Watching Stella and blacked

"Stella!", I thumbed the intercom one more time. Where was she?

Usually my personal assistant appeared at my first bidding... her heels clicking across the floor of the adjacent room as she hurried to my beckoning. By now I should be admiring her lush, erection-boosting curves as she entered the room, her notepad clutched in her hand and her pencil suggestively toying with her lips.... like she always seemed to when she entered the room.

Stella`s office skills were amazing. Her shorthand and typing were most excellent.... her telephone manner second to none. She had a wonderful creativity when it came to canceling appointments whenever the fancy took me to take the afternoon off. Her more "personal" skills were more than excellent too. I`d often pushed my fat, urgent cock into her glistening wet cunt as she squirmed on my desk or answered phone-calls whilst her sweet lips enveloped my lazy erection... her hair tickling my thighs as she squatted under my desk.

Her doey-brown eyes concealed a horny, cock-hungry bitch. She was wall-to-wall horny.... as horny as fuck!

"Stella!", I buzzed her one more time. I stood, flicking the pen I`d been doodling with onto the desk and strode to the door. Where the hell was she?

I yanked open the adjoining door and stepped through into her outer office.... her swivel seat empty. Her screen-saver of a big cock wriggling across the screen indicating she`d been away from her desk for some time. I`d told her to change it unless a client saw it but.... [sigh] you know Stella!

I glanced at my watch..... a little after 1500 hrs..... long since passed lunch and she always checked with me before slipping out of the building. Damn her! Where had she fucked off to without saying owt?

Yanking open the other door I stepped out into the corridor glancing up and down it`1s length hoping to catch sight of her. Nothing.... the corridor empty.

I quickly glanced through the open door of the office kitchen expecting her there, waiting for the kettle to boil... a cigarette between her slender fingers. No.... the kitchen was empty. DAMN!!!

I moved quickly down the corridor. That`s when I heard it. A murmur. I stepped towards the stockroom door which was ajar. Voices! Stella`s. And someone else`s too! A man`s!

I peered through the gap between the door and the door-frame.... the sight from within making me take a sharp intake of breath. Stella! With Simon, the negro bloke that often delivered stock from a local supplier. Her semitransparent blouse undone, her black, lacy bra-cups jutting out, her businesslike skirt discarded on the polished floor. His dark hands squeezing the full cups of her bra.... kneading those soft breasts that my fingers had so often caressed. Her panties down still trapped around one of her stiletto heels. His other hand squeezing the round globes of her ass. His dark fingers digging into her lily-white flesh. The flesh that my fingers had, so many times before, roughly squeezed.

I watched.

I watched her fingers ease his thick black cock from within the opening of his trousers. Long painted fingernails stroking his ebony excitement.

"Fuck me!", she whispered with her husky voice, "Fuck me now! I want this cock up me".

She turned to face the wall, her cheek against the cold plaster, raising her left leg atop a packing case to reveal her horny cunt. The cunt I`d often slid my rigid cock into..... already glistening with her arousal and heat.

I watched.

I watched as he positioned himself behind her, guiding his thick cock with his fingers to part the petals of her shaven cunt. As he touched between her open petals she gasped, "Fill me!"

He pushed deep. Deep into that cunt that had so often wrapped it`s intimate folds around my shaft. Deep..... deeper than I could reach. She shivered with excitement as he began to fuck her. Slow... deep... his hands upon her hips as he gave Stella just what she desperately wanted.

He leaned forward to whisper in her ear.... an inaudible whisper that made her giggle, pushing her hips back to impale herself further on his shaft

I watched.

I watched his thick black cock pump her cunt..... sticky with her cream as he fucked her willing cunt. Her eyes closed.... her mouth slightly open as her cunt stretched to take his thick, ebony rod. Deep. Her fingers pulling her ass-cheeks apart to let him fuck her greedy slit. Ploughing her pink furrow.

I watched.

I watched his greedy hands roughly slip the cups of her black, lacy bra upwards.... his hands mauling her big, creamy tits. Tits that my lips had kisses and sucked upon. His fingers roughly pinching her excited nipples..... that pleasurable pain.

Faster.... his belly slapping against her round ass-cheeks making hem wobble as he fucked her cunt more fiercely. She bit her lip and then wet them with her tongue. "Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder you bastard!"

He grinned.... his thrusting become faster as he tipped her over the edge.... panting, gasping. I imagined her cunt-muscles rippling along the length of his shaft as her juices wet his balls. I`d been there myself - I knew! He mauled her tits as she came.... greedily squeezing as she gave her cream to his thick, demanding shaft.

She turned quickly.... squatting down to take his sticky ebony rod in her mouth, sucking greedily - her cheeks hollowing as she sucked him deep into her throat. I imagined her tongue fluttering the underneath of his meat - she was so good at that! I knew!

I watched

I watched as dark fingers grasped a handful of her blonde hair as he continued his thrusts into her willing mouth.... her fingernails lightly scratching his inner thighs as her mouth greedily ate. I saw him throw his head back.... trying to hold his seed just a little longer.... to delay that sweet agony of release. He groaned as he jetted deep into Stella`s throat.... she drank greedily... wantonly... just as I knew she would!

She licked... she lapped... she swallowed cleaning his rod with her little pink tongue.... some of his cum trickling down her chin to drip upon her blouse. I backed away.... my erection almost painful in my trousers.

Yes! Stella was one helluva "personal" assistant

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