Jizz medicine

Kristin watched her sister, Kellie, come out of the house bouncing toward the car with a huge smile on her face. It was hard to miss the fact that she was bra-less with her small b-cup breasts bouncing with each quick step, and her hard nipples stretching at the fabric of her tight shirt. Her hair was a mess too! She was only gone for 15 minutes… she couldn’t have…

Kellie hopped in the car suddenly and chirped happily, “Sorry! …that took longer than I thought!”. Her face looked flush, her lips were puffy and swollen, and it looked like she had been crying as slightly dried tears were still on her cheeks.

“Kellie… uhhh… what…”, Kristin began and Kellie immediately interrupted, “I’m super thirsty! You?” She handed Kristin a mostly full bottle of Gatorade and then proceeded to guzzle down her own bottle of water.

“Ummm sure…”, Kristin replied as Kellie backed out of the driveway. “Kellie, what the hell is going on…? You look… well… uhhh… shit. It’s none of my business, but you look like you just had… ummm… sex?” She uncomfortably took a drink of the Gatorade. She hadn’t had this flavor before, it was surprisingly good!

Kellie laughed happily, “I WISH! There wasn’t time for THAT!”

Kristin took another small drink and decided she really was thirsty, so she took several more gulps. Jesus, this flavor was REALLY delicious!! “I’m sorry. It really isn’t my business… you’re married so I’m not judging. You just seem a little… wild… today. I’m sure 15 minutes isn’t enough time for… that.”

Kellie had to remind herself her sister was still a virgin, so had no idea how “quickies” worked. “Nope! Barely enough time for a blowjob!”, She grinned mischievously and looked for Kristin’s response out of the corner of her eye while driving. She knew that statement would scandalize her sister, the innocent virgin.

“KELLIE!! Stop it!! Oh my god… keep it to yourself!”, Kristin exclaimed, visibly blushing.

Kellie laughed again, “I’m just excited about the chance help you!”

Kristin replied, “That’s not funny, and not an option. We discussed that. I’ll find another way.” She polished off the rest of the delicious Gatorade. She felt flushed, a bit dizzy, and tingly all over.

Kellie stopped the car in front of Kristin’s house, paused for a second and said, “I already found a way. How was your Gatorade?”, she raised an eyebrow while looking directly at the empty bottle in Kristin’s hand until Kristin noticed her gaze.

Kristin replied, not catching on immediately, “Delicious! My new favorite flavor!” She noticed Kellie’s eyebrows raise and a smirk on her face. “Why…?”, she paused and then a look of realization hit her cute face. “Wait… what do you mean you found a way??? Ohhhh oh no no no… Kellie!? What was in my drink????”, she demanded, eyes wide in shock.

Kellie suddenly stopped smiling and said defensively, “Just the medicine you absolutely need to not waste away! I’m sorry I was dishonest, but that was the only thing I could think of to make you get the help you need!”

Kristin was still dizzy and for the first time in her life felt uncontrollably horny. She moaned, “That’s not right Kellie. You made me drink… Ethan’s…”, she couldn’t even finish the statement.

“Cum? Sperm? Semen? Jizz? Yes. I did. To save you. Just think of it as medicine, Kristin. You’re training to be a nurse, after all! Medicine I will be bringing you twice a day from now on. Ethan won’t even know. Not that he would mind. You must notice way he looks at you.”, Kellie finished with a smirk.

Kristin squirmed and stammered defensively, “N…No! He doesn’t look at ME like that! He couldn’t be attracted to me anyway. I’m flat as a board and have no ass or hips!! You’re perfectly skinny, with perfect tits, and sexy in every way… which is why he married you!”

Kellie chided her, “you’re shorter than I am, but your the same shape I was when we first got married. Apparently he has a penchant for tiny girls with small tits… I’m sure he’d LOVE a chance to fuck your brains out, especially given the circumstances… it sounds pretty hot to ME, too…”

“Kellie!!! Stop it! Ughhh… I need time to think about this… I can’t believe you tricked me into drinking… that…”, Kristin motioned toward the Gatorade bottle, still not able to say the worlds.

“Just a minute ago you said Ethan’s cum is your new favorite new drink, before you realized what it was. Go ahead and hop out. I have to head home to collect some more to bring by for you tonight. I’ll text you later.”, Kellie finished, sounding irritated.

Kristin got out of the car wordlessly. Feeling dizzy she headed toward her front door, realizing how wet she was with each step she took.


After closing the door, Kristin watched Kellie drive away while licking her lips, unconsciously searching for any remnants of the cum laced Gatorade. She wished she had some more, guiltily feeling like a total slut. Kristin suddenly decided to give in to her arousal. She rushed to the bathroom, started the bath, and quickly got undressed. Her nipples were rock hard on her tiny little tits and she pinched them before taking off her pink cotton panties. As she removed them she noticed in shock that they were already soaking wet. She began rubbing her pussy absentmindedly as she considered getting in the bath and using the shower head to bring herself to climax.

Instead, she grabbed her razor and shaving cream and decided to shave her pussy. She hadn’t done this since she was a teenager and the thought of it aroused her even more. She sat on the edge of the tub and splashed some water and then added shaving cream to her pubic area and began carefully shaving until her pussy was completely bald.

she thought to herself guiltily as she lowered herself into the tub and considered stopping the water, but had a better idea instead. She pulled the drain to allow water to escape from the mostly full as it was being filled, thinking it would keep a steady level. She placed her feet on the tile on either side of the spigot and slowly lowered herself down until the full flow of the water was directly on her freshly shaved pussy. She experienced a jolt as it hit her followed by a mini orgasm. “Fuck… yessss Ethan.” She gasped, feeling slightly guilty at even whispering his name.

This wasn’t nearly enough to satiate her so she took both hands and spread her pussy lips to allow the water direct contact to her clit and inner lips, gasping and moaning with the intensity of the contact. She imagined Ethan’s tongue lapping at her pussy as she did this. “Mmmm… lick my pussy Ethan… that feels so good.”, she whined.

She moved one hand to her small chest and began playing with her left nipple as she inserted a finger slightly into her pussy and imagined how big his cock might be. She didn’t want to damage her hymen by inserting more than just the first two digits. Even though her finger was small, she was extremely tight, she had never inserted anything other than her small finger in her tiny hole. She tried to imagine what an erect penis would feel like stretching her virgin cunt. “I don’t think it will fit, Ethan. I’m too tiny and you’re so big.”

She placed her legs straight up into the air to get even closer to the tub’s water spout and squealed in delight. Now the water was pummeling her pussy AND her asshole. She decided to place a finger at her back opening as well and slowly pushed it in feeling dizzy from the sensation. “Maybe your cock will fit in my ass instead, Ethan?”, she whispered excitedly. She had never had thoughts like this before.

Her whole body felt like it was on fire and pulsating. After getting used to a single finger, she inserted both her middle and ring fingers into her ass while keeping her index finger in her pussy. She began panting and whining quietly, spasming and got more aggressive with her fingers in her tight asshole. She now imagined Ethan’s cock stretching THAT hole out. “Go slow Ethan, your big cock is too big for my tiny ass!”

She felt like the dirtiest little slut alive. Yesterday she was a prude, reserved, inexperienced virgin, and now she was finger fucking herself in the pussy AND ass while imagining being assfucked by her own sister’s husband. “Yes! Fuck my ass Ethan! Stretch out my tiny asshole!!”, she groaned, in louder, whining voice.

In the past few hours she had swallowed an entire load of cum and thought it was the most delicious flavor in the world. She realized her sister would be bringing more of Ethan’s semen over in the next few hours and all she could think about was savoring the taste for as long as possible before guzzling it straight down her throat. “Promise me you’ll fill my mouth with your cum, Ethan? I’ll be your little cum slut on the side!!”

She was close to an orgasm, so she stopped pinching her nipple with her right hand and moved it down to begin rubbing her clit while continuing probing her freshly shaved pussy and asshole. Her legs began to shake as she experienced the biggest orgasm of her life so far. “Stretch my tiny asshole, Ethan! Fuck me harder!!! I need your fucking CUM!!!”

Her pussy and ass contracted hard on the fingers inserted into them while her legs began shaking even harder against the bath tiles. Her stomach muscles tightened hard and she began wailing and gasping as her entire body began to convulse. “Oooooh Ethan, yessss, bury that big cock in my ass and make me cum!!!”, she was shouting now. This wonderful feeling lasted for what seemed like ages. Eventually she was so sensitive that she pushed her feet against the tile and slid her body further up the tub to prevent the water from pouring straight down onto her sensitive pussy. She slowly and gently removed her fingers from her pussy and ass, grabbed a bar of soap to clean her fingers.

As she continued to come down, she rubbed the bar of soap all over her body for several minutes. She considered masturbating again, but didn’t want to waste her energy if she got another bottle of semen tonight that might have the same effect on her. She hoped it would.

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