My wife ruined me

Once I convinced my wife to fuck other guys I had to slowly steer her into humiliating me. My penis is only three and a half inches when rock hard so it wasn’t very difficult to talk her into trying a man size penis. She was so careful to not hurt my feelings after she let Keith fuck her the first time. I asked her all kinds of questions about it. How big was his dick, did you suck it, did he cum in you. She started explaining one of the times she had sex with Keith, she said he can fuck for a full hour without cumming. I have a premature ejaculation problem so her being able to orgasm during sex was what made her want to keep fucking .

After she would meet up and have sex with Keith I always asked that she not clean herself up down there. She would wear nylon panties or pantyhose so she wouldn’t leak to much of his seed before she got home. In the beginning I would just finger her and play in his seaman then one day I got on my knees and sucked her clit and licked all of his cum from her. She tried to push my head away but I held tightly to her ass cheeks and once she felt my mouth on her very sensitive clit and pussy lips she enjoyed it.
The very next time she came home from having sex she told me to eat her freshly fucked pussy and I was happy to do it.

I kept hinting around to her that I always jerked off when she was out on a date and at first it was like she didn’t care. Then one day she surprises me with a chastity cage. She put it on me on a Wednesday and by Friday when she was to meet with Keith I was extremely horny. I begged for her to let me out but she noticed the new found power she had over me and she denied me . That evening when she got home I showed her how I had clear fluid streaming from the tip of the cage. She found it very exciting and said let’s see how long you can go. I begged her but she would not unlock me.

I showed her an article I read about men’s health and how they need to orgasm to flush out the prostate. She read up on the subject and found out the prostate could actually be milked by using something to rub it from the anus. She had me shower and meet her in our room. When I walked in she was wearing a pair of coffee colored shear to the waist pantyhose and high heels. Her nipples were hard so I could tell she was excited. I pointed at the pantyhose and asked it they were holding cum in her. She said no, not yet as soon as I milk your prostate dry I’m have Keith come over to have sex while you watch.

She had me bend over and worked a greasy finger into my butt. At first my reaction was to tighten up but she reached between my legs and squeezed my balls just a little. She said I bought a device that is supposed to help with I milk you. I felt something cold push against my butt then pop in. I straightened up when it did but she pushed my back causing me to bend over. She worked the plastic thing around and as soon as she found my prostate there was a steady stream of cum released from my penis. It was like I came but with zero feeling. She worked me over for an hour untill nothing came out. Then she pulled on a pair of tight booty shorts and put on a tank top.

She unlocked me then and told me to wait in the bedroom untill Keith got there. I head them talking in the den and soon they came in the bedroom with my wife completely naked towing Keith by his cock. Her hand didn’t reach all the way around it and it was a good eight inches. She laid it in the palm of her hand and pointed out that it was as big around as her wrist. She bent over and he rubbed his dick head up and down between her wet pussy lips before pushing it into her. As soon as he was all the way in she stood up straight. She looked at me and said I love it when Keith fucks me standing up like this.
After they finished she told me to fuck her with my little dick but I couldn’t get it erect. That’s when she discovered that if she drains my prostate I’m completely helpless when it comes to sex. I haven’t had my dick in her pussy in over two years now. I know she has become adjusted to the size of her friends cocks and my little buddy wouldn’t do any good.

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