Hangover Crap

Misato looked at the young girl who had crossed her legs as soon, as the door had opened. Misato could not help but be interested in Asuka’s naked bottom and bare pussy that were resting on the toilet.

Suddenly Asuka broke her from the thoughts by yelling “Misato!! Get out of here, this is occupied!!”

“I’m sorry Asuka! I was in such a hurry I didn’t realize…. I’ll be going now…” Misato said and turned away to leave.

Just then, something she didn’t expect happened. Asuka let out a huge, echoing fart straight into the bowl. Misato turned around, the heavy smell carrying all the way to her.

Asuka blushed like mad “Please go Misato… I don’t know how much longer I can hold it…”

“It’s okay…. I’m your guardian, I’ll uhh…. Watch that everything’s okay…” Misato spoke as she took a step closer.

The red hair girl’s mouth opened in amazement “Misato, you’re such a perv…:” but her sentence was broken off when she let out another loud and smelly fart. She blushed and covered her face with the palm of her hand “Leave Misato. I am going to lose it soon.”

Misato moved closer to Asuka and moved the hand away “Asuka…. “ she murmured while caressing the girl’s cheek. “I want to see. Please let me see you go Asuka.”

“Bu….” Asuka was about to protest when she groaned, as she could no longer hold it. A long, thick log was pushing its way out from her ass, stretching the walls of her anus. The smell was putrid and horrible, and it turned Misato on.

“Mmm you smell so good honey…. This is starting to get really good…” she murmured while moving her hand along the neck of Asuka, down towards her blouse.

The girl moaned as the log broke off, the bit making the water splash against her ass cheeks while more of her shit was continuing to push out from the ass.

“You’re so cruel Misato… Taking advantage of me during time like this…” Asuka sobbed as Misato opened her blouse, freeing the girl’s petite bra covered breasts. She began to massage the breasts gently while the huge turd finally broke and the log that didn’t seem to end finally did stop pushing its way out. Asuka moaned and sighed in relief as she felt her stomach be fully emptied, with the final parting fart coming out from her.

“Oh my Asuka, you sure needed to use the toilet… I’d really, really have to use it too but I think you may have just clogged it with your own relieving…” Misato cooed while moving her hands under Asuka’s armpits and helping the girl stand up to see her doing.

Misato could have very well been right about the toilet being clogged. The bowl was absolute mess, with the thick logs all over it. Small pieces of shit were also resting on the seat as well.

“… Maybe you’re right. I’m sorry, you got any ideas what to do?” Asuka asked while she pulled her panties up from her ankles to cover herself again only to painfully groan as she just then remembered she had not yet wiped herself.

Misato got closer, so close that she could have kissed Asuka if she had wanted. She motioned Asuka to lean closer and whispered into her ear “Well you were the one to clog the toilet…. So you can be the make shift toilet.”


“WHAT!!?!??! Misato are you insane?!?!” Asuka exclaimed as she tried to move away but there were nowhere to go.

Misato took hold of Asuka from her hips and pulled her towards herself and forcefully kissed the teen. Asuka thought of biting the woman but was afraid what she’d do. When she broke the kiss Misato began to speak “You’ll be the toilet tonight… Either you co operate or I’ll have no troubles doing this the hard way… But Asuka, you can too enjoy it if you just give it a chance.”

Long moment of silence passed between the two.

“Okay….. What do I do?” Asuka finally replied.

Misato smiled wickedly “Just lie on your back and take off your blouse.”

Asuka did as she was told; she completely removed her shirt and unhooked her bra, making it fall to the floor. She then lied down on her back.

“Misato… Have you done this thing before?” she asked with a worried tone in her voice.

The purple haired beauty laughed a bit “Oh, just some small stuff with Ritsuko when we were younger… We never did go all the way as we will tonight though….” She murmured while she opened her shorts and dropped them and her panties down. She walked over to Asuka’s head and straddled her legs on either sides of her head, slowly squatting herself down. She reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks, tugging them open to reveal her nasty dirty anus, still lowering her butt a little before grunting as a loud horrendous fart spew lewd gas all across Asuka’s face. The girl groaned a bit as the stench was really horrible. Misato pushed and tried to get shit, but all she managed to do was let out smelly farts and really tiny pieces of poop.

But just then it came. The hangover diarrhea that Misato had felt rumbling all this time. The horribly smelly, liquid brown shit began to shoot itself down straight at Asuka’s face, who just had enough time to close her eyes. The shit covered her face with transparent like, yellowish brown substance while Misato moaned as she felt more of the shit going to come. The next one was big, accompanied by a watery fart as bits of poop and totally liquid and some really soft shit began to flow, beginning to cover Asuka’s face and her mouth. The stream of shit turned to mostly solid, as pieces of shit were filling Asuka’s hair and getting all over the floor. It felt like hours, but it was actually just few minutes before Misato’s stomach was finally empty.

“Mmm, I really had to take a shit…” Misato murmured as she lied next to Asuka who tried to open her eyes.

Misato saw this so she wiped some of it covering her eyes off before leaning into to kiss her passionately. This time, Asuka did not reject but instead, returned the kiss with tongue added to it.

Asuka moaned as she licked her lips a bit, while scooting the scat with her fingers and sucking them clean “You were right Misato… It really did feel good…”

“There’s more to that than just eating shit Asuka. Maybe we get to do more stuff later… But now you must hurry, before you get late from the school. They’d never believe the reason,” she laughed and Asuka laughed too.

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