these people have a wealth of experience they know what they’re doing...her first time here and her second and so on etc will be special and she’ll enjoy those experiences with men who know what they’re doing...who know how to please...they’ll educate her and make her feel wonderful...and we’ll be there to help her...guide her...it will be a strange but rewarding experience for us all...better it happen here and now rather than the backseat of some car...don’t you agree?”

My wife made a compelling argument, I had to admit and there was an opportunity for Jessie to experience sex the right way...could I get over my hang ups so our daughter could have a week of wondrous experiences?....

“Okay” I said “we will go slow and see how it goes...agreed?”

“agreed” said Alanna

I took a few deep breaths...

“Alright let’s go and see this place and find out what we’ve gotten ourselves into” I chuckled nervously.

My wife kissed me “thank you my love” she said gratefully.

And we both left our room naked to meet our naked daughter waiting at the door of our suite.

Part 4

We stepped out of our room and saw Jessie standing there in front of us.

Her long black hair was wet, her skin pale white and her beautiful slim body was flawless...her pussy was shaved and she was wearing high heels which like her mother made her legs and ass look amazing.

Her breasts were a definite A cup and her nipples were slightly puffed.

Her beautiful face, perfect teeth, full lips, wide blue eyes with pronounced lashes, high cheekbones with just a hint of puppy fat to soften her beauty.

She was a stunning picture. I was embarrassed when my penis stood fully erect at the sight of her.

“Daddy! You’re penis!”

She obviously noticed....

My 5 and a half inch penis fully erect and my foreskin pulled back by my swollen member.

It was shamefully rock hard. I honestly hadn’t expected to react like that.

“Sorry sweetheart... you’ve just grown into a beautiful young woman” I said my face reddening.

“It’s a compliment Jessie” said Alanna sensing my embarrassment and trying to cover for me.

“thanks Daddy” said my smiling daughter clearly not buying it.

I wondered how she felt knowing her father was turned on by her...I dismissed the thought and tried to focus on reducing my erection (in vain).

Alanna was her usual stunning self essentially just a fully grown version of our daughter the only differences C cup breasts, wider hips and fuller bum....she kept her body tight and curves accentuated through kettlebells, diet and cardio.

I, on the other hand had a paunch, the beginning of man breasts, a small second chin and slightly receding hairline.....no prize when compared to the black adonis’ roaming the corridors of this smutty resort.

But I didn’t really care as it seemed my role this week was to get my wife and daughter laid. I winced at the thought! What the fuck was I doing?

“Okay ladies let’s check out this hotel” and I forced a smile.

My wife and daughter grinning with glee as we left our suite and headed to the elevator...we got in and pressed for the ground floor, as the doors closed I held my breath!

Part 5

The elevator reached the ground floor. The doors opened and we slowly stepped out. We were exposing ourselves publicly for everyone to see.

Our hearts were beating hard in our chests.

My erection had subsided and I went from feeling turned on to feeling very self conscious. We walked across the foyer and through a large arch which revealed the pool area.

The sight that greeted us was really something!

The pool area was busy with sunbathers. Dozens of people of all ages swimming, sunbathing and interspersed were at least 8 black male waiters serving drinks.

Everyone was naked of course, but no one seemed self conscious. No one seemed to notice our arrival.... in fact everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves.

We saw three empty loungers and we made our way to them and making ourselves comfortable we laid back quietly and just took in the view.

“Daddy this place is so crazy!” said Jessie wide eyed her mouth open with amazement.

“you can say that again” I uttered as my eyes moved around taking in everyone I saw.

“We should get drinks” said my wife...Alanna appeared happy and enthused about where we were.

I suppose she was excited about all the possibilities this week could bring us.

I confess I too was feeling a bit like a ‘kid in a candy shop’ but it was balanced by the dreaded possibility that this could be a terrible mistake with huge ramifications for our family.

“Drink....yes definitely!” I said...

I needed alcohol to steady my nerves and wash away the doubt plaguing my mind!

I called for a waiter and 4 of them from different areas turned to take note of my hand waiving. They weren’t quick to respond initially until they saw Alanna and Jessie and then all of a sudden they scrambled like mad men to get to us as quickly as possible!

The fastest and (by the way the other 3 waiters reacted when he reached us) the “winner” was a boy no more than 20...and as you’ve probably guessed. he was fit, black, good looking, with a large appendage still swinging between his toned legs from the sprint to get to us.

“Big dicks must be a job requirement here” I whispered to myself....then I realised if I applied to work here I’d be underqualified!

“Yes....good day to you all, My name is Thomas, how can I help you?” said the young man beaming a perfect smile.

His eyes were taking in Alanna and Jessie and the look of desire on his face was unmistakable.

“3 margaritas please” my wife said smiling back at the young waiter.

“3?” I asked....

Jessie beamed with delight!

“This is the best vacation ever! I can’t believe we’re staying at a nudist resort! Jamaica has turned both of ye into really laid back cool parents” said Jessie in disbelief.

“Well if you think we’re cool now” I began, and just then Alanna interrupted me.

“Jessie why don’t you go for a quick swim while we wait for our drinks? we wont be allowing you to swim after you drink your margarita” said Alanna returning to motherly form.

“Okay but I’ll be back in a minute” said Jessie and she got up and headed to the pool.

Everyone she passed stopped what they were doing to take in our daughters beautiful naked frame.

Once Jessie began immersing herself in the warm water my wife turned to me.

“Honey, I had to interrupt you, were you about to tell Jessie about us allowing her to have sex on this vacation?”

“Yes I said I thought we might as well tell her now and get it over with” I said.

“We shouldn’t tell her now, if we do that she’ll be too weirded out by everything that’s happened in the last hour....we should just give her time to take in everything and feel settled, then we can tell her tonight over dinner” said my wife firmly.

“Okay honey, that’s a good idea” I agreed and I was partly relieved at not having to explain our idea to our daughter right at this minute.

We looked over at the pool Jessie was now surrounded by at least 6 male guests all trying to get her attention and talk to her.

“wow” said Alanna “Jessie’s causing quite a response from the men here isn’t she?”

“I’m not surprised” I responded “our naked beautiful daughter has just checked into a sex resort...I’m surprised they’re not openly masturbating at her!”

We both laughed at my sordid observation.

At that moment Thomas arrived with our drinks.

“Thank you Thomas” my wife said as he placed our drinks in front of us.

“Can I get you anything else?” he inquired smiling.

“Not right now but thank you” I responded.

“Sir, forgive me but may I take this moment to mention our non monetary form of appreciation?” said Thomas smiling.

“Yes please” I said inquisitively “what does that mean?”

“Well..” said Thomas “instead of cash tips, we look for something else instead, only if you are willing of course, but at some point during your stay we hope....ye might consider... rewarding our service to you.... by granting us sexual favours?”

My wife and I looked at each other our mouths hung open with shock.

“Sexual favours?” asked my wife.

“Yes! but only from you and your daughter....no offence Sir” Thomas said looking at me “but we’re all heterosexual you understand!”

I stared at the waiter “Of course! no offence taken” I replied slack jawed and slightly despondent after everything he just said.

“Oh” said my wife “Well I’m sure that will be fine, thank you for telling us” Alanna said appreciatively.

“You’re welcome, I look forward to receiving your appreciation at some point” Thomas responded.

He was elated like he had just won 1st prize at a raffle!

And with that he left us, assuring us that should we need anything else then we should just signal to him.

“So that’s what the Bell boy meant earlier!” said my wife.

“Holy shit!” I gasped “they look for sex as a reward!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t all men?” joked my wife trying to lighten the mood.

“If Jessie and I agreed to.... “tip”... the staff, would you be okay with us doing that?” asked my wife.

“I....I, uh....I suppose, I mean if ye want to, then...well...you can if ye both want to” I spluttered out my words.

I felt light headed, slightly nauseated, but also kind of.... aroused at the same time. I was flustered.

“Oh thank you darling” said my wife pleased, and she kissed

Part 6

We started drinking our Margaritas and kept and eye on Jessie from our loungers.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple walking towards us, well one of them was walking....the other was waddling!

They appeared to be together, the woman was young and visually stunning...blond, tanned, beautiful legs with generously big breasts (but clearly fake),

her lips pouty from callogen injections and her make up was caked on. She looked like a real bimbo, the type you’d see in a cheap porno.

The other was a really fat middle aged bald man with a lot of body hair. He was Sweating and chomping on a big cigar. The cigar wasn’t the only thing “big” that belonged to him. He had a cock that rivaled any of the black male waiters at the resort.

“Hiya folks!” he said as they finally reached us.

“My name is Richard and this is my wife Tammy” he indicated to the living sex doll beside him.

“Hey.... glad to meet y’all!” she said smiling.

They both had southern accents if I had to guess I’d say Texas.

“Pleased to meet you both” my wife responded. “I'm Alanna and this is my husband Jim”

“Hi” I said “would ye like to sit down?” and I indicated to the vacant lounger beside us.

“Oh thank you, but we’re about to go up to our room, Richard was just admiring that young girl of yours at the pool and it’s put him in the “mood”.... if you know what I mean?” said the lovely (but ditzy) Tammy, and then she winked theatrically at us and continued to smile.

“Oh I see...well Jessie has been getting noticed a lot since we’ve arrived” I said politely and trying to be friendly considering Richard’s current desire to fuck his wife has only come from ogling my daughter.

“Yes, your daughter is one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever seen” said Richard and then he puffed on his cigar.

“I’d love to be taking her up to the room instead” and he laughed.

“She’s a real cutie!...you better keep an eye on her or else one of them black waiters will be balls deep in that pretty little thing!”

Richard said as he laughed at his comment.

“By the way call me Dick, all my friends do” and he reached out to shake my hand.

I shook his large sweaty hand against my better judgement “sure, Dick it is!” I said smiling.

“As we’re talking” said Dick “would you be interested in swapping ladies for the night?” and he stared at Alanna then started stroking his penis until it was erect.

Alanna and I saw his big thick dick spring to life and turn rock hard in front of us.

“I....don’t know?” I said trying not to appear disgusted “Darling, what do you think?” turning this car crash of a conversation over to Alanna.

My wife maintained perfect composure “thank you so much for your....generous offer?....but no thank you” said Alanna kindly.

“Oh well it was worth a try...hey if any of you feel like trying out Tammy just let us know, I only ask that I either be present when you’re screwing her or that she can record it for me to see later” said dick and he grinned and puffed on his cigar.

“Yes just let me know y’all” said Tammy and she winked at me again.

“Oh one last thing, that daughter of yours...If I was to offer to pay for an hour or two with her, would it be okay? I’m a very wealthy man and I think we could come to an agreeable price?” said dick as he licked his lips.

“Oh no! absolutely not! we would not prostitute our daughter ever!” I said seriously and glared at this smoking pig in front of me.

“Oh I’m sorry, I really am....I didn’t intend to offend you...I was just checking because...you know...you’re all here at a nudist sex resort and she’s really pretty and I thought I’d ask and see, I’m sorry for offending you all, please forgive me”

Dick seemed to be sincere with his apology so I decided to let it go.

“No harm done” I said...and with that they both said their goodbyes and continued towards the archway to their room for an afternoon of sweaty sex.

“Well that was disgusting!” I said reaching for my margarita and I drank it all down in one go.

“Oh my god could you imagine having sex with him?” said Alanna practically gagging at the thought and she shuddered.

“I guess when you’re staying at a place like this there’s bound to be some “characters” like him!” she said.

We both realised then that this hedonistic paradise we landed in may not be so enchanting after all.

We turned our attention to Jessie who was now frolicking in the pool with a good looking young man.

Alanna beamed “Now that’s more like it...he’s hot!”

I had to agree.

Whoever he was? he was ripped, he had an amazing tanned body, an 8 pack washboard torso, a chiselled handsome face and jet black hair...he couldn’t have been more than early 20’s in age.

“Now this is the guy that our daughter should get with!” I declared and I proceeded to drink Jessie’s Margarita in her absence.

“Yes, we should try to encourage that definitely!” said my wife who was clearly thirsting for him.

“Maybe you should take a crack at him too?” I suggested wryly.

Alanna blushed “I’m sure he would want someone younger than me”

“Nonsense” I exclaimed “you may not have noticed but a lot of guys here have been checking you out too...and lady you’re one hot Mama!”

My wife was thrilled with my complement, which was easy for me to say because it was all true!

“I just want to reassure you that I’m on board with you trying out any guy here during our vacation...I want you to scratch that itch as much as you want with whoever you want because I love you!” I said slightly inebriated.

“Thank you Darling” and she kissed me tenderly whilst simultaneously removing the margarita from my hand.

“let’s go easy with the Margaritas until you’ve had something to eat” she said grinning at the smooth “kiss and grab” she pulled off and removed the drink from my reach.

“Whatever you say my love” and I settled back into my lounger feeling very relaxed.

Part 7

After another 20 minutes of sunning ourselves Jessie returned.

She was excited and she appeared to be enjoying our newfound liberation from wearing clothes.

“This place is wonderful!” she declared as she threw herself into a lounger and laid back to let the sun dry off her naked young body.

“I just met a great guy named Anthony...He’s British and he’s a famous soccer player in Europe!

“Really?” said Alanna “Which team does he play for?”

“Judging by the erection he was ‘sporting’ when Jessie was around him I think we all know what team he plays for!” I said laughing and winking.

The girls laughed at my comment.

“He plays for one of those Spanish teams I forget the name” said Jessie clearly smitten with her new friend.

“That’s nice” I said, my interest was fading as I couldn’t think of another funny comment to make.

“Why don’t you tell us everything over dinner sweetheart, the dining room should be open now” said Alanna.

I then remembered the topic of conversation we were going to be making over dinner with Jessie. We were letting her know that she could have sex with whoever she wanted during our stay at the resort.

“I suppose we should go get some dinner, I don’t know about the two of you but I’m famished!” I said as I rose to my feet.

We found the dining area and we were shown to our seats by another black Adonis!

“Where are all the female staff?” I asked our waiter “It’s seems that all the staff here are male”.

The waiter who introduced himself as Alfonso said that while there were very few staff members who were female they mainly worked the night shift.

I smiled when I heard this “The night shift eh?” and Alfonso gave me a cheeky grin.

We both knew why the young ladies working patterns were nocturnal.

This new information left me very upbeat and energised.

We picked up our menus and began to order. The menu ***********ion was wall to wall aphrodisiacs.

We ordered oysters seasoned with chillies to begin with, followed by baked rolled salmon stuffed with figs served with asparagus and sweet potatoes, and for dessert something called the “Black Phallus” (named for the resort) which was a large banana smothered with dark chocolate, pistachio nuts and double cream.

As it was our first night we pushed the boat out with a bottle of Champagne to go with our meals.

The atmosphere was seductive, low lighting, candles, a nearby water feature, a dark red colour theme ran through out the dining room.

It was very relaxing. Which was perfect for the conversation Alanna and I needed to have with Jessie.

As the waiter left to submit our order, Alanna and I explained our plan to let Jessie experience sex during our stay for the week.

By the time the waiter returned with the champagne we had told Jessie everything.

Jessie was taken back by our idea. She tried to say something and then she stopped and thought again.

Alfonso popped the cork and poured the Champagne and I placed a full flute in front of Jessie. I could tell she needed it.

Jessie took a sip and winced as she hadn’t learned to appreciate it’s taste yet.

“So you guys are telling me I can have sex with anyone I want anytime I want this week?” she said astonished by this revelation.

“Yes sweetheart you can” said Alanna, and she nodded at me to confirm this.

“Yes Jessie you can do whoeve...I mean, whatever you want this week” I cleared my throat.

“This is our gift to you as a right of passage....for you to experience the act of lovemaking the right way...that is, the way you should...em, I mean properly that is, and not...” I was struggling at this point and my face was red, hot and sweating.

“Yes, thank you honey” Alanna said, rescuing me from myself.

“Oh my God!” said Jessie and her whole face lit up “I mean I always knew you both were cool parents... but I never thought you were this cool?” she exclaimed with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

“Oh my god! Oh..my...God!!!” she was clearly elated.

“Well I’m definitely making a list, I already know four guys I want to hook up with...this is amazing!”.....

Jessie kept talking but I was too surprised by her “enthusiastic” response to take it all in. I looked at Alanna, who was thrilled for Jessie.

My wife was smiling and nodding her head to everything Jessie was saying and taking it all in.

I just zoned out, I was wondering to myself if this was really a good idea? “We are her parents” I can’t imagine any scenario where my parents would have done this! “Were we bad parents?”

The Oysters arrived.

“Let’s eat” I said trying to break into the conversation (and hopefully change it)

“Oh I don’t know about this!” said Jessie looking at her plate.

“You know Jessie...” started Alanna.

“Oysters are a well known aphrodisiac!” said her mother smiling, and raising one eyebrow.

“Really?” said Jessie “In that case”.

Jessie launched herself into her starter...taking each oyster to her mouth, throwing back her head and scooping it’s slimy content into her mouth and swallowing.

Alfonso grinned and nodded approvingly, judging by his growing erection, he was imagining Jessie sucking up another “slimy” substance!

Alfonso was there for Alanna’s response to our conversation and knew our daughter was now “on the menu” so to speak!

No doubt the news would make its way throughout the resort before the night was over.

We continued our meal and eventually we were presented with our desserts...The “Black Phallus”.

3 huge bananas dunked entirely in chocolate, coated with flakes of pistachios and a provocative dollop of double cream on one end.

Needless to say we knew the image the chef was trying to convey.

We all laughed approvingly.

“Finally! something I can sink my teeth into!” said Alanna.

“Careful you don’t choke on it Mom” countered Jessie.

We were having fun with this course.

Alfonso gently interrupted us to explain that these desserts came with a challenge.

“The Banana bath” as he called it was a resort challenge where you push the entire banana into your mouth and pull it out cleaning it of all cream and chocolate without breaking it.

The prize for a successful contestant was a plate of the Phallus Resort signature brownies.

My wife and daughter accepted the challenge.

They went together, at this point everyone in the dining room had paused their meals to witness the challenge and the waiters gathered to watch my wife and daughter attempt “The Banana bath”.

They both began by taking the huge chocolate coated bananas delicately with their fingers and they opened their mouths as wide as they could...

The audience watching started cheering and yelling encouragement to the girls.

They proceeded to take the tip of the bananas with the cream into their mouths....

The crowd was alive with whistling and cat calling at this point.

Both of them began pushing the banana in...about a third of the way the gagging began and saliva started oozing down their bottom lips and their chins. Jessie’s eyes were tearing up as she struggled but she pressed on as did Alanna.

The waiters offered more encouragement.

Alanna was coping better then Jessie but was still struggling too.

Jessie was the first to surrender to the challenge and bit into the banana to signal she was out.

The crowd let out and audible “Aww” and immediately after that my wife bit into hers.

They had both failed the challenge.

Everyone in the room gave them a conciliatory clap.

Alfonso thanked them both for their attempt.

“Do not be disappointed ladies, it’s very rare anyone succeeds in the challenge at the start of their holiday” Alfonso said kindly.

“At the start of the holiday?” I asked.

“Yes sir, but by the end of the holiday they will be able to perform the challenge flawlessly” and he laughed.

The waiters gathered all began to laugh.

“I see” I said looking at them and realising what they meant.

Alfonso said no one attempts the challenge and walks away empty handed and produced 2 signature Phallus Resort brownies for Jessie and Alanna.

“Oh well that’s a nice gesture ” said Alanna “but I couldn’t eat another thing right now”.

“Neither could I” said Jessie “I’m full”.

“Well ladies...” I said staring at the 2 small brownies “I won’t let them go to waste”

I hadn’t touched my dessert and I was in the mood for brownies. They were so small so I just popped them both into my mouth.

“hmmm” I mumbled as I chewed.

“They’re not the tastiest I've ever had” I critiqued.

I swallowed and sipped some Champagne to wash it down.

“I’m a bit disappointed by them ” I confessed.

A few minutes later Alfonso rushed up to the table.

“Sir? did you just eat both brownies?” he said a little concerned.

“Yes a few minutes ago” I replied looking confused.

“Oh......well firstly let me say there’s nothing to worry about but those brownies are Edibles”.

“Edibles?” I asked

“Yes Sir, they have Marijuana in them....to get you high” he said in a calm voice.

“I see” I was getting concerned now.

“Usually people would just nibble a bit at a time especially if they are not used to it but you have eaten 2 whole brownies”

“Holy Fuck!” I replied, now I was really worried!

“It’s okay, you will be fine, but it would be a good idea to get you back to your room, hopefully before they take effect” suggested Alfonso.

“Right ladies you heard the man, we have to go back...now” I said urgently.

We left the dining area in a hurry but I could already feel the effects beginning to kick in.

Everything was feeling strange and different. I paused feeling disorientated.

"I’m going to get us help to bring you back” said Alanna and called two staff members.

Leon and Theo appeared and each grabbed me and helped to the Elevator and then eventually to the suite, Once inside they placed me gently down onto the sofa.

“Thank you” I said and I was giggling. The effects of those brownies was really starting to kick in.

“Thank you” said Alanna to the young hung naked men.

“He will be fine he just needs to ride it out” said Leon smiling. “But it would be a good idea to keep an eye on him”.

“Oh we will, won’t we Jessie?”

“Yes Mom” replied Jessie who was staring at Leon’s perfectly formed ass.

“I wish we could thank you both for your help” said Jessie.

“Well...you could always give us a non monetary form of appreciation?” suggested leon and he grinned.

“What do you think Mom?” said Jessie returning Leon’s grin with one of her own.

“I think it’s time to show these gentlemen how much be appreciate their service!” answered Alanna while looking at me for approval.

I was high and I was horny. I looked at everyone in the room.

“Fine by me” I said and continued to giggle like an idiot.

“Who would like to receive my appreciation?” said Alanna.

“Me please!” said Theo the younger of the two.

“I would like your daughter to appreciate me” said Leon.

“Oh....Okay” my wife replied getting nervously excited.

The night had just truly begun for my wife and daughter.

Part 8

I was stuck to the couch, my cock was hard as a rock from the edibles I’d unwittingly devoured 30 minutes before.

I was staring at the big screen TV that came with our suite, and the best show on earth was playing....

....“The fucking of my wife and my daughter!”

It turned out that both rooms had cameras fitted for private sex parties, all of which could be viewed and recorded on the TV in our living area in the suite. Theo had kindly set it up to do just that, before he went with my wife into our room.

One half of the enormous screen was filled with My daughter and Leon, and the other half of the screen filled with my wife and the very young Theo .

I stared at the screen, my face sweaty and numb, watching the debauchery unfold.

I picked up the TV remote control and examined it, there were many options to choose from. I ***********ed my daughters room to appear on full screen.

My wife’s activities were still being recorded and I wanted to keep an eye on Jessie.

Leon was prowling around her bed like a panther stalking it’s prey. Jessie was sat in the middle and she looked intimidated by his movement.

“You’ve never had sex before little one?” said Leon, his eyes were narrowed and his face was fixed with a nasty grin.

“No. I jerked a boy off once but that was it” said my daughter...her voice was quivering with fear and excitement.

“Don’t worry little one! I know what I’m doing, and I’ve popped many cherries before. I know what you can take and what you can’t take, so you can relax and trust me” he said in an even confident tone.

“I think that’s what my parents wanted...a man who knew what he was doing” said

Jessie sitting up straighter, pushing her flat chest out and spreading her legs to present herself to Leon.

She was submitting to him, offering herself to him. Leon could take what he wanted and he approved of her gesture.

He leaned over the bed and took her knees and pulled her slowly to him. Leon gently brought his hand around the back of her neck as her legs wrapped around his waist.

He took her hand and brought it to his large hard cock which was pulsating with desire.

“Feel it little one, feel it’s length and thickness” he said quietly almost whispering.

Jessie ran her hand along his penis, it was heavy , thick and hard. Her fingers gently ran over the tip of its head and her gentle touch made him moan with desire.

“You see if I entered you now? it would hurt you and there would be no pleasure for you....only pain!”

“That’s no good...a little pain is fine, it intensifies the pleasure, but a lot of pain? That only ruins the experience for both of us!”

“So what do we do?” whispered Jessie as she continued to feel his intimidating erection.

“I will enter you, but first, we need to get you wet! Once your juices are released and your pussy is soaking, only then could you take it without screaming in pain” he said as his lips touched Jessie’s.

They kissed and he brought both arms around her, Jessie felt like she was wrapped up in a blanket of hot, hard muscle and she felt the intense heat from his body against hers.

She let go of his penis and reached around his back with both arms and began feeling his muscular back as her legs clung around him tightly.

He then picked her up effortlessly while still kissing her and moved to a wall. He pushed her up into the air and pinned her to the wall.

Jessie placed her thighs on each of his strong muscular shoulders and Leon starting eating her out.

Leon drove his tongue into my daughters pussy and began tonguing her intensely. With one arm placed under her ass holding her up, he used the other to hold her throat gently.

Jessie was moaning heavily and her face looked like she was experiencing ecstasy. She used both hands to hold on to Leon’s head and neck as his strong tongue penetrated and explored her.

Her toes were curling and uncurling and her feet moved and twisted as she experienced pleasure like never before.

“Alanna was right!” I thought “It WAS better that Jessie’s first time happen here and now!... instead of the back seat of some dude's car”.

Jessie’s first experience deserved to be with someone who knew what they were doing and Leon looked like he could give a masterclass in fucking.

Leon unpinned my daughter from the wall and carried her back to the bed. Jessie was lost in pleasure and detached from everything.

He placed Jessie upright on the bed and pulled her head back by her hair to bring her back to him.

“Now princess, you are nice and wet, but it’s still not enough, my dick must be wet too!” Leon stated, as he ran his thumb across my daughter’s mouth and lips.

Jessie opened her mouth and she knew what she must do...for the second time tonight she would have to attempt “The Banana Bath” but this time with Leon’s big dick!

Leon guided himself into my daughter’s open, wet and willing mouth!

Her tongue hung out like a landing strip and he rested the tip of his cock on it for a second before continuing into her mouth.

He gently pushed further and further in until he reached her throat, then he continued on, and that’s when Jessie started to gag.

“Relax your throat little one!” Leon ordered and Jessie did her best to comply.

Her nostrils flared as she was now fully reliant on them for air. Her eyes watered and her face reddened as he pushed in and out.

There was a squelching gutteral noise coming from Jessie as Leon continued to assault her mouth and throat.

Jessie was obedient and tried her best to accommodate Leon and follow his instructions.

Leon pulled out and Jessie gasped with relief and sucked in as much air as she could. The colour in her face returned and a trail of spit ran from her lips to Leon’s soaking cock!

“We’re ready now” said Leon satisfied with the generous coating of saliva on his cock, which my daughter had provided.

“Get on all fours!” he instructed, his tone had now become authoritative.

Jessie obeyed.

She assumed the position then arched her back pushing her perfect round ass up in air.

The nasty grin had returned to Leon’s face. I could tell he was foaming at the mouth with desire.

The desire to destroy my daughter’s hot body.

He positioned himself, and began penetrating Jessie’s virgin cunt.

“You must relax your cunt muscles little one, and use a pillow to bite down on, if it becomes too much!” Leon advised.

Jessie reached for a pillow and relaxed as much as she could.

“Oh!...it’s big!...it’s too big!” she began to complain loudly.

At that moment, Leon suddenly thrust himself in and grunted.

Jessie bit into the pillow howling!

“Take it out” she muffled through clenched teeth...and repeated it over and over again.

Jessie’s teeth were gritted into the pillow and tears were flowing down her cheeks.

“It’s okay....it’s okay....it’s done now...I’m in...just relax and let yourself get used to it!” said Leon soothingly, and he rubbed Jessie’s bum and lower back to comfort her.

Jessie stopped complaining and began to breathe deeply....it looked like she was in labor, the way she was positioned and breathing , trying to get used to Leon inside her.

Eventually Jessie quietened down and her body relaxed.

“That pain... you felt, was me breaking your Hymen, you’re now open for business” laughed Leon.

Jessie looked down between her legs and saw spots of blood had formed on the bed sheet, She knew that was normal for her first time and she smiled, her virginity was gone.

“Now I must make a path in you princess...not just for me, but for every man who will be lucky enough to find you on the end of their cocks in the future!”

Leon began thrusting once more, slowly at first, giving Jessie a chance to get used to the new feeling.

Jessie’s hands clenched the bed sheet beneath her and she began to pant as Leon delivered each thrust!

The pain had subsided and now Jessie was experiencing pleasure.

Each time Leon thrust his massive cock inside her she felt a hot fullness and warm pleasure!

She began to moan softly and Leon took it as a sign to go harder and faster.

He started to increase the pace and the force of his thrusts, all while grabbing Jessie’s ass cheeks to steady his position.

Jessie’s moaning intensified...it was the sound of pleasure , the pleasure that Leon had promised her.

I continued to watch my daughter get broken in on my TV screen, in the distance I could hear Alanna begging Theo to fuck her harder, obviously she was having a good time too.

I promised myself I would never masturbate to the image of my daughter, no matter how hot she was....but seeing her on all fours, naked, getting pounded by a powerful young black man? I could no longer keep that promise and I started tugging hard on my modestly sized erection.

Jessie’s grunting and moans of pleasure stimulated me....and Leon too I could tell.

Sweat was pouring off of both of them, and Leon began to pant and grunt himself.

I pulled harder on my dick, I was close to cumming, as close as they were!

Jessie was yelling with pleasure and begged Leon not to stop....

“I’m close” she yelled “Don’t stop I’m so close!”

Leon looked like he was right there too.

“I’m cumming!” cried out Jessie and Leon slowed his pace but didn’t stop.

Jessie’s whole body trembled....her arms and legs wobbled and buckled as her mouth opened and a wave of the most intense pleasure she ever felt washed over her and stayed for a brief moment and then subsided slowly. She was trembling and weeping.

Leon had cum too...his pleasure was a sight to behold as he shot his load into my precious daughter.

He stopped thrusting and caught his breath.

All the muscles on his magnificent body had now relaxed and the tension was gone from his face.

Leon leaned over my daughter and turned her head back so that they were face to face.

He kissed her passionately. “Well?” he said “How was that?”.

“It was fucking amazing!” wept Jessie.

“That was the greatest feeling in my whole life!” she cried with happiness.

“Yes” said Leon laughing, and he pulled his softening cock out of my daughters cum and blood soaked cunt.

“I need a nap” he said, and he laid across the bed, his arms and legs stretched out.

Jessie cuddled into him and he put his arms around her.

I too was tired, I was just after experiencing the most intense orgasm of my life!

I looked at my cum dripping down my hand, the sofa, the coffee table...but I was too tired to clean it up so I just closed my eyes and slept there with my dick in my hand.

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