Tranny nurse

It was later when she came to me. Mother Tiffany had been absent from the
island, but she had left me a supply of her semen that would last until her
return, or so I had been told. I had been Nursed by others on the island,
as they brought me doses of Mistress Tiffany's spunk, cold from
refrigeration, which I had to consume every twelve hours or grow violently
ill. If I went more than 48 hours, I was informed, I would die.

The doses were large, equal to perhaps two full cups. It was remarkable
the volume she was capable of producing, Then again, she was no ordinary

She was nothing short of remarkable. I had not seen her in many days, so
I had begun to become anxious concerning exactly how much she had left me.
The doses of spunk were brought to me by Tiffany's servants, some how each
a she-male herself, an uncanny combination of feminine form and long, firm
cock. I had begun to wonder if there were other 'normal' people like
myself on the island. I had seen only these incredible massive amazons,
each complete with male genitalia that horses might be proud of.

Mistress Bionca wandered in to my room with my mug of cum from Mother
Tiffany. She paused for a moment and looked at me. It was as if she was
curious, which was strange, because up until now she had been exceedingly
cruel to me. It was as if she detested me for being a man.

"It has become easy for you", she said. I looked at her tall form, perhaps
six foot six and quite muscular, if not perfectly proportioned. She had
the body of a Greek athlete, dark skin and jet-black hair that fell just to
her shoulders. It was surprisingly straight for a Black woman, or Amazon, I
suppose. She wore a long, delicate white nightgown made of sheer material
that I could easily see through. It did not disguise her incredibly ample
busom in any meaningful way. She wore furry white slippers over her feet
that were very big and puffy. From her nighttime attire I assumed she must
have been on her way to bed. I noticed plainly, her long black cock
swaying dangerously near her knee. It was rather imposing. I noticed she
withheld the tall mug full of Mother Tiffany's semen.

"This drinking from a cup is too easy for you. It does not fulfill the
meaning of the Nursing ritual", she said, as if she was giving me a

"What would you have me do, Mistress?", I asked, trying simply to be nice.

After all, the thirst was welling up in me.

" curious of what it is to be Bound", she said. Obviously, there
were so few men ever to discover the island that only a select few Amazons
would ever be Bound to a slave.

"Mother Tiffany is the life" I said, trying to win her over with dogma.

"Yes. Indeed she is.", Mistress Bionca said, her tone still curious.

"I have never had a man suck my penis before", she said, ""And I wish for
you to suck mine." She said it so calmly, like it was nothing.
Apparently, the thought aroused her, and her cock began to grow engorged.
It pushed against the silky fabric to form an absurdly large bulge. The
edge of her nightgown rose a foot from the floor as her erectus took shape.
I stared at it.

"I...I...I don't think I should", I said, backing away. Certainly, I had
begun to regain a portion of my pride in Mother Tiffany's absence. I did
not feel safe in the face of someone so imposing. Yet, she advanced to
within six feet of me. The sheer fabric of her nightie fell all around her
erect phallus, perhaps the same dimensions as that of Mother Tiffany's,
with perhaps the head being slightly longer instead of perfectly round.

She pulled the nightie away so I could see it exposed in the light.

"Do you not like my penis?", she asked with an innocent tone. It was

"I...I...", I gulped, backing away ever so slightly.

"ON YOUR KNEES SLAVE!", she demanded. I fell. I could feel the wretching
in my gullet. If I did not have the mug she held, I would be doubled over
in pain in ten minutes. Mistress Bionca knew this exactly. She approached
within a foot of me, the tip of her thick meat a centimetre from my nose.
From here I could smell her musky odour.

A drop of liquid peeked from its tip and her breath was heavy. I was very
still as she spoke, as she grabbed the base of the huge penis with her
right hand and directed it across my cheek. She traced lines of her precum
onto my forehead. Looking down, all I could see were here enormous white
fuzzy slippers.

"I have long wondered" she said very slowly. With her other hand she
kneaded her scrotal sack, which I had not noticed until that point. They
were amazingly still larger than Mother Tiffany's. They were two
cantaloupes in a flesh sack. I simply could not believe it.

"I need to be released, slave. I ache for my semen to enter another. It
is you who must do this. I want to see the load of my testes drain into
your mortal coil. I have saved myself for this moment for nine days. You
should feel privileged."

She drew complex lines of precum over the breadth of my face. Her state of
arousal was more than physically apparent, her skin so flushed that I could
somehow see a twinge of reddishness on her brown flesh. Her breathing was
laboured, heavy with desire. Her voice, however, was still firm with the
discipline that her kept her from ever touching the slave of another

"The world of lust and pleasure has been kept from me", she said, absently
stoking her rigid member with her right hand. She then rested it on my
shoulder and I was somehow surprised for the weight of it. As I peeked
upwards I could see an expression of forlorn hesitation on her face.

I was strictly forbidden for her to engage in pleasurable acts with me, the
punishment for which was degeneration. That is, she would be stripped of
everything that made her an Amazon. It was strange, their attitude and
rituals. Bionca had become, with the help of the Amazonian priestesses, a
sexual monster, but the dogma of the culture on the island prevented her
from engaging in anything other than ritualistic sex.

Most Amazons were kept from anything other than a formulaic draining of
their semen for harvesting, and I knew that certain members of their
society struggled under their auspice. Bionca, for one, had always kept an
eye on me. Her lust had been plain, but she had resisted in face of the
consequences. I supposed that now, in the absence of Mother Tiffany, she
could no longer contain her desire for fulfillment. No amount of social
conditioning could undo the lust that flowed from her loins.

I was intimately aware of such a burning sensation, for I was Bound, and
the fire burned in my gullet. I was simply growing desperate for the
donated jism of Mother Tiffiny. Without it, I was nothing but a spineless
mass. Mistress Bionca held it above me temptingly.

"You know it is forbidden for you to touch me", I said with every last
ounce of daring I could muster. The words caused her to hesitate. She
must have just then contemplated what she had in store for me, and what it
would mean to her if she were caught. Here in my quarters it would be
unlikely that someone would be wandering by, but the risk was still large.
She pondered. Her mind raced with the possibilities, and then finally, she

"Fine then!", she said angrily, and it is you who will pay the price for
tempting me!" Her brows furrowed and she pulled her softening cock back in
her disgruntled state. In her rage she struck me with it, entirely across
the face and neck. It was like being hit with a warm trout. It knocked me
flat to the floor. I held my wounded chin as right over me she straddled,
a large white plush slipper on either side of my head.

"Well then, my forbidden one, we shall see what is allowable. I will do
ALL that is permissible and you will suffer for it!" She promptly place
the mug of Mother Tiffany's semen on a high shelf. It may as well have
been a thousand miles away, for there was nothing in the room to assist me
in reaching it would she abandon me.

"Now", she said, "you will worship me or suffer my wrath!" I feared for
her intentions, given the severity of her anger. She picked my up with one
hand and bent me over with little effort. With a violent motion she
whipped up her nightie over her rapidly stiffening cock and perched it at
the opening of my rectum.

"Beg for me not to violate you", she ordered. I was simply stunned and
said nothing. I feared for my life if her eighteen heavy inches pierced
me. For an eternity did it seem like she hovered there with thick drops of
her pre-semen dropping between my cheeks. The heat of her cockhead was
like a searing poker, fit for flame.

Just then she heard a noise form the adjoining room and she dropped me like
a hot rock. I fell with a thump as she moved to the door, her slippers
making wisp-like noises on the cushioned floor.

"Say nothing of this, I warn you!", she said, slipping into the hallway. I
breathed and relaxed for a moment. Then, I began to realize my aching
hunger once more. My body wrenched with pain. I looked up at my mug, so
far from my reach. I hadn't even reached my feet when another Amazon,
Mistress Serena, entered my room.

Mistress Serena was one of the High Priestesses, an icon of the Amazons and
controller of the Bonding ritual. She was a thickly built brunette with
undulating curves and deeply protruding, motherly breasts. When I first
laid eyes upon her I had wished she was a normal woman and that we were
back home affecting a great deal of pleasure on one another. Yet, here she
was, truly a sexual beast of mammoth proportions, with a cock like a
grandfather python and two heavy balls that swung with the momentum of
five-pin bowling balls. In fact, Mistress Serena was so proud of her
gigantic testes that she typically wrapped them in a wide silver bow to
attract the eye. They were the largest possessed of any of the Amazons and
thus were the envy of the entire populace. It was a fact she knew and was
extremely proud of.

Today she dressed entirely in fur from top to bottom. It was an impossibly
thick white fox fur coat with a broad tuxedo collar that wrapped around to
make a luxurious hood. The coat ended at the midpoint of her milky white
thighs where just an inch below began a tall pair of shiny black boots
trimmed at the top and ankle with the same rich fox.

The coat had a thin white leather belt at the waist, which she apparently
never did up and the ends dangled near her knee. Her head, to top off this
extravagant look, was topped with a superfluously massive fur hat of the
same thick and deep pallid pelts. She looked like an Amazonian ice
princess, decked to the nines with diamonds on her neck and several
fingers. I wondered for the reason for this ultra-feminine costume.

"Merry Christmas!", she exclaimed with a broad, perfectly white smile to
match her décor. I was not quite so jubilant, being rapidly overcome by
my undying thirst.

"What?", I asked incredulously, "I had no idea. What might you have
brought me besides perhaps a little mercy?" I looked up at my mug, which
she noticed right away.

She reached up on tiptoe to retrieve it for me, bringing it gently down to
my lips. But not a moment before I hastily made to sip from it did she
strike it from my hand.

"NOOOOOO!!!", I cried, reaching for it in a futile gesture. It tilted
fully upside down and the contents spilled everywhere in a rapidly thinning
puddle. I hastened to the mess and tried to lick it from the floor but it
was meaningless. I began to weep as my fingers touched the ebbing moisture
that was my life, soaking away.

Mistress Serena merely laughed aloud.

"Merry Christmas you say", I moaned, "what do I get but agony?" My tears

"You fool", she said, "I am here to free you". She crossed her arms in a
victorious gesture full of pompousness and lush fur.

"Please Mistress, I wish mercy. Please bring me another dose or surely I
will writhe here for hours. Surely a Priestess would know that, not to
mention the one that Bound me to Mother Tiffany".

"Silence", she said. In my agony I closed my mouth as the beginnings of
the fever began to enshroud my body. She finally explained.

"Yes it was I her preformed the Binding", she began, but I was not so short
sighted as to abandon myself from the pleasures of the Act". She began to
absently stoke her heavy chunk of cock as she spoke as I looked on in
amazement. It was not the longest I had seen but it must have been three
inches thick with a head like a softball. It grew out to a foot long if it
was an inch and was as hard as one of her rings before long.

"You see, slave, Mother Tiffany is a tyrant. She has one by one angered
all the Amazons and we wish to see her gone. She has deprived us of what
it means to be an Amazon. I, for one, do not intend to withhold my need a
moment longer. She intended to keep you for herself but I destroyed that
ambition unbeknownst to her".

I had grown too impatient for her story.

"Mistress Serena, the thirst grows too strong", I pleaded, "I beg you,
bring me a another dose of Mother Tiffany or I shall surely die!" I felt
like I was to implode.

"I know my sweet, I know", she said with temperance, "but don't you see? I
have made it all along that any Amazon at all can satisfy your thirst."
She slowly moved back her arms behind her back and leaned slightly backward
to point her gigantic cock right in my eye.

"And I am here for exactly that", she said, with ripe satisfaction. I
looked up her face whereupon she merely raised a single eyebrow and tilted
her chin so slightly. It was clear that I was without an option. As I
moved forward on my knees and finally touched her engorged phallus, she let
forth a tiny sigh.

"At long last", she breathed, "Now suck, slave!" And I did, begging to be

My expanded mouth stretched to absolute capacity to encapsulate her swollen
cock, taking it all in, becoming one with her flesh. I could feel
pulsating undulations running the entire length of her immense meat, and
her huge balls let forth a gurgle as if someone had opened the valve on a
pipe. Tremendous volumes of fluid moved within her as if they were rushing
to the surface. As her testes reddened and swelled with her mounting heat,
incredibly, her scrotal sack actually began to rhythmically spasm like the
workings of a pump, priming her to explode. I could not have believed if
had not seen it inches from my own eyes.

I was unfazed and relentless, reaching under her fur and grabbing her
round, full buttocks in a furious clench, my innards seething to be slaked
by her molten cum. I curled my tongue over the tip of her mancock, adoring
the very tip of it like it was a flesh ice cream cone. It responded it
swelled further, growing somehow even larger and harder, its deep red hue
almost becoming an intense, rich purple. Moistened by my genetically
enhanced salivation, I stroked the shaft of her mammoth rod and she aided
me until we had all four of our hands moving in unison. Her breathing grew
furious and her entire fur-covered body began to quiver and sweat.

"God, slave, take it all in!", she cried. And I did like my life depended
on it, like a babe nursing for the first time. It was then that I came to
the bizarre self-realization. I was emotionally and spiritually Bound as
well as physically. I was loving every second of the Nursing act and I
cared no longer to deny it. Somehow, in the absence of Mother Tiffany, I
had grown to miss the adoration of a feminine touch, the emotion, the
sensation of being filled not only by her semen, but by her COCK. I simply
needed cock. To fill me. To fulfill me. To make me whole.

"Yes...yes...YESSSSS!!!!", Mistress Serena bucked and moaned, barely able
to keep herself standing. Every nerve ending of her body tingled with

Every ounce of her centre perched at the tip of her extremity, awaiting a
ecstatic climax of epic proportion. Her hair fell all around her face in
her lust, a thick film of sweat covering every inch of her skin. In my own
desire, I wrenched at her overgrown testes and squeezed, trying to force
the maximum amount of raw spunk into her innards. I massaged them with
firm strokes as I sucked and sucked and sucked. My intention worked as I
could feel heavy liquid eek out from their mass. With wanton supplication
I caressed her every sinew, working her searing hot liquids to the surface.

Finally, the squirts of her precum danced on my tongue. She was moments
from what would surely be the makings of a flesh volcano.

She shuddered, her legs weak as her eyes grew wide. My altered physiology
took her in once more. I used at last a powerful technique I had learned
at the instruction of Mother Tiffany. I held my breath as her ungodly
penis completely disappeared within my naked confines and she gasped.
Then, I swallowed repeatedly, stroking the entire length of her with rapid
pulsations. It proved too much for Mistress Serena, who grabbed the back
of my head with reckless force. She pulled her cock out until only the
head remained in my mouth and she slowly began to cum. At long last, the
pleasure drove through her like angry phoenix, jetting up from the base of
her gargantuan cock like a fiery garden hose.

"Ecstasy!!!", she bellowed, her eyes closed in a prolonged series of spasms
that had only begun. Her big hands held me firmly in place as her semen
ejected into my mouth in a powerful series of musky jets, each filling
mouthful after rapidly swallowed mouthful. I lost count at thirty. It
became thicker and more viscous as it went, saltier as the flow became more
constant, flowing into me in thick, luscious, creamy wads. I downed it,
aching for more, unable to be satiated. Boldly, she went onward, exceeding
what I had ever remembered. Her fur covered body twisted and went on in
seizures, spewing like three of Mother Tiffany's ejaculations pressed back
to back to back. She was indeed a champion of orgasmic potency, my Cum
Goddess, my cock queen.

Bolt after bolt of her seemingly unending jizz landed in the back of my
throat, each a treat of hot wax and glory. I was committed to the end. I
could feel my stomach stretching with the volume, almost to bursting as
finally her flow began to abate. The last few squirts were mucous-like and
thick like oil, until at last it stopped, or so I thought, until she
squirmed one last time and shot a half a cup full in a final respite onto
the back of my tongue. It was so dense I could barely swallow it.

And we remained there, just breathing, her still rigid cock frozen it
place, the head still lovingly surrounded by my stretched lips. She softly
caressed my cheeks and forehead.

"You must love me", she said, smiling. As I tried to pull away and
respond, she held me still.

"No, no, no", she said, "stay still my slave, for you should be relieved of
your thirst". I certainly was. My body felt so finally full and
satisfied, reeking of sweat, cum and delight.

"I had never thought it could be so", she said, softly smiling down at me,
touching me gently with the everplush tips of the delicate fur. I tingled.

"There is no question", she said, "I must have you for my own".

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