French quarter fuck

Amber was sitting nude except garters and stockings, frustrated and bored. She was touching herself slowly and not responding very well, she thought about getting some random stranger from the bar and bringing him home that night, and this made her wetter, a few weeks ago she had done this, but Brian had turned out to be stupid and came two seconds after he had thrusted inside her awkwardly, he had tried to move in with her, wich she avoided by taking him out for coffee and leaving him there. She sighed and stared at herself in the mirror, over her shoulder a painting of the virgin mary looked down at her with eyes full of empty stupid love.
Her expensive black seam stockings were already getting runs in them, so much for damn fetishism, garters werent made for human bodies, hers often came undone and snapped her thighs. she tied her straight black hair into a bun, her eyes slighted tilted thanks to her korean mother, her arms were both tattoo'd in full sleaves, of various designs, mostly black and celtic. She was just under five feet but was slender to, and was often confused to be a young teen if her tattoos were covered.
The record was skipping, she stomped on the floor and the song carried on, Nick cave sang on rue fully. Her roomate would bang on the wall when her record player would skip, fucking fool, all into computers and electronic music that sounded like they were singing to you thru a tin can, she hated him, and amber often thought about sneaking into his part of the house with a straight razor, cutting him from ear to ear, she would be sticky with his blood and run madly into the street.
She knew how the razor blade would feel, having felt the sting of the ultra sharp blade on her skin several times, it was alarming how the straight razor could damage you so severely and not set of to many alarms in your nervous system, maybe she figured it was hers that was dull.
The phone had been ringing of and on for half a hour now, hers was a black turn dial affair, pilfired from a elderly neighbors storage space.
"Its for YOU!" jerk off screamed through the wall, only he would pay for the caller id option.
She lit a smoke and picked up the receiver, "yeah?"
she could hear him breathing still on the other phone.
"I ve Fucking Got it John!!"
he slammed the receiver down.
She could hear her boss laughing.
"Hey sweetthing." he said.
"Hi , ronnie whats up?"
"Tasha quit."
"Oh, no." Amber groaned, there went her night of getting drunk and molesting a boy at a bar on Decatur.
"Can you make it by eleven." he begged "It will totally be worth your while."
she raised her eyebrow, "oh yeah? how so?"
"You'll see.."

Shortly afterward amber was out the door and walking down the street in a long black coat and her spikey work shoes, she got a occasional cat call from a tourist, but locals are more laid back, having allready seen it all, she pushed thru the crowds, tawdy wih beads and transexual strip shows, where she had a crush on one of the black girl/boys who worked there.
The music in the club was pulsating, one of the waitresses waved at her in a friendly way and amber smiled back.
It was going be a back night, the front row was full of business men and their wives, men with their wives never tipped, and the dancers all hated it.
Ronnie pretended to hide from her when he saw her storming towards him at the back of the smoke filled bar. He was a heavy set black man, with a soft demeanor.
Amber scowled at him.
"I m sorry! some convention." he pleaded.

She gave him the cds to give to the dj and made her way into the small back stage area that was behind the bar, Alexis the matron was there,a older texan lady, blonde and scrawny, her job was to make sure no one went thru your purse while you were on stage. The room had all the comfort of a holding cell, but alexis tried to burn incense and would banter with her about the girls, customers and the ghost she thought was in the crawl space.
"Looking good." alexis said of amber in her new pvc mini dress and thong.
"sweaty as hell, " amber lamented "maybe it will a sugar mamma out there."
Alexis laughed, " Look at em bitches. half of em came here so their husbands can get it up for thems saggy asses, half them came to give y'all dirty looks."
The two of them peered out at the crowd, a dropdead goregous chubby fortyish redhead, sat clapping her hands and putting bills on the stage.
"huh." amber said, "got us a live one."
"go and getter then." alexis said slapping her on the ass.

Amber crawled out on stage for her first song, some of the people went quiet, the read head squealed out loud, she couldnt decide if the woman was drunk or enthusiastic, for this song she had choosen, hurt by NIN, she slinked across the stage to three feet before the red head, amber caught the red heads eye, then rolled on her back, she gyrated her pelvis to the music, and massaged her small firm breasts thru the pvc.
Her honey coloured skin was slick with sweat and the lights played off it.
By the end of the third song , she was in a semi split before the chesty redhead,showing off the lips pf her pussy thru the slick pvc, the redhead reached out and put a fifty in her garter, with it was a peice of paper.
Ronnie was watching, so amber simply smiled politely at the red head and gave her a wink. the woman smiled coyly.

Later at home Amber dug the note out of her purse and looked at it, it was three am and things were starting to wind down, as much as new orleans ever does. It read .
'I liked what I saw, call us if you want to make some money'
amber quickly dialed the number, thank god the retard was asleep and not tieing the phone up with his computer. Amber wanted to see the red head again, and didnt mind making some money.
"Hello." a soft fememine voice practically purred.
"uhm hi," amber ckoaked, she was suddenly shy.
"I know who it is." the voice said friendily "if you wanna come over and do some work for us, feel free, we are staying at the dumaine guesthouse."
"i know where that is" amber said smiling, "I ll be there in ten."
"Okay dahling, well tell the front desk to expect you."

Amber rode her bicycle there, people at the cafe du monde were allready getting ready for the morning tourists. The old man at desk, looked down his nose at her as he directed her to fourth floor room.
Amber tapped on the door three times. The door swung open, a man who looked alot like burt reynolds in deliverence opened the door, except he was nude with a hard long glistening erection, with a pearly drop of precum glistening from the head.
"Hello," he said unabashedly "come on in."
The suite was darkened except for a hundred candles burning and soft corny jazz on the stereo, in the dim room she could see the redheaded woman on the bed in the next room, lounging on the bed in a sheer black chemise.
"here, " he said "first things first. we want to make you comfortable with us here." he stared at her in the eyes as he began to massage his cock slowly. Amber smiled " Of course, now what do y'all want me to do for you."
"Come here," the red head cooed like a siren " come here and just kiss me."
Amber went into the bedroom and began kissing the womans wet lips, her mouth was slightly open and amber dipped her tounge inside it, and found it tasted like rum.
"Lie back on the bed," amber whispered, and pushed the womans legs apart, she started sucking on the womans plump pussy. Ambers tounge worked fast over the womans clit, and as she darted her tounge inside her, the woman moaned and arched her back.
She began to grind her pussy against ambers face, and amber responded by slipping two fingers inside the womans tight hole.
The husband was standing by the bed now.
"Its our tenth anniversary, I told her should could have anything she wanted." he said, he bentdown and kissed the redhead full on the lips.
"MMM, do i taste good?" the redhead asked.
"Of course. " amber said with her mouth full of the womans clit, she chewed on it lightly, while she plunged deeper with more fingers.
"oh god yes" she moaned " make me cum."
The woman thrusted her sex againsts ambers face as she came hard, pulling on ambers hair.
"Now him." she commanded smiling.
"You want me to eat you to?" amber offered parting her lips in anticipation.
"no," he smiled " I want to fuck you."
he positioned amber so that her pussy hovered above the redheads mouth, so amber was on all fours, and the redhead on her back. In a wet sloppy 69 position.
He took amber from behind, spreading her small twat with one hand, he slowly slid his length inside her.
"Oh honey you wouldnt belive how wet she is. " he laughed then thrust deep inside her. The redhead lapped hungrily at the shaft as it plunged in and out of amber.
He began riding her so quick and hard that he lifted amber of the bed, he began to moan, he pulled out and came in hot spurts across the redheads face.
The three of them layed in a heap on the bed, husband and wife kissing softly.
"Well that was something else." the husband sighed.
Amber laughed and tucked the wad of cash they gave her into her lunch box purse.
As she made her way home past hungover tourists and the street crews cleaning the streets, the smell of the river filling the air, she spotted a familiar male shape sitting pathetically in the gutter.
"Amber!" he cried "Where did you go? you wouldnt beleive what happened to me the last week."
"Brian,"she replied "my mind is way open."

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