My Vampire Mistress

i was sitting in the bar drinking the last of my beer feeling pity for myself losing my job my wife leaving me and taking my kids away from me I looked down at the half filled glass of old English downed it and took a drag of my new port and ashed it that’s when I looked up and noticed her...

she was sitting at the end of the bar with a cigarette in her mouth her deep red lips wrapping around the butt her seductive green eyes looking at me her long deep red hair fallen over her shoulders her bangs barley covering her eyes she wore a black strapless dress her pale white skin hiding behind the smoke that filled the bar I felt so hypnotized by her gaze before I knew it she was sitting next to me....

"hello iam Lissette" she said in a smooth seductive manner

"hello iam Jesse" is all I could say, I still felt hyptmotized she never took her eyes of my eyes

" how are you doing?" she asked placing her hand on mine

"I-I-Iam fine" I stammered she leaned forward and whispered in my ear

"I would love to take you back to my place would you care to come?" she asked and bite me lightly on the ear lobe..all I did was nod my head

we left the bar around 1:23am and got into her car a deep black lexiouse and was silent the whole ride to her house is till couldn’t take my eyes off hers we went into her apartment I removed my shoes and sat on the couch she said she was going to make herself more comfortable she strolled back into the room moments later ina silky black night gown and asked if ive ever slept with a vampire....the question seemed so strange and I just shook my head...she smiled and opened her mouth slightly showing to long fangs...well today is your lucky day my pet she said...get on your knees and crawl to your mistress. I nodded and fell to my hands and knees and crawled..

"lower" she said I lowered my body more

"that’s a good boy" she said

"now stand up" she ordered as I stood she demanded I undress I removed my clothing and dropped it into a pile next to the door..

"now back to your knees is were you belong pet" I slouched down..

she ordered that I praise her so I started kissing her feet working up to her legs and her thighs I lifted her nightie and kissed her on your warm wet pussy and I felt a hard slap on my face

"I didn’t say you could kiss me there pet" she yelled I felt blood trickle from cheek.

"back onto the ground" she said I got on all fours again.

she got down to my level and licked my cheek.."mmmm that taste divine my pet” I looked up into her eyes and she smiled..follow me but you must crawl if you wish to get a reward...I thought this cant be happing to myself...I followed her to my room making sure I was crawling as low as possible..

she took of her dark black nightie standing in the nude her trimmed fiery red bush just out of reach of my face..and her pale soft skin her light pink nipples becoming erect and hardening from how cold the room was I could see my own breath when I spoke to her..

"now my slave you may eat me..and make sure u please your mistress or YOU WILL be punished

she" said..i spread her legs and kissed her again from the feet up not missing a her warm

waiting snatch..i spread her pussy lips licking the insides greedily shoving my tongue deep in my

new mistress pussy..."mmmm that feels excellent my pet your doing a good job to please your

mistress" I found her clit and licked it fast and hard as I could I deep moan came and she arched

her back slightly her hips coming off the bed her pussy mashing me in the face she screamed and

grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved my face deeper into her flooding pussy she grabbed the

back of my neck digging her nails in deep I felt pain and extract at the same time it felt wonderful. I

kept eating as much as I could..soon her breathing slowed and she began to pant..."ok pet iam

ganna give you a reward now..she laid me down and took my hard throbbing cock in my mouth

I didn’t notice until then but she had a tongue piercing a long cold metal bolt she used to twirl my

cock head with it felt amazing she took me in her mouth and began sucking my head with her free

hand she milked my balls rolling them around in her hand she went down and started at my balls

sucking on them gently and then a lil harder then licked from them on on giving me a nice sloppy

blowjob and went back down deep throating me her long fangs dragging against my shaft again

gave me pain and extract she stopped for air for a moment and then ran her fangs along my shaft

and back to my cock head and jerked me off in her mouth swallowing my huge salty load..

"mmmm that was great my pet" she giggled...sleep now we will have fun in the morning

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