Friendly Foursome

Marcia and Ted were into their favorite bar on a Friday night, drinking and dancing to a local rock band. Two of their friends, Larry and Joan, walked in and joined them. The two couples drank well into the night and when the bar closed down, Marcia and Ted suggested that they continue the party at their house.

Ted turned on more rock music at the house and asked if Larry and Joan would like to smoke some weed to keep the party going. The four of them sat around and got high and eventually, the topic of conversation turned to sex. Marcia told them about a couple in her office who had swapped partners and belonged to a swingers’ club and how it had enhanced their sex life. Larry said that he knew a guy down at his office who had done the same thing with his wife and another couple. The four of them stared at each other for awhile, then Ted walked over to Joan and put his arm around her. Larry sat next to Marcia on the couch and told her how sexy he thought she was with her long legs, blonde hair and large, rounded breasts.

Ted’s arm moved around Joan and lightly touched her breast through the silkiness of her low cut blouse. Her nipple immediately came to attention and she put her hand on his thigh moving her fingertips up and down. Ted turned Joan’s face to his and started kissing her, licking at her full red lips and probing inside her mouth with his tongue, as her hand moved further up his pants leg and found a bulge starting to form.

Larry cupped Marcia’s breast, then lightly pinched her nipple, with one hand as his other hand found her knee and moved up her short skirt. Marcia turned to Larry and started nibbling at his lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth, while her hand moved to his crotch and rubbed lightly through his tight jeans. As Larry’s hand moved higher under Marcia’s skirt, he found to his delight that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and her pubic hair was already moist.

Ted suggested that they all move upstairs to the bedroom where they could be more comfortable on the king-sized bed, and everyone readily agreed.

Ted sat on the bed and watched as Joan unbuttoned her blouse slowly exposing her firm, rounded breasts in front of him. He grabbed for her and cupped one in his hand, while he sucked and nibbled on the large nipple of her other breast. She pulled him up to his feet and unzipped the fly of his pants, gasping as she saw the size of his cock. She put her hand around it and massaged it gently, as Ted unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor exposing her shaved pussy.

Larry and Marcia had undressed and as Larry laid on the bed, Marcia laid on top of him, kissing his mouth then trailing her tongue down his chest, rubbing her large breasts along his torso. She worked her way down to his thick cock standing at full attention and she licked his shaft up one side, then down the other, then sucked on the tip. She felt the bed move as Ted and Joan joined them. Her ass was sticking up in the hair and she felt Ted’s hand caress her cheeks and stroke her wet pussy while he was licking and sucking on Joan’s cunt.

Larry reached over to Joan and started massaging her breast and pinching her nipple while Marcia was taking his thick cock slowly into her mouth, licking and sucking on it as she drew it deep down her throat. Her mouth moved up and down on it in slow motion, as she felt Ted’s finger stroke her very hard clit.

Marcia wanted a taste of Joan’s shaven honeypot so she released Larry’s cock, motioned for Ted to stop licking Joan, and she went over to Joan and started kissing her, pushing her tongue as far as it would go into her mouth. Their breasts and nipples rubbed against each other as their hands worked up and down on each other’s bodies. Marcia moved her head down Joan’s body, licking at her breasts, sucking her nipples, nibbling at her stomach and torso as she moved down to her hairless cunt. She could see Joan’s swollen clit without even opening up her inner lips. She touched the hard little knob with the tip of her tongue, while she inserted her finger inside Joan’s drenched love tunnel.

Ted and Larry stroked their dicks watching Marcia suck and lick Joan’s pussy. Larry got behind Marcia and slid his hard rod into her dripping hotbox. He moved it in and out very slowly as he reached under her cupping and massaging her breasts. Ted positioned himself over Joan’s face so that she could lick the tip of his large cock. She opened up her mouth and took as much of his it in as she could. He moved his body up and down slowly while she worked him over with her lips, using her tongue to go up and down the shaft as he moved in and out of her mouth.

Joan was grinding her pussy into Marcia’s mouth, feeling her climax build. Larry took his hands off Marcia’s breasts and started rubbing her hardened pearl as his cock moved in and out of her. Marcia’s cunt was on fire and as her body pounded against Larry’s cock in orgasm, she plunged her tongue into Joan’s love tunnel as Joan shuddered in orgasm.

Larry took his cock out of Marcia and Ted took his out of Joan’s mouth. Ted stood up and laid Marcia on her back on one side of the bed, legs spread wide open. He took her legs and put them over his shoulders, and inserted his stiff cock into her pussy. Larry had Joan lay the same way as he stood in front of her spread legs and shoved his rock hard rod as far as it would go. The two men faced each other across the bed while their shafts moved in and out of the girls’ cunts. Marcia and Joan were laying almost head to head so they moved their arms over their heads and fondled and massaged each other’s breasts as a cock moved furiously in and out of each of them. Joan let go of one of Marcia’s breasts and started massaging her own clit as Larry moved his dick faster and faster in and out. Marcia started to moan and move her body furiously against Ted in an earth shattering orgasm while Joan’s muscles grabbed hold of Larry’s cock in her orgasm.

Marcia got up and walked over to Larry’s side of the bed, while Joan did the same with Ted. Marcia took Larry’s throbbing cock into her mouth and moved her lips up and down while tonguing his shaft. Joan took Ted’s cock in her mouth, feeling it pulsate as she worked her lips up and down his shaft. Both girls worked their mouths faster and faster, and just as both cocks started to explode in their mouths, they took them out and watched as hot cum spurted out on their breasts.

Ted and Marcia and Larry and Joan collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. In the morning, the four of them agreed that the previous night had been the most exciting thing they had ever done and promised a repeat again real soon.

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