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I like cock, always have. The fact is, I love pussy and have been living the hetero life since that interest became prominent in my later teen years. Sure, I messed around with other boys like a lot of us do, but when I got the girl bug - plus social pressure in the back of my mind - it's been T&A for me. There's nothing like a warm, tight, slippery vagina to make the stiff cock happy, and to eventually make it satisfied by pumping in a load of hot cum.

But I do remember those times with my buddies well, and I found something hot about each of my friends. The boy who introduced me to it was quite small, though we were both ten years old. He went about 2 1/2" hard, I was about 4 1/2", and we both had lean boners. We were both pre-pubescent but he showed me that it can feel good and be fun. My neighbor and I got involved a couple of years later, he was very handsome, with nice skin color and great proportions. He was smaller, being two years younger, but developing nicely, and we would blow each other and finish off with a hand job. I liked feeling him throb in my hand when he shot his cream all over his stomach. One other friend my age was built like me, the average 6+ by two, and we did try sucking to orgasm, which was great fun but we decided that the taste was a turn-off.

My life now is not only hetro, it's monogamous and celebate. After almost 40 years of sex, it's just getting to be more trouble than it's worth. She'll give me a hand job once in a while, but mostly I'm on my own. Of course, this means porn sites are a staple. After some time at this, I realized that I really, really like seeing men climax. Whether it's a throbbing cock pumping its load into a pussy or squirting on a babe's face or tits, it's inspiring. One of the sights I like best is a man dropping his load on another man's stiff dick.

I miss the cuddling up naked almost as much as the orgasms. And I miss having someone else desire me.

My masturbation usually involves reading a sex story or two, then watching progressively hotter movie clips and finishing off on a scene that I found the hottest during that session. Sometimes I'd take pictures of myself, sometimes I'd lay in the tub and piss myself, sometimes I'd finger my ass, but mostly it was the stories and move shorts that bring me off. I also developed a sex toy from a plastic container, foam lining and a plastic bag with lube in it. This is not as good as real pussy but does feel pretty good on a hot, horny cock.

So one day I did a search on "penis pictures" or some such, and discovered cock picture sharing sites. I lurked for a while, but one night after a couple of beers I signed up and uploaded some pictures. The crowd was pretty social, and the other men were quick to complement each other on their tools. I found some that were especially hot, and I added them to my favorites. Mostly these favorites were straight shafts, cut, though a foreskin that shows off the head beneath is a turn on for me. I confess an attraction for smaller, well proportioned men, probably because I remember my jerking boy friends fondly. A nicely shaped stiff cock makes me hard, no matter the size.

One member, in a personal message, took me by surprise. He admitted he had a thing for older men with big cocks, admired my cock, and said that he'd very much like to suck it. This was someone that I made hot, which is something that hasn't happened to me in a while. I looked him up and found that he was very nicely built, but had to tell him as kindly as I could that I wasn't looking for an affair. Just the same, his straight, smooth dick with lightly bumpy texture and well proportioned head was giving me a hard-on, and I found myself rubbing one out looking at his pictures. i studied the texture of his cock skin, and imagined wrapping my hand around it and slowly sliding it up and down the stiff rod. My imagination supplied the texture and throbbing; I started rubbing him faster in my mind and was rewarded with the image of a shot of cum out his hot head. With that, I shot my own load looking at a picture of him handling his hard cock, and wished that I could really be doing that to him.

That made me close my eyes and almost lost my balance, but after I came back down I took one last look at his photos and called it a night. I scooped up my jism and headed for the bathroom to clean up. I was pondering this fellow's admiration of my cock, and resolved to keep any relationship on the picture site at a distance. Over the next day or two, the novelty of someone getting hot looking at pictures of my cock wore off some, but the idea was still intriguing. Did other guys get excited looking at my pictures? I started poking around the site's features, and found I could see who tagged me as a favorite, and checked them out. I also checked all my pictures for comments, and found most of them were the same guys who listed me as favorites.

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