Eve the human toilet

On arriving home after her first visit to the men's toilet, Eve had spent over an hour under the shower, washing every inch of her body over and over again. She lathered and washed her hair several times and performed every necessary action to make sure that she was cleaned up. She douched herself several times and rinsed her mouth, and gargled with an antiseptic solution.

Even with all of Eve's scrupulous cleansing, Rob still had reservations fucking her after what she'd been through. Instead, he made her kneel before him, and, taking her head firmly in his hands, he fucked her face vigorously, making her gag and choke and retch as his cock rapidly pummelled her mouth and plunged right back to her epiglottis and even an inch or two down her throat when he got the angle right.
Eve made the most fantastic animal like gurgling and choking sounds, and, being unable to swallow due her husband's cock lustfully pumping her mouth, her saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth and ran down over her chin and dripped onto her lurching breasts.

Soon Rob felt the wonderful feeling of his cum being about to discharge from his rampant cock. Showing no concern whatsoever for his wife, he gripped her head firmer and shoved hard until his balls hung over Eve's chin, his pubic hair pressed over her upper lip and nose, and his cock penetrated some three inches right down her throat so that the bulge of it could be clearly seen in his wife's neck.
Eve thrashed about with her arms as she choked and suffocated, the tears pouring from her eyes and strange, muffled sounds emanated from somewhere in her jammed full mouth.
Rob shoved harder forward with his cock, although being fully in, he only succeeded in bruising Eve's lips. "Arrrrrrrhhhh," he groaned in sheer bliss as his sperm pumped from his cock directly down his wife's throat.
The wonderful, lustful sensations slowly subsided and it was only then that Rob considered letting his wife breathe. He slowly, unhurriedly, eased his hard, swollen cock from his wife's mouth. Eve gave a huge gasp as the air filled her lungs. She fell to the floor on all fours, panting and gasping with her head hanging down. Once her violent gasping had brought back some normality to her breathing, Eve slumped fully to the floor and lay there totally exhausted by the experience.

Later, as the happily married couple lay in bed, they discussed everything that had happened at the toilets. They talked of the putrid condition of the toilet, with the urinal full of the stale, stinking piss that had accumulated over the course of the day. They spoke of how Eve had been forced to swallow a mouthful of the vile, rancid liquid and how she'd had her head flushed in the toilet bowl.
They both agreed that it had been incredibly degrading and humiliating for Eve, and yet it was obvious from the way that they spoke, that they had both been so sexually excited by the events of the evening.

Eve had, way back when she'd first searched the internet, been appalled at the cruel and disgusting things that some men like to do to women. It had been odd though, and had certainly made her wonder about herself, when she found that the idea of being treated in that way had excited her and aroused her lust.
Her private thoughts had gradually taken her along that path of exciting fantasies of being abused and degraded, so that when it became apparent that her husband was indeed one of those men who had those same perverted ideas of showing his love in such bizarre ways, well ........ they were both thrilled to find that their ideas matched perfectly.

It must be admitted that Eve certainly had never visualised anything quite so disgusting as the way she'd been treated in the men's public toilet: she'd genuinely been shocked and a little horrified when she'd first been plunged into all of that filthy, stagnant urine, but as the evening had unfolded, she'd become more and more a willing participant.

The next day, Rob logged onto the sex site on the internet, eager to see if his two friends had left messages concerning what they had done to Eve the night before. He wasn't disappointed, both men had left long messages marvelling on the disgusting filth that they'd been able to force Eve into.
Both of the men had been impressed by Eve's submissiveness and willingness to be used by them. One now suggested, "sometimes in these places you can find toilets clogged up with shit and then just left to accumulate filth." While the second man was even more explicit and suggested that, "we could have had her head pushed down into a toilet bowl full of stale, putrid shit. Then scoop a cup of it out and force her to drink it, with more of it poured over her head. Some old, stale turds shoved into her pussy would help as well."

(Yvonne's note: You'll recognise the the above comments from those left by readers at the first part of this story.)

Rob felt his lust stirring as he read these filthy suggestions. Yes, he thought, we could take her a lot further than we did last night. He was almost physically trembling with excitement as he typed out a few quick lines in response to the men's emails: "Yes, I agree entirely with your suggestions re. forcing my wife to eat stinking shit-filth. Let's organise something."

Over the next few days, a flurry of emails circulated between Rob and the two men, each one ever more foul and disgustingly vile than the preceding one. Some of the things written in regard to what could be done to his lovely wife were so vile as to really nauseate him and turn his stomach, he nevertheless agreed to everything.

The day came. It promised to be hot and humid. The two men arrived early at the toilet block and agreed that such weather was ideal as it would make the piss and shit stink and ferment all the more.
They quickly went to work, once more preparing the urinal as they had previously done. They then turned their attention to the cubicles and shut off the water supply to each one. Having done that, they went from cubicle to cubicle scooping the water from each bowl so that they were all more or less dry.
Satisfied with their preparations, the men went their separate ways, both tremendously excited at the prospect of such vile filth which was to take place that night.

All day, the men, along with Rob, found it almost impossible to concentrate on their work as their minds went over and over what might happen that evening. Eve was the only one who, completely unaware and oblivious to the men's plans for her, had an untroubled day.
At lunchtime, one of the men, unable to contain his anxiety as to whether the toilets would be in the state that they wished for, hurried back to the toilet block to check on progress. He soon found out that he had no cause for concern. The stinking smell alone, as he entered the door, told him of the satisfactory condition that was being attained. He gasped for fresh air as he entered the stinking atmosphere of the toilet block. It was absolutely foul and putrid. The air was hot and putrid with the foul stench of fresh shit. He shrank back from the buzzing flies which had been attracted to such an abomination of filth. The urinal was already grossly disgusting and lapping full with a stale muck of yellow piss. He turned towards the cubicles and had to hold himself in check as his inclination was to vomit at the sight and stink of the bowls half full of the vile excrement from what must have already been dozens of men. Holding his breath he approached one of the bowls and looked down at the gross site of shit smeared, urine soaked paper which was literally crawling with flies. Going to the cleaner's cupboard in the corner, he took hold of a mop and used the handle to probe one of the bowls and move the brown-yellow sodden paper to view the filth of slimy, brown shit sitting beneath. Pushing that aside he realised that there were layers where many men had excreted their waste and left ready for the next layer of shit, all of which was liberally soaked with urine. His stomach heaved and retched at the site and smell.
As the man left, his imagination was in a wild frenzy at the thought of what gross abominations they might force Eve into that night.

That evening, after dinner, Rob told Eve that they were once more going to meet with the same two men they'd met with at the toilets. Eve felt a surge of lustful excitement, and asked in a soft voice, "is it going to be at the toilets again?"
Rob told her that it was, but elaborated no further on what their plans were.
Eve imagined that it would be more or less a repeat of what she was made to do on the previous occasion, and she felt lustful excitement in spite of the disgusting filth to which she'd been subjected to that earlier time.
They waited until it was quite late, Eve in the meantime having showered, arranged her hair, spent considerable time with her make up, and dressed very prettily.
Rob chuckled to himself about his wife's preparations to make herself look beautiful - it was all so much at odds with the disgusting filth that they had planned for her.

Finally the time came and Eve submissively went with her husband to the car.
They drove to the toilet block and found the two men eagerly awaiting. They greeted Eve with lecherous grins and handed Rob a small gas mask matching the ones that they each held in their hands.
"Is it that bad?' Rob asked with a laugh and in a tone that implied that he thought the worse the better.
"It's absolutely fucking foul," the men replied laughing.

Eve was stunned at these few comments, but, opening her mouth to say something about a mask for herself, realised how ridiculous such a request would be, and prepared herself for the worst, thinking that surely the urine could be no worse than the previous time.
Rob looked at his wife lustfully, his heart pounding at the thought of forcing her into such an abomination of vile filth. "Get undressed," he told her, "there's no point in ruining your clothes."
Eve felt so sluttish as she stood there at the side of the car, surrounded by the three men. She slowly stripped off first her sexy little dress, and then her lovely, delicate undergarments.
Stark naked, Eve was led across the road towards the men's toilet block.

"Urg!" Eve gasped and tried to step back back as her nostrils were assailed by the foul, putrid stench of shit which filled the toilet block with a heavy vapour. Eve was shoved forward and entered the doorway with trepidation and yet with fantastic sexual ardour.
The air was absolutely foul and stunk with such a putrid odour of loathsome, repulsive shit that Eve held her breath but then found herself unable to continue and actually gasping in the evil, corrupt stench. She looked about wildly; she saw the filthy trough of stinking, stale urine just as at the previous time; she saw the toilet bowls seemingly full and with one of them with a slime of brown shit actually oozing over the rim. She instantly knew the sort of things that her husband and the two men had planned for her - she was horrified, she was appalled, but at the same time she felt her lustful excitement overwhelming all objections to being subjected to such filth and debauchery.

"Come on whore, let's see you wallowing about in the piss trough," one of the men said.
Eve needed no prompting, unlike the previous time when she had been forced into the vile pool of filth, she daintily stepped into the trough of putrid, yellow, urine. The men marvelled at such degraded sluttishness as Eve sank to her knees, then leaned forward and slowly lay face down in the abhorrent pool of corrupt feculence.

The men all groaned in disgust at the wanton filthiness of this dirty slut, but at the same time laughed with glee at the fantastic degradation they'd been able to lead this lovely and seemingly decent woman to. Their desire to perform vile acts of unspeakable filth and debauchery upon this lovely woman increased tenfold.
"Put your face in it and let the filthy piss wash through your mouth," Eve was told.
Obediently and unconditionally, Eve lowered her face into the stagnant piss and opened her mouth as she did so.
The dirty, polluted, liquid filth washed into her mouth. She moved her head slightly and a disgusting white scum that floated on the surface of the piss, washed into her mouth in a stomach turning display.

It was a fantastic sight of grossly evil filth to see Eve luxuriating in the foul urine, but the men's lust for filth needed yet more disgustingly foul activities for her.

Eve was ordered out of the piss trough and she stood up with the urine dripping from her beautiful body. In her mouth she savoured the rank taste of stale urine. Turning towards the cubicles she knew that she would be made to perform appallingly vile and despicable acts of filth, but her sexual lustfulness made her willing to do any sordid act that the men ordered.

Taken to the toilet bowl which was overflowing with human excrement, she was made to kneel as at an altar to every detestable abomination that could be forced upon her.
The command came - "wipe that shit over your face you dirty, fucking, stinking fucking whore."
Eve thrilled at the thought of being made to carry out such utterly appalling filth for the men. She moved her hand towards the filthy, slimy, brown shit which was partly oozing over the rim of the bowl. Her soft hand slid over the surface of the shit, feeling the sloppy, oozing muckiness of it. She pressed her hand firmly down and the brown ooze pushed up between her fingers and coated her soft, delicate hand with its filth.
The stench from the shit was absolutely gross as her hand continued to move and play with the disgusting, slop.
The men were disgusted, but thrilled, even with this small display of gross filth by Eve. They urged her on.
Eve lifted her hand from the stinking shit, and looked at the soft, brown slime of shit adhering to her palm. The shit was the most offensively crass, vulgar, stinking muck imaginable, but Eve scooped even more of it into her small hand and brought it slowly towards her face. This act which she was about to do for the men, was absolute anathema to her every sense of decency and self-respect, and yet her lustfulness pushed her to do it - she wanted to be the most reviled, disgusting, sub-human creature imaginable.
She held her shit covered hand right up to her face, breathing the putrid odours into her lungs. She could feel her stomach muscles beginning to heave in a movement of wanting to vomit as her senses filled with the horror of what she was about to do. She moved her hand closer and felt the soft slime of the shit pressing against her face. Now she moved her hand in a circular motion and began smearing the disgusting, stinking, brown shit over her lovely face.

Eve's husband and the two men watching, groaned and indeed their own stomachs began to heave at the sight of Eve with the soft, sloppy shit that was slowly being plastered all over her face.
Such putrid, vile actions could only have one result and Eve began to retch violently. Instinctively she knew that the men would want to see her vomit spewing over her body, so she leaned her head forward just as the surging gush of disgusting, warm, digested food spewed from her mouth. It gushed down over her naked body, covering her breasts, her belly, and her legs with the evil smelling, yellow muck.
Such a vile and obnoxious sight was too much for one of the men whose stomach began to heave. He held on just long enough to quickly grab a handful of Eve's hair, force her to the ground, and then, as she was looking up at him, he let his stomach muscles have their way, and disgorged his torrent of vomit into Eve's face.
This disgustingly abhorrent action caused Eve to once more start retching, but this time she had nothing left to bring up, and simply doubled up heaving and gasping for air through the man's vomit which had smothered her hair and was oozing over and dripping from her face.

The men looked upon Eve as the lowest, most abject, most foul, most revolting, most disgusting, most repugnant being. Eve herself knew that she was the epitome of everything that was vile and objectionable - she wanted to be so despicable and revoltingly filthy for her husband and his friends.

The men were so absolutely disgusted by the vile condition of Eve that they ordered her to kneel before one of the toilet bowls and to start scooping out the shit and piss soaked paper, along with whatever shit she came upon, and to begin smearing it all over herself.
Eve gasping and disgusted with her foul condition reached her arms right down through all of the filthy muck in the toilet bowl and, scooping out shit and piss soaked filth in her hands, she began to slop it all over her head and shoulders.
Handful after handful of shit, she scooped up and plastered over her face and even in her mouth, her body constantly heaving and retching in violent protest at the gross foulness of the muck that she was breathing and tasting.
Finally, when that particular bowl was emptied out, she was given a plastic mug and told to fill it with piss from the blocked urinal, then having done that, she was made to put some particularly sloppy shit from one of the other bowls into the cup of piss, and then to mix it up and drink the soupy brown mixture down. Eve willingly made up the piss-shit mixture and forced herself to consume it all.
Having drunk down that vile mixture, Eve's stomach once more went into violent paroxysms of vomiting. Eventually when she'd settled a little, she was tied kneeling before one of the toilet bowls with her face held right down so that she was breathing in the foul odours arising from the shit and piss in the bowl. The men then took a hollow dildo of massive proportions, and shoved it right up her anus. On the back of the hollow dildo they attached a large diameter rubber hose, the other end of which connected onto a hand pump. The men then put on long rubber gloves and began scooping the shit and piss soaked paper from four of the remaining five toilet bowls, and loading it into the funnel attached to the pump. Eve's husband them began working the handle of the pump so that all of the vile, disgusting excrement from the toilet bowls, was slowly forced into Eve's ass and began filling her intestines with the vile muck of the day's shitting.

More and more of the filthy sewage the men pumped into Eve's body, filling her intestines and slowly forcing the muck right back to her stomach. Her belly slowly swelled and swelled until she looked as if she was nine months pregnant.

Eventually Eve was released and made to stand upright. The dildo was then pulled from her ass and a disgusting discharge of mushed up shit and muck began to ooze from her body and ooze down the insides of her thighs and legs.
That disgusting display continued for quite some minutes before the oozing discharge of shit began to slow. Eve was then made to squat in front of the one remaining bowl which was still filled with shit and muck. Her task here, was to scoop out the shit from amongst the piss soaked paper, and to pack it up into her pussy, forcing it in so that it squeezed up into ever recess of her cervix and uterus. Eve willingly and lustfully complied with this order, filling her pussy with the putrid shit until it was oozing down the insides of her thighs. Next she was given a large dildo and made to fuck her shit filled pussy so that it squelched and slurped through the mushed up shit.

Eve was totally covered in brown, filthy shit. Only her face was not packed with the rotten muck, having just relatively thin smears of shit over her cheeks and forehead. One of the men saw fit to correct this deficiency, and he pulled a long, rubber glove onto his hand.
"Kneel down here at the toilet bowl," he told Eve who submitted readily to his command. The man then began to scoop a good handful of soft, slimy, mucky shit out of the bowl. Once he had a good amount of the foul gunk, he told Eve to tip her head back a little, and to open her mouth.
Eve's mind raced frantically. It was patently obvious what the man intended to do, and yet Eve complied with the instruction, so lustfully worked up and ready for any degradation and abuse no matter how disgustingly vile it might be. The man took a fistful of her shit matted hair, and then slopped the handful of shit onto Eve's open, waiting mouth. She gave an "urrggg" sound of horrified disgust, and yet she made no effort to avoid what the man was doing to her. With his fingers he worked the shit right into her mouth until it was completely full. He then took some time to scoop another good handful of shitty muck from the toilet, all the time Eve waiting submissively for more shit, he then plasted the shit thickly onto her face, packing it all over until there was only two eyes looking out from amongst the sloppy, dirty muck of shit filth.

The men next took a large, heavy duty, clear plastic bag. Eve was made to stand inside the bag, then her husband and the two men all donned rubber gloves and busied themselves scooping up all of the shit that they could find, along with using a bucket to scoop up as much of the urine as they could, and half filling the bag with a dirty, stinking, brown brew of shit and piss all mixed up.
A very small tube was given to Eve to breath through, and the bag was then securely sealed up with Eve imprisoned in the bag with all of the gross slop of shit and piss and the stinking vapours trapped inside with her. She immediately placed the tiny ventilation tube in her mouth and found that she could only just get enough air to sustain her breathing.
The bag containing Eve and the vile, brown slop of sewage was then left in the urinal for the cleaners to find when they arrived the next morning.

Eve did briefly struggle and try to free herself, but she found that she only succeeded in tipping over and getting a further mouthful of the thick, liquid mixture of urine and excrement, and besides that, she came perilously close to losing her tiny breathing tube.
In the meantime, Rob shook hands with the two men who had been so helpful in turning his wife into such a low, despicable shit-pig, and all three men drove off to their various homes.

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