Kara Blowjob

“Kara, you slut,” I mumbled as I looked at the picture on my phone. The picture displayed my girlfriend, Kara. She was wearing a plaid red, black, and white skirt that was laid out in a way that covered only half of her thighs. Although, it didn’t hint at her underwear. She also wore a white button up shirt that just had the two sides tied together between her breasts. Her nipples weren’t in evidence, so she was probably wearing a bra. Kara also wore an undone tie loosely over her shoulders near the shirt’s collar, white socks that went almost to her knees, and big glasses that were from one of her cosplay outfits. Add in the pen held in her right hand and the notebook on the bed next to her and she was obviously going for a schoolgirl look. The most seductive part about the picture was her biting the end of her left pointer finger and the bright look in her eyes as if she saw something she wanted to latch her mouth around.

Three things bothered me, though. One: that wasn’t a picture of her that I took, and it couldn’t have been a selfie. Two: that picture wasn’t sent to me; it was from an Instagram page with a name and bio that wasn’t hers. Three: there were three different pictures placed on the Instagram account under the name Lexy Thrace from Houston, Texas, over the course of a week.

The other two pictures were more revealing, but obviously selfies done in a mirror. In them, Kara had the phone covering her face. In one, she was wearing her short black dress hiked up to wear her light blue panties were shown underneath. The other picture showed Kara in her dark red lace bra and black shorts with the panties that matched her bra poking out of the waistline of the shorts. In both pictures, the hand that wasn’t holding the phone was helping to expose her lingerie by pulling up on the hemline or down on the waistline in the respective photos.

Kara’s tattoos were also more apparent in the selfies. In the schoolgirl image, the shirt was long sleeved. In the other two, her arms revealed mostly finished sleeves of tattoos. Only a couple spaces remained empty on the upper part of each arm. She also had a tattoo on her ribs and one on her left thigh; those had been the first two she had gotten on her once blank canvass.

“What are you going to do about them, Jacob?” Carter asked.

Carter was the one who found the pictures when “Lexy” ended up on his suggested to follow on Instagram. Carter had been friends with Kara since she and I started dating. He identified her in the first two pictures when he recognized her tattoos. He told me about pics the night after he found them while we were hanging out for guys’ night. He told me that he figured this wasn’t a conversation to have over text. Between his discovery and telling me, Kara had posted the teacher’s pet picture that showed her face, confirming without a doubt that it was her.

“Well, this was taken while I was at work,” I said about the latest picture, “so the guy is long gone. I’m probably not going to find any evidence of him.” An awkward silence laid over us as I considered options.

“It’s a damn shame,” Carter said after taking a long gulp of his beer. “I liked her and you two were real good together.”

My face must have twisted into something sour as I finally said, “Fuck it. If she wants to ruin a good thing, I’m going to be petty as fuck. I’m going home to have sex with her one last time. After I get my pleasure, I’ll tell her I know and see if I can at least find out who he was before I leave.”

“Come to my place after it’s all done,” Carter offered immediately. “I have a bottle with our names on it.”

“Thanks, brother,” I told my best friend and gave him a bro hug.

There she laid curled up on the couch with a book. Kara or Lexy that was the face of my girl of a one-year relationship. She already had on her pink pajama bottoms and a white shirt without a bra. She had crimson hair that she dyed a few months ago that fell down a little passed her shoulders. Her eyes were green. She was a short and slime girl that came up to my chest. Her breasts were Cs, her ass was firm, and her pussy was shaved. I have many found memories of her naked body. I was so pissed. Why did she have to look so cute all the time. I couldn’t blame other guys for wanting her, but I had her. I thought I had her.

That smile on Kara’s face at the sight of me nearly brought it all out right there. Why? Why did she look at me like that? The crazy part of my brain was already thinking that I could win her back and that I could forgive her. But could I really? I decided to find out after.

“Guys’ night ended early. Did Carter actually score a—” Kara was cut off by my kiss. I kissed her hard, knifing my tongue into her mouth. At the same moment, one of my hands groped for a breast.

She is mine! I thought furious.

“Wow! What’s got you so worked up?” she asked after our kiss broke.

I didn’t say anything because I knew what would come out of my mouth if I did. I pulled her off the couch and her book was on the end table forgotten. I went for the hem of her shirt. Kara’s breasts spilled out as I pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it. I kneaded at her breasts as I kissed down her neck. I felt her hands working at my belt and jeans. As I latched onto one of her perky nipples, I felt her hands fish out my cock.

“Yes, babe. Yes,” she delivered in a moaning sigh. I usually loved to hear that. Any other time I would do everything in my power to make it continue. Not tonight.

I detached myself from her except for my hands, which I placed on her shoulders. I, then, gestured down. I ran my tongue lightly along my lips to hide the fact that something was wrong. She didn’t suspect. She knew what I was hinting at and dropped to her knees.

My Kara new exactly how to treat my member. She spent time sucking on just my cockhead as if she was sucking a shake through a straw. My semi turned rock hard. Then, she moved on to licking my shaft as if it was a popsicle. It felt amazing. Every time she did this build up blowjob I had to end it way too soon, unless we were just doing oral. Even with how mad I was, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load into her.

I had told Carter at the bar that I would fuck her one more time first. However, in the moment, I was too hurt and eager to hear her reaction. I wanted to know who and more importantly why. So as she bobbed on my cock, I let the pressure build up. I didn’t stop her. When she tried to stop, I put my hands on the back of her head. Her beautiful eyes looked up at me. I groaned with pleasure, and I think she understood. She went at my cock with more determination to give me a good, happy moment. Usually when we did this, whichever of us started the oral would receive the same eagerness in return. This time would be different. This time the bitch would be in for a surprise.

The tension built up until the dam was ready to burst. Kara could feel me coming towards my climax and tried to back off. My hands kept her in place. I shot my cum into my girlfriend’s mouth. She looked up at me as she swallowed my cum. After the second or third volley of it, I let go of Kara’s head. My cock came out of her mouth and shot more cum onto her chin and left cheek. She had a questioning look on her face. I still hadn’t said anything, and I usually am at least a little vocal during sex. I hadn’t even warned her before cumming in her mouth.

I gazed down at Kara and said, “This would make a good picture. Too bad it wouldn’t be allowed on Instagram, Lexy.”

Kara’s stunned face was priceless. She gaped at me, but no words came out for a few seconds. “I… I just wanted to experiment.” The last came out as a whisper.

“Well, I wouldn’t call cheating on me an experiment,” I replied. I was about to say more when she cut me off.

“What!? It was only a couple pics on Instagram. I didn’t even send any nudes. You really call that cheating?”

I got my phone out and brought up the school outfit picture. “No. I call some man taking a picture of you in this cheating.”

“Oh, my… you have the wrong idea.”

“What a ghost took the picture of you?” I said sarcastically.

“Sarah took it, asshole,” she replied with a glare.

Kara got her own phone and brought up a picture that wasn’t put on Instagram. It was of her in that same sexy school uniform. Next to her was her best friend, Sarah. Sarah had on the same schoolgirl outfit, but she had no shirt on. Instead, she held the white shirt over her chest as if she was covering after being caught or after the deed was done.

Oh, fuck. I am so dead, I thought.

Kara huffed over to the kitchen to grab a couple paper towels to wipe the cum off her face. I quickly went back to my phone and texted Carter. No cheating but might be sleeping on the couch. Explain later.

I put my phone away. Kara came back over still topless, but with a clean face. I opened my mouth to speak. To apologize or accuse, but I never knew which. Before I could say anything, I felt a sting on my left cheek. I wasn’t expecting the slap Kara delivered to my left cheek. I didn’t even fully realize it till the sound of the slap and sting of it connected in my brain. Before I could even think, my right hand was up. Kara recoiled in surprise then felt her cheek where I had slapped her. She and I had never hit each other except in play or sex. I don’t know how it came to this, but we just stared at each other with a red cheek each. Then, we were on one another. I heard a tear in my shirt as she pulled it off, but I didn’t care. I didn’t even take note of what panties she was wearing as I pulled them and the pajamas off together.

Once our clothes were in a heap, I took hold of her hips and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around by lower back and arms around my neck. I readjusted my hands to hold where her ass met her legs. As I carried Kara into the bedroom, she kissed my neck.

Kara yelped as I dropped her onto the bed. I was on top of her right after. I pinched her nipples while I kissed her hard. I didn’t let her catch her breath while my tongue explored her mouth. She bite me hard on my lower lip. I teased her by lowering my mouth toward her tits. Just before I closed around them, I backed off. Kara whimpered a curse at me. Then her eyes popped, and she licked her lips as I continued to travel south. I hovered along her body, down toward her sex.

I didn’t bother with the rest of my usual teasing by kissing around her pussy and thighs. I went straight in. my tongue flicked against her lower pair of lips. My mouth rubbed against her sex while my tongue probed her. Her wetness was probably from how aggressive our love making was this night. Her moans filled the bedroom as I licked her pussy. In turn, I was hard again from the sounds of her pleasure. While my mouth was busy I added a thumb against her clit moving in small clockwise circles. After about a half minute, I suddenly stopped with my thumb, then turned it the other way. I went faster with my thumb as my tongue dug into and out of her cunt.

I knew Kara was ready and the throb in my cock shouted that I was too. I pressed my cock against her opening and thrusted into my woman. She was so wet and horny that it only took a few thrusts for me to be completely inside her. She opened herself to the euphoria. Every moan, movement of her body, and word out of her mouth begged me to fuck her harder. Kara’s arms wrapped around my neck again and pulled me in. She tasted herself on my tongue as we kissed. She also wrapped her legs around my lower back. She didn’t want me leaving her cunt for a second.

“MMM! Let me… ahh. Let me ride you,” she pleaded while moaning into my ear. I started to raise my body up, but she wouldn’t untangle her arms and legs. “No! Don’t leave me. Just flip me.”

I kept my dick inside her. I wrapped an arm around her back and rolled slowly onto my back. She in turn used an arm for balance and rolled onto me. Staying inside her while we moving positions wasn’t too difficult when it was a transition from missionary to cowgirl. Now on top, Kara didn’t immediately start bouncing up and down. She started as if she dancing for a camera. She made small circular motions with her hips that drove my cock wild. She looked like a dancer about to strip for a camera except she was already naked with meat inside her. She held her arms above her in motions of a slow sensual dance as well. She looked into my eyes and licked her lips in a dramatic fashion. Then, she added vertical motions to dance. A couple minutes had passed like this.

Kara took hold of my hands, which were resting lightly resting on her hips in a way that wouldn’t impede her motions. She tightened my grip on her hips and stopped her circular motions. She then began to bounce on my pelvis pulling almost off my cock before slamming back down. She let go of my hands and put her hands on my chest. I took that as my sign to begin. I thrusted upward as she was coming back down. She let out a shuddering gasp that screamed of pleasure and approval. We got into a rhythm as I pumped into her each time she re-impaled herself on my member. We kept up the motions of our fast-paced love making until she screamed out in ecstasy and her orgasm hit her. Then her back arched, her hands left my chest, and she let out a long moan in one exhaled breath that seemed to last an eternity.

If I hadn’t cum earlier from her blowjob, Kara’s cry of pleasure would have sent me over the edge as well. Even though it didn’t, I knew I wouldn’t be much longer. As she came down from her mountaintop high of bliss, she collapsed onto my chest. In that moment, my second climax no longer mattered to me. The woman I loved, the woman I almost lost just half an hour ago had just had a genuine orgasm on my cock. In that moment all she wanted was me and all I wanted was her. I hugged her to my chest, no longer caring if I came a second time. I just wanted to hold her and never let such a stupid snap judgement entire my mind again like it did with that Instagram photo.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” I told her. “Never again.”

“I forgive you,” she answered. “I shouldn’t have made that Instagram without telling you about it. I knew you saw me as sexy and pretty, but I was kinda turned on by the thought of those who I would never meet saying that too.”

“It was my fault for jumping to conclusions. You should be able to express your kinks and vices without getting an okay from me.” I silently added, as long as it doesn’t involve actual cheating. But I believed her that she just wanted to experiment with flaunting herself to strangers not with meeting a side piece. “How much did it turn you on?”

Kara hesitated. “A lot. Its Instagram so I wasn’t going to give them nudes, of course and I ignored the DM requests. It was kinda like when a celebrity in a movie does a scene in their underwear and you wonder what they have underneath. I was completely controlling how much of me they got to see and the idea of being able to excite them with just a bit more skin or a slutty new pose, got me so warm.”

I knew exactly what she meant. Sometimes what was still hidden or never to be revealed was more enticing then the actual nude body. My mind would fill in the blanks and create a more perfect image on an already sexually arousing moment. Even if I already knew what lay beneath the sexy outfit my mind would still think back to the first time I got to witness the naked woman and I would feel that same euphoria again as clothing was removed. I thought back to the images that were on Kara’s Instagram page. If I hadn’t been angered by my misguided thoughts, I would have been turned on by her sexual displays.

“Then you should keep the Instagram page,” I said.

Kara lifted her head up and looked at me. “Jacob, are you sure?”

“As long as it keeps turning you on, what’s the harm in indulging the vice.”

“You aren’t going to change your mind and think I’m cheating again.” It wasn’t a question.

“I won’t. Would you still be turned on if I put you in some poses and took some of the pictures?” I asked.

“Hell yes!” she answered with a mischievous grin and a small kiss. “Already got some ideas?”

I knew I must have had a thoughtful and lust-filled look on my face as well. “Go pick out a bra and panties to put on. It wont matter if its steaming hot lingerie or some normal underwear.”

I watched my girl dress up in a black bra and her blue panties that were the same that she had in the dress picture. I told her to sit on the bed with her knees under her. I told her to close her legs and put a hand over her panties. I told her to also cover the cleavage with her left arm. I told her what kind of reaction I wanted to see on her face. I took about a dozen pictures with her phone and told her the caption I had in mind. Kara ***********ed the one that she liked and pulled up Instagram.

I looked at her fake name Instagram on my phone. The picture that she posted showed her in the position I described with a look of embarrassment and shock on her face as if someone had walked in on her. The first sentence of the caption was what I had suggested, but Kara added a second sentence. I was caught being naughty! My daddy is going to punish me now. Two emojis followed one of a shocked face and one of a winking face.

I looked up from my phone at Kara. She was smiling wide and removing her bra. I still had no clothes on and the moment we had her panties off, we were on the bed again. This time I fucked her until she and I had both climaxed again. This time I shot my seed inside her as she called out for my cum. We spent the rest of the night naked and cuddled in each other’s arms. When we woke in the morning, we looked at the Instagram post. Several likes and lewd comments turned Kara on. She spread her legs and I took her while she called out in another state of lust.

I explained to Carter that it was Sarah who took the schoolgirl picture not some random guy and that Kara was going to keep the Instagram account. Carter replied that he saw the latest picture but asked if he needed to stop looking at the account. I thought about it, then told Carter to take it a step further by following “Lexy.” I knew Kara would recognize who her new follower was and that might lead to an interesting night. Also, Carter deserved a reward for finding the Instagram and telling me about it.

I did have a question for Kara that texting Carter brought to mind. I texted her while she was at work. Why was Sarah dressing up too? I figured that Kara would have told me if there was something sexual between the two. I didn’t think Sarah had a boyfriend. Also, as far as I know even before we were together, Kara and Sarah hadn’t done anything lesbian together.

Kara texted me back about an hour later. Sarah has a fake account too. It was seeing the comments and likes on her account that got me turned on and wanting to make my own. She followed up right after with another text. Sarah said I could send you this. Look on Instagram.

My heart pounded. I clicked on the link she had sent me on the sight. I was sent to Sarah’s Instagram page and enjoyed the images of my girlfriend’s best friend.

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