The New Normal

“Babe, do you know where my new pair of red panties went?” I asked, taking the last of the laundry out of the basket and folding it.

Nick looked up from his computer. “Uhm, no? Are you sure you put them in the hamper?”

I looked around with a frown. “Pretty sure. This is the second week in a row I’ve been missing underwear – I’ll be going commando every day next month if this keeps up.”

Nick laughed. “Maybe the washing machine has a thing for you, keeping your panties to itself.”

That put a small smile back on my face. “Well, keep an eye out for them at least. They might’ve stuck to your clothes or something.” I put the folded clothes back in the basket, taking them over to the closet.

“Will do. And I’ll tell the washing machine to only keep your old ugly underwear, not any of the hot new ones.”

I rolled my eyes as I closed the closet door. I walked back toward the laundry room, keeping my eyes on the floor looking for anything I had dropped. I noticed the door to Charlie’s room slightly open, I reached out toward the handle to pull it closed when something caught my eye. Sitting on the dark carpet was my red pair of panties, still unwashed. I froze, unsure what to do next. They had probably fallen out of the laundry basket and the cat had dragged them into her room, right? There was no other reason I could think of for her to have them. Should I grab them now, before she got home from work and had the chance to see them? I didn’t want to go into her room and disturb her things and have her be mad and have to explain the whole situation anyway.

I heard the front door to the house open – Charlie was getting home from work. I quickly stepped into her room, grabbed my underwear, and softly closed the door behind me. I stuffed my panties into my pocket as I walked back to Nick and I’s bedroom.


All three of us were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner when Midnight started bashing her head against my legs. I picked her up and set her in my lap as she started to purr.

“Come on Sophie, not while we’re eating,” Charlie said, eyeing the cat.

“Sorry,” I said, putting Midnight back on the floor and ignoring her scowl in my direction. “Oh, I think she might have been in your room earlier today. Your door was cracked open and it looked like some of my dirty laundry had been dragged in there.”

Charlie’s eyes widened, her fork pausing in midair.

“I’m sorry for going into your room, I just stepped in to take what Midnight had dragged in and then closed the door,” I apologized, kicking myself for bringing it up at all.

Charlie laughed nervously. “Don’t worry, it’s my bad for leaving my door open. I’ll make sure it’s closed tomorrow.” She looked down toward her food, shoveling the rest of her dinner into her mouth. She stood up from the table, dropped her dishes in the sink and left the room.

Nick looked at me. “That was weird. Was it those panties you were missing that were in her room?”

“Yeah. I shouldn’t have brought it up, she was probably just pissed that I went in her room but she didn’t want to say anything,” I said, looking down at my food.

“She seemed more embarrassed than anything. Was her room messy or something?”

I shrugged. “I honestly didn’t look, just grabbed my underwear and closed the door.”

Nick stood up, grabbing both of our plates. “She’s just being weird about it. I’m sure it’ll be fine by tomorrow.”

“I hope so. She’s been acting weird around me, haven’t you noticed? I hope she’s alright.”

Nick shook his head. “You’re just seeing things where there aren’t any, babe. Everything is fine, don’t overreact about this. And hey, you’re one step farther from having to go commando now.”

I smiled. “Well, that’s true.”


I tried to put Charlie’s weird behaviour at dinner out of my mind, but it just kept coming back to me. She had been acting weird. Not pissed off weird, embarrassed weird. And she knows I can be a slob, why would I care if her room was messy? I knew that if it was still bothering me this much I should just ask, but I didn’t want to make her feel any worse than she already did. What I really wanted to do was go into her room and see if I could find the answer myself.

I was thinking about this as I was walking past her bedroom the next day, her door cocked open again. I stopped in front of it. Here was the chance to play detective that I had been hoping for – she specifically said she would make sure her door was closed, and here it was open. It felt like the perfect invitation to glance in and satisfy my curiosity. Before the angel on my shoulder had the chance to stop me, I did it. I pushed open her door and took a step into her room.

I don’t know what I had been expecting, but the normalcy of Charlie’s bedroom was a disappointment. There were no clothes on the floor, her desk was organized, and her bed was made. I frowned, saddened that the mystery hadn’t been solved. I turned to leave her room when something caught my eye. The drawer on her bedside table was slightly open, and a strip of black fabric was hanging out of it. Lacy black fabric – the same fabric that my other missing pair of panties had been made of. My eyes darted toward the door and I listened hard, making sure no one was about to come downstairs into her room. I opened the drawer quietly – sure enough my panties were sitting on top of the pile of items inside. I went to grab them, then stopped. Clearly this wasn’t the work of the cat – she had put these here. I looked at the other items in the drawer and my jaw dropped. There were two purple vibrators and a flesh coloured dildo. Why were my panties in the same drawer as her sex toys?

My concentration had faltered as I snooped through Charlie’s drawer, and I heard the door squeak behind me. My head darted up, but it was too late. Charlie was walking in to her bedroom. I glanced at the drawer, and quickly shoved it mostly closed with my knee. Charlie’s eyes met mine.

“Do I want to know what you’re doing in here?”

“Uhm…” I stuttered, trying to not look down at the drawer I had just closed. I noticed Charlie looked much less mad than I had expected.

“You’re still trying to find out why your underwear was in here, aren’t you?”

I nodded slowly, still confused as to why she wasn’t yelling at me.

“It’s really weird. You probably don’t want to know,” Charlie started, moving away from the door. “I’d just forget about it if I was you.”

I laughed nervously. “You think I can forget about it after you say something as mysterious as that?”

Charlie looked toward the floor. Her head raised slightly, eyes moving toward her bedside table. “Did you… did you open that and look inside?”

“Well… it was kind of already open when I came in. I just thought I saw…” I trailed off, realizing it might not be best for me to admit I had snooped.

“You saw that black pair of panties in there, didn’t you?” Charlie’s eyes were downcast again.

I nodded.

“I guess you’ve caught me. I’ve been playing with myself to them,” Charlie said quietly, not making eye contact.

My jaw dropped. I had no idea how to respond.

“You know how my last boyfriend was so against me being bi, and with being single and being able to explore girls again… I just never realized how attractive I found you until recently. And I know you’re straight and you and Nick have such a wonderful relationship and I was never going to tell you or let you find out but I just couldn’t help myself,” Charlie gushed, eyes welling up. “I’m so sorry I did this, I know you probably think it’s disgusting.”

I took a step toward her. “Charlie, it’s okay! I don’t think it’s disgusting at all.” I stepped towards her again, putting my arms around her. “I get it, I really do.”

“No you don’t,” Charlie said, her voice muffled by my shoulder.

“I do, I promise. Can I tell you a secret?”

“Are we at a sleepover now or something?” Charlie laughed. “Go ahead, tell me.”

“I think you’re really attractive too.”

Charlie laughed, stepping away from me. “But you have Nick.”

“I do…” I started hesitantly. “But I’ve always wanted to try a threesome…”

Charlie laughed. “And you think you want that to be with me and him?”

“You’re kind of perfect for it. I trust you, him and I both know you, I think it would be fun!”

“Does he know about this?” Charlie asked, raising an eyebrow.

“We’ve talked about it in the past… and I think we could convince him.” I smiled at her. “It’ll be just like in college, when we would wing woman for each other. But now we both get to do both sides!”

Charlie rolled her eyes. “If you really think this will work… don’t just say this all to get my hopes up.”

I smiled. “We can do it, he’s easy to sway.”


Convincing Nick was even easier than I imagined. After bringing the idea up to him that night, he was willing to talk about it with Charlie the next morning. The three of us sat at the kitchen table and made sure everyone was on the same page. Charlie and Nick were both in the middle of a busy week at work, so our playtime together would have to wait until the weekend. For the rest of the week I would get random tingles of excitement. Charlie said she had been in a threesome before, but Nick and I never had. I was excited to try something new with him, and excited to be with a girl again as well.

Friday morning finally came and I was already vibrating with excitement. I picked out a cute matching bra and panties set to put on under my clothes that morning. I looked over to where Nick was getting dressed to see him putting on the same black boxer briefs he wore every day.

“You didn’t buy any lingere to surprise us ladies?” I teased, walking over and squeezing his ass. He rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t know you two were so hard to please. You better be nice to me later,” he said, reaching around to squeeze my ass. I giggled and went back to getting dressed.

The day passed surprisingly quickly. At 5 I was in the kitchen, making the three of us dinner. I thought about getting out candles and putting them on the dinner table, but I didn’t want to seem like I was trying too hard. Charlie and Nick both got home from work around the same time and were immediately happy when they saw food on the table for them already.

We ate dinner quickly, then sat with our empty plates still in front of us. I could feel the excitement I had felt all day turning to a bundle of nervousness in my stomach. How were we going to start this? What if I did something wrong?

Charlie broke the awkwardness by putting her hand on my thigh. “Do you want to go down to your bedroom?”

I nodded eagerly. The three of us stood up and head into Nick and I’s bedroom. I looked Charlie in the eyes briefly before she took a step toward me and kissed me softly. Her lips were smoother than I could imagine, and tasted like cherries. I pressed my mouth harder against hers, slipping my tongue into my mouth. I felt Nick step up behind me, putting his mouth against my neck and his hands on my hips. I arched my back, pushing my ass against his crotch and grinding against him.

Charlie’s hands quickly moved to my tits, massaging them through my bra. I reached back and unhooked it, and she slipped under my shirt, fingers gently playing with my nipples. She moved her hands to take off my shirt, and I did the same to her. I had longed to have perfect tits like hers in my hands again, and greedily played with them like I wanted her to play with mine. She responded in time, massaging my chest.

Charlie moved a hand down to my jeans, unbuttoning them and sliding them down my thighs. We were quickly both naked, and I pushed her onto the bed. She pulled me after her, finding herself between my legs. Her soft lips grazed the outside of my vagina, and I felt myself gush with excitement. Nick was standing behind Charlie now, slipping his pants off. I could see his dick through his boxers, begging to be let out. Charlie’s tongue pet my clit and I gasped, tangling my hands into her hair.

“Fuck I love the way you taste,” Charlie moaned, before moving her tongue back down to play with me. Nick took his boxers off and slipped a condom on his cock. I smiled, knowing I would be the one to take his load when he finally came. He put a hand on Charlie’s hips confidently, the other slipping down beneath her legs to get her ready for him. My hips were thrusting in time with Charlie’s perfect little tongue. I moaned as she slipped her fingers into me, and I wrapped my legs around her, trying to pull her closer. She stopped to gasp as Nick slid his cock into her. He started to thrust, and she fingered me at the same speed, putting her tongue back down on my clit where it belonged. I pulled her closer to me, aching with desire to cum and cover her face in my wetness. I could feel her getting me closer, her mouth sucking my clit just right.

I looked up to Nick, his cock buried deep inside of Charlie. His head was back, and his eyes were closed in pleasure, his hands on her hips pushing himself deeper and deeper inside of her. I couldn’t wait to have his cock inside me and to have him fill me.

Charlie’s fingers started moving faster, stroking me in all the right places. My legs tightened around her. “Oh fuck, I’m getting close,” I moaned to her – I heard her moan back, face still buried in my pussy. I gasped and bucked my hips as the orgasm hit me, my pussy gushing with wetness and covering her face. Her hands grabbed my thighs as she came around Nick’s cock, moaning into my hips. I unwrapped my legs from around her as I watched Nick slowly pull his cock from her slit. She lay back, still panting from her orgasm. I got on my knees, practically shaking with anticipation for Nick. He smiled as he stepped over to me. He took his place behind me, and put his cock against me, hardly having to push to make it slide in.

“Good, she got you nice and ready for me,” he said, slowly moving his hips back and forth. “Now you get to take my load like a good girl.” I moaned as he thrust his cock deep, pressing against every single inch of me.

I turned my attention back to Charlie, laying on the bed across from me. I bent down, eager to taste her. I ran a finger down her pussy and smiled as her whole body shivered. My hands found their place on her thighs as my tongue lightly touched her clit, making her shiver again. I softly stroked my tongue against her, not wanting to go too fast. She tasted perfect – I had forgotten how much I missed this. I felt her thighs relax and I stroked harder, moving my hand down. I slid my finger into her – she was still soaked from her last orgasm. Nick’s thrusts sped up and I groaned into Charlie’s pussy, sending another shiver up her spine. I sucked on her clit lightly, thrusting my fingers in time with Nick’s cock fucking me. I felt her pussy tighten – she was close to another one already. I sucked slightly harder, trying to focus on Charlie but being so distracted by Nick’s perfect cock sliding in and out of me. His hands tightened around my hips, his pace quickening again. I could tell he was close to cumming, and just the thought of him filling me with his cum made my pussy drip with anticipation. Charlie’s pussy tightened around my fingers again, and I flicked my tongue over her clit, making her legs twitch and tighten on either side of my head. I did it again, and her legs tightened even more. My tongue flicked her again and again, begging for her to soak my face like I had done to her. I heard her scream, and felt her pussy pulse, gushing warm wetness all over my fingers and face. Nick groaned behind me, and I felt his cock pulse as he pumped me full. I gasped as I felt my pussy tighten around him, cumming again at the feeling of his orgasm.

My legs shook as I felt Nick’s cock leave my body. I collapsed back onto the bed, my legs tangling with Charlie’s, enjoying their silky feeling. Nick sat down beside me, brushing my hair out of my face. I felt his load still warm inside me, and sighed with content. Charlie moved so her head was laying on my thighs.

“Did that go as well as you had hoped?” I asked her, stroking her hair. She laughed, which I took as a yes. I smiled. “Maybe we’ll have to do it again some time.”

“Only maybe?” She asked, smile on her face. I laughed.

“I’ll say definitely,” Nick said, looking down at me. “Now you two girls relax, I’m going to go clean up.” He stood up, and walked out of the room. Charlie climbed up the bed, snuggling up to me.

“Thank you for making this happen,” she whispered to me. I just nodded, closing my eyes. If this was going to be the new normal, I needed to get some sleep.

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