5:30 am and my alarm goes off. I look over and see my
wife and Mistress, Karen looking at me and smiling. I
know what that smile means already and I start to move
down before she says anything.

"That's right. I started my period again last night and
you know what that means don't you? Tonight and
tomorrow will be my heaviest flow and you're off. What
a coincidence." She says with a laugh as she spreads
her legs widely, showing me her bloody snatch.

I look down at her snatch as she puts her hands in my
hair and pushes my head down.

"Cleaning time toilet. Clean me for 5 minutes." I start
to lick around her pussy cleaning it lightly with my
tongue. I move inward as I stroke cleaning and
swallowing as I go. I groan as she holds my head
tightly over her snatch and starts to piss. I cover her
quickly and start to gulp down her hot salty strong
morning piss. I can taste her menses mixed in with it
and she groans as she finishes. I look up at her
smiling proudly as she looks down at me because I
didn't lose a drop of her golden piss.

"Such a good toilet! When you come home I will be
waiting for you and I should be nice and full for you.
I am going to keep my ass propped up all day for you so
that none of it is lost. You can go downstairs now
cause I'm not going to shit this morning. I am going to
save it and feed you tomorrow while you suck. I'm going
back to sleep and you go to work and come straight home

"Yes Mistress." I shower and go down and eat my
breakfast. I think of her all day at work and can't
concentrate. I can't wait to get home and serve my
Mistress. My Mistress is a BBW with black hair and
hazel eyes. She has a big beautiful ass which feeds me
twice a week. I am her toilet in every sense of the

When she takes her morning shit I am the paper she uses
to clean her ass. When she has her morning piss most
times I have to drink it. She has even lent me out to
her sister to use one weekend. I served her and her
daughters. I do get sick at times but she does not care
about that, and really I have only myself to blame for
this. I was the one that started it.

I have always had a thing for big women. I always
watched their asses and imagined that I was under them
licking and sucking on them. I used to fantasize about
being used and abused by them, the same way my nanny
used to use me. She would have me lick her ass clean
and drink her piss whenever she came over. I never had
the courage to ask my girlfreinds if I could though.

Then I started to date Karen and one night while we
were chatting about our past sex lives mine came out.
She had already become the dominant one in the
relationship and I had readily slipped into the role of
sub. I obeyed her totally in everything she had asked
of me. She would sit on my face and beat my cock and
balls mercilessly as I ate her. I took her over the
knee whippings and spankings eagerly. It reminded me so
much of my nanny, but Karen was so much better.

Anyways as we talked I told her about what my sitter
had done and when she looked down she could see my
raging hard-on. She said she had always been curious
about it herself, but let it go after that. We drank
some more and went back to her place. When we got there
I undressed as usual and started to undress her. "Wait
I have to go to the bathroom. You go on into the
bedroom and get on the floor."

I did as she commanded and went in and lay down. I was
puzzled that she had come right in behind me. She
looked down at me as I laid there and started to
undress. I looked up at her pussy as she stood over me
and I realized what she was going to do. My mouth
started to water as I thought of drinking that golden
nectar and my cock sprang to life. "MMMMmmmm, that's
right. You just lay there honey, I'm gonna give you a
special treat tonight. You just wait right here." She
said walking away.

I groaned in misery as I watched her walk into the
bathroom. I listened intently but I didn't hear the
noise of her piss instead I could hear her shitting as
she emptied her bowels. I stroked my throbbing hard
cock as I listened wishing that I was watching. I
looked on as she came out and stood over me. "I got
something for you slave. You know what it is? It's hot
and golden. Do you want it?"

"Oh Yessssss... Miss Karen please give it to me.
Pleaseeeee... It's been so long since I tasted it. "

She said nothing as she lowered her pussy down onto my
face, and covered it. I started to suck on her pussy
covering it with my mouth as she grabbed my nuts. I
sucked loudly making slurping noises as she took my nut
sack and pulled it out, stretching it. She cinched her
hand behind my balls and squeezed them tight as I
groaned into her pussy in pain. "Drink this slave and
don't lose a drop. No matter what!" she commanded as
she flicked my nuts sending waves of agony into my

Her hot piss began to flow as I gulped it down. I was
in heaven as I drank her piss greedily, gulping loudly.
She stopped her flow and rubbed her pussy all over my
piss soaked face.

"MMMmmmm! You love that don't you my little piss
drinker? You want more don't you?!"

"Yessss Miss Karen!" I groaned as she twisted my nuts.
I looked up at her beautiful ass and saw that she was
still dirty back there! Ohhhh to lick that!! I had to
try. I lifted my head and started to lick at her ass,
groaning with pleasure as I did so. She pulled her ass
away from me, "Noooo! Please!"

"Oh no. You have to beg for that slave. You beg for it
and maybe I will give it to you." she said getting to
her hands and knees in front of me. I got to my knees
and stared at her beautiful big dirty ass, my mouth

"Please Miss Karen! I want to clean your ass. I'll do
whatever you want."

"What will you do for me to prove you are worthy of
this ass? Will you serve me?"

"Y-yes Ma'am I will serve you from now on and do
whatever you want." I couldn't believe what I heard
myself saying.

"Will you be my toilet? Do you want to be my toilet?
Will you clean me with your tongue and eat my shit and
drink my piss? "

"Yessss! Mistress Pleaseeeeee," I had longed for this
day so badly and now it was here!

"I expect you to serve me even when I am mensing too,
will you do that also? If you will you may clean me and
I think I may even have a little more for you, if you
want it that is," she said laughing.

I said nothing as I looked at her ass. I leaned forward
to put my hands on her cheeks and spread them. She
settled her shoulders onto the floor relaxing as I
started to lick. MMMMM! I was in heaven as I tasted her
ass. My chest was pounding and my body trembling as I
cleaned her behind. I started on the outside and moved
inward savoring each and every stroke. She groaned and
I felt her hands move to her pussy as she stroked
herself as I ate.

"MMMMMmmm! You like that baby? Hmmm? You like Miss
Karen's ass? Oh God baby that feels so good!! That's
right clean me! Get it all!"

I groaned and stuck my tongue deep up into her ass and
felt it touch something! I covered her asshole with my
mouth and started to suck on it, trying to draw her
treasure out.

"You want that baby huh? I saved a whole bunch for you
know that? I just went enough to get dirty and tease
you. You want the rest? Here you go baby, all for you!
Now be sure to eat all of it! "

I felt her ass push out against my mouth and my first
meal of many started to push into my mouth. The hot
turd filled my mouth as I started to chew it. I
swallowed it down quickly as she pushed more into my
mouth. I chewed and swallowed again as she filled my
mouth. I could feel her trembling as she pushed the
last bit into my chewing mouth.

She got off of me and sat down on my dick taking it
deep into her dirty ass. She bounced up and down on me
as she stroked herself with one hand. She reached
behind her and grabbed my nuts pulling them and
twisting them. I groaned as I came deep into her ass in
long hard thick spurts as she grunted for me to give it
all to her.

She pulled off of my cock and settled her ass over my
mouth. "Clean It!" She said. I cleaned her ass licking
up my own cum mixed with her shit, savoring it. She
groaned and pushed her ass deeper into my face cutting
off my air. I sucked desperately, as she came
screaming. She pulled off a little and pissed on my
face aiming it into my open mouth.

And that is how I came to this point in my life I
thought to myself as I unlocked the door and walked
into my house. "I'm home Ma'am," I said as I came thru
the door.

"I'm on the floor. Go up and put on your harness."

I go up the stairs and get my harness out. It is a
wicked little thing really. Mistress made it and it is
one of her favorite things. It is a set of straps that
are attached to a garter belt. It is heavy leather
though not lace. One part straps to my head and the
other goes around her hips. There are buckles and
cinches so that she can strap my head into place for
the next 36 hours. That is how long I will serve her as
her pad this week.

She may or may not free me it is up to her. One time
she kept me strapped to her for 2 days. All I had to
eat or drink was from her body. I go down and crawl
into the living room. I stop and look on in disbelief.
Donna is here with her girls! They look at me and

"Oh slave by the way, I invited my sister and her girls
to come over this weekend. I know it's only Monday but
you see Paula and Donna both get their period at the
same time usually, and since I told them they could use
my pad if they wished they wanted to come watch you
perform. Now come here."

I do as she says and crawl into the room the way I
always do. I lower my head over her bloody snatch and
the girls look on as I attach the straps to her waist
belt she put on this morning. I hook the four of them
together and lay on my stomach. I place my head in her
crotch and open my mouth. I place my mouth over her
ripe snatch as she lifts her ass and tightens the back
straps. I hear them gasp as I do it, not believing I

"See ladies, told you he would. Just like I told you he
would eat your shit and drink your piss. He's a total
toilet... now SUCK!' She yells as she tightens the
front straps into place. Her ass has been raised on the
pillows all morning letting her period fill her pussy.
She lifts her ass and pulls the pillows out. I circle
her waist with my arms and she rolls over, her body on
my face. She raises herself to her knees and the flood
rushes out of her pussy.

I gulp the mess down as it pours into my mouth. I have
no choice it is either eat or drown. I swallow quickly
and it tapers off until there is nothing coming out. I
feel her tap my head and I hold on again as she rolls
over again. It will be like this several times tonight.
"It's going to be a great weekend this week don't you
think girls?" I heard her ask as I felt a pair of hands
stretching out my nuts and another pinching my

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