Forty-plus girlfriend

Dr. Ayo Obkonko finished the intricate security
protocols that shut down her computer. She had just
sent her last post ASSD and was glad the workday was
over. Not that she didn't enjoy being the top quantum
cosmologist at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Her
research was going well, looking to propell her toward
a third Nobel prize. Last year's had been for her
discovery that quarks are not the ultimate components
of matter. She had shown that they in turn are
composed of still smaller entities, spasming,
slit-like structures that Ayo had named, to the
consternation of journalists and high school science
teachers, "cunnies." Like their eponymous anatomical
counterparts, cunnies came in three "orientations,"
appropriately dubbed "straight," "bi" and "lezzy."
No, work was fine, but it did take time away from more
urgent business.

Ayo was horny and needed to get home quickly. Oh, she
had gotten some relief at mid-day from Carlos, her
wonderful staff assistant, from her staff assistant's
wonderful staff, to be more precise. But too many
hours had dragged by since she was draped over that
leather couch in her office, howling in ecstasy, as
Carlos worked her over. Now the heat between her legs
that no amount of air conditioning could cool had

Ayo's firm round ass rolled hypnotically as he heels
of her red five-inch, spaghetti-strap sandals clicked
down the sidewalk toward the parking lot. Her daring
mini had almost snapped the necks of several lucky
colleagues she had passed in the corridor. The
bangles and matching ear loops dazzled in the sun,
highlighting her fiery lipstick and matching, brightly
polished finger and toe nails. She smiled at the
appreciative non-PC hoots coming from the workers at
the construction project across the street. Giving
her tits an extra jiggle, she managed to pop one of
her large chocolate breasts out of her low cut top.
Ayo felt her twat moisten more when lusty male voices
cheered, knowing that it was not just the boys' hats
that were hard.

They were still drooling when Ayo opened the door of
her yellow Saab convertible and slid her derrier into
the plush seat. Cinching the lapbelt around her
waspish waist, she threaded the shoulder harness
between the set of hooters that both strangers and her
boyfriends admired so. Looking both ways, she
furtively removed a vibrator from her purse and into
her open-air crotch. AHHH! Moments later the first
orgasm had rolled over her and, mercifully, a bigger
one was building. A couple of expensive fender
benders had taught Ayo that she needed at least three
good hard cums before starting out in order to have
any hope of concentrating on her driving.

Thank God Birger would be waiting for her. The twenty
year-old Norwegian had the stamina to keep his
forty-plus girlfriend satisfied -- almost. Except for
purely business fucks and her therapeutic noontimers,
Ayo hardly bothered with other men anymore. She
blessed the day the big blonde had hulked into her
gym. That very afternoon she had taken him home to be
her personal body builder. Well, her body was already
built well enough, but Birger was good at up keep.
That was just the point. He could keep it up longer
than any other man Ayo had ever tried out. And when,
alas, his peter petered out, he could snuggle his ears
between her ample thighs and keep Ayo in orbit for
hours with his amazing tongue. Oddly, Birger had been
reluctant at first to eat her pussy, but after one
good whiff of Ayo's soupy snatch, he became an
enthusiastic honeypot liquor licker.

As Ayo's little car whizzed down the parkway, several
truckers fought to regain control their vehicles as
they gawked down at a delicious black woman with an
expression of ecstasy on her face, her free hand up
her skirt, moving a cylindrical object in and out
rhythmically between her legs.

"Missed you, Angel!" Ayo let herself be crushed into
the arms of her big-boned lover. Make that
"big-bonered" lover.

"I can tell," she whispered as she nibbled his ear and
palpated the stiffness of her favorite part of his
body. Minutes later both were panting as the shapely
black woman was totally on board Birger's nine-inch
cock. She was drifting down from her third orgasm.
She had let Birger come, too, but he was still thick
enough to give her a pleasantly full sensation. No
wonder she loved this man!

"I've got good news for you, sweetie," she said,
looking down on his dazed, contented face. The happy
young man opened his eyes and gazed sleepily up
between the most beautiful set of boobs he could
imagine at the lovely face he adored.

"Wha's that?" he slurred, unable to believe anything
could be as good as this perfect moment.

Ayo just grinned and held up a thick white paper with
a pink "+" sign on it. Birger's eyes grew wide with a
mixture of surprise, fear, and joy. "Hmmm," she
sighed as she bent down to kiss him, feeling him
stiffen again inside her as her firm breasts crushed
his chest. "Seems you like the idea of fucking a
pregnant woman. It's just as well, honey; I'm going
to see you get a lot of practice," she grinned. "You
take such good care of my Mustafa, and Luisita, and
Chong, and Sunita, and little Sean," she gasped, her
breath growing short as she moved move up and down
more rapidly on his renewed virility, "You deserve to
make one of your own."

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