My Lesbian Slave Martina

During the years I've known Martina, we've shared many of our hottest, darkest and most secret fantasies, and so I wasn't particularly surprised when she started talking about wanting to try an orgy. Now, she didn't exactly call it that, her idea was more along the line of "getting used as a public fuck slut by anyone for anything", so I think "orgy" fits quite well.

I don't think there is a woman who does not dream about getting fucked by a horde of anonymous, strange men who would use and abuse her in any way possible, so it didn't take me long to find an opportunity to make her dream come true. Because our local bordello would organize little orgy nights once a month or so, where all the girls and guys with gangbang fantasies would come together for a night of free-for-all fucking. And to make things a little more interesting, these events were typically themed, and so when she found an opportunity to come down and live out her fantasy, the theme was labelled "night of the sperm vampires".

Since I didn't care so much about random guys fucking me, I asked my boyfriend Triss to accompany us. Him and Martina had already bonded intimately, so she was comfortable having him around, and he didn't seem too adverse. Only the topic put him off slightly, because he "wasn't gonna do that Twilight shit," as he put it. I asked him what he thought a vampire should look like, and he showed up in his long, old, ragged leather coat and some impossible wide-brimmed musketeer hat he got from god-knows-where.

Martina didn't have any costume at hand, so we went through my wardrobe to find something fitting for her. Never one for skirts, she put on a bordeaux coloured silk blouse that she couldn't close over her impressive breasts and a pair of leather pants, that were slightly too large for her, and a copious amount of black lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. I braided her dark brunette hair down her back but left a few strands on her sides, framing her face.

Myself, I wore a tight corset my friend Stefania had given me once, along with fishnet stockings and the shortest, skimpiest leather skirt I could find, cutting little slits into it to make it even more revealing while it was already barely covering my buttocks. I put on makeup as well, using deep reds for my lips and eyeshadow and purples for eyeliner and squiggly lines around my eyes. For a vampire I looked entirely too playful, but it felt just too cool.

When we arrived, the party had already started. The bordello collected a small entrance fee, but made most of the money off drinks and of course all the prostitutes hoped that some of the guys were into a little one-on-one time. The bar area was decorated with black and red drapes, and the Sisters of Mercy were playing on the audio system to some moody lighting. We had barely entered when Martina already went off into the crowd while me and Triss steered towards a half-round sofa in the corner.

The room was packed with people, as usual more guys than girls, but I was surprised to see a good number of women attending that definitely weren't working there. I enjoyed all the costumes, most of them very gothic and dark, when suddenly two girls walked towards us.

They looked like twins, both were the same height and build, stocky and sporty, but neither slender nor chubby, with long, V-shaped faces and black hair that was cut into a straight shoulder-length bob, kinda like Cleopatra was supposed to have. They wore tight black latex mini-dresses and matching stockings, their faces covered with stark black makeup and bright red lipstick.

"Hello," one of them purred as they stood in front of us, bending forward to give a better look at her nicely shaped cleavage. "I'm Chris," she introduced herself, "and this is Lorena. We're sisters." They giggled and acted a bit childish, but I estimated they couldn't be much older than 18 or 19 anyway.

"Can we join you?" the other sister asked.

I grinned sideways at Triss. "Sure," I said, pulling up one leg to give them a little glimpse at my bare muff. "As long as you put your lips to good use."

They got the hint right away, and Chris knelt before me and ran her fingers along my stockings while her face moved closer and closer to my crotch. I could feel her blowing gently across my pubes as she moved in. Looking to the side, Lorena found her place between Triss' legs and began tugging at his zipper, playfully opening his pants.

I watched her while I felt her sister lick along my slit, her tongue trying to get inside me without really knowing what to do there. Lorena finally pulled Triss' long, impressive cock out of the confines of his much-too-tight pants and began stroking it, licking up the underside of his shaft like it was icecream. He leaned back and let her do the work, as her red lips closed around the head of his dick and moving up and down as she took it deep into her throat.

The young vampire at my crotch wasn't getting anywhere, though. Either she wasn't really into girls, or was plain clueless, but it got frustrating for me to feel her miss my clit and generally be clueless about what to do, and so I eventually leaned over to Triss and asked: "Think you can handle these two?"

He grinned and nodded. "Don't be too long," he said, "you might need to finish them off."

I got up and started looking for Martina. I found her on the floor, together with two other women. One was an older, chubby blonde who looked like the type you could find in swinger's clubs, and the other was an incredibly thin, pale, nerdy-looking brunette with large glasses. They knelt on the floor in a triangular pattern, their backs turned to each other as they were sucking off a group of guys that had formed a circle around them.

The men were all in varying stages of undress, many of them naked, and all of them at least with their hard cocks out, stroking them and waiting to get them into the mouth of one of the girls. The brunette even had a set of fake plastic vampire teeth that made blowing cock incredibly difficult. She tried to open as wide as she could while a fat guy was pushing his equally fat, short sausage down her throat, fucking her. Finally, when he pulled it back out, she removed the teeth, drooling some saliva as she immediately opened her mouth again, letting him dump his load on her tongue.

Martina was enjoying herself. She seemed to have forgotten the world around her, just grabbing cock after cock, trying to fit two into her mouth at the same time while she was jerking others with both hands. Her hair was already gooey with cum and her makeup started running, but she didn't care. This was what she had come here for.

I left her and went back to Triss. The twins were still licking his cock, sharing it between them, with one of them munching on his balls while the other sucked the head. They seemed to be much better at dicks than they were at pussies, so I watched them a while. Finally, one of them, I think it was Lorena, got up and pulled up her skirt, straddling in reverse, so her snatch was facing me. I could see his shaft disappear into her shaved slit, her sister rubbing her clit while she bounced up and down on his crotch.

I pulled my strapon dildo out of my bag and slowly put it on, approaching Chris from behind. She seemed unaware of my presence and so shrieked startled when she felt my hands on her hips, pushing up her skirt. When she turned to look at me, she smiled at the sight of the large, pink strapon and pushed up her butt a little further. When I placed the rubbery cock between her legs, I noticed to my surprise that unlike her sister, she was unshaved, and not only unshaved, but all naturally hairy, with thick black pubic hair covering everything from her asshole to her crotch.

I thrusted my hips forward, forcing the dildo inside her muff with one hard movement, grabbing her hips and fucking her raw instantly. I wanted to show her what a stupid little fuck slut she really was, and how she was just a hole for me to ravage and abuse. She groaned loud, staring back at me in surprise and excitement when I started slapping her butt and pushing her forward onto her sister's crotch with my thrusts. Triss watched me grinning, and grabbed Lorena's legs, lifting her off his cock as he moved it slightly backwards, lowering her ass down on it and forcing it up her asshole.

She pushed back against him, trying to ease the entry, but he just started fucking her tight anus hard, as if it was just another pussy. Lorena screamed and thrashed, the unexpected and unfamiliar entry hurting and exciting her at the same time. In the dim light I could see her pussy gleam as more and more juice poured out of it.

I reached forward and grabbed her sister's head by the hair, pushing her face down toward Lorena's empty cunt. If she wouldn't lick her, I at least made sure her face would be rubbed in cunny juice while I continued ramming the strapon all the way up her fuckhole with the whole strength of my body. She came, whimpering and moaning, her face buried in her sister's crotch. I continued fucking her until I saw Triss close his eyes, making the familiar facial expressions that indicated he was about to come. And sure enough, shortly thereafter he groaned, and Lorena squeaked surprised as her asshole got flooded by hot cum.

Pulling the dildo out of Chris, I left her there to help clean up her sister's holes while I went back into the crowd, the strapon still around my waist. I found Martina, taking a break at the bar, sipping on a coke. Her face and hair was a gooey mess, and most of her blouse was stained and covered in sperm. She smiled at me. "Hello my goddess," she said. "Thank you for bringing me here."

I smiled at her. "You're not done yet, slave," I said, running my finger along her lips, scooping up some cum. "I'll decide how you are yet to be used."

She nodded as I sucked the finger clean, getting up from her seat. "I am ready, goddess," she said sternly.

I took a blindfold out of my handbag and carefully laid it over her cum-stained eyes, binding it behind her head. Then, taking her hand, I walked her into the ladies' bathroom, where I made her kneel down next to the sinks. Two women were in there with us, the blonde from the blowjob circle and one of the prostitutes, and so I told them: "This slut here is a public urinal for now, so if you need your holes cleaned, feel free to use her."

The whore hesitated, but the blonde was much more eager. She stepped in front of Martina and pulled up her skirt, spreading her bare twat above my friend's face. Martina must've smelled her, because she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, trying to reach her and lick her. After a few seconds, the older woman started pissing down on her face, aiming for her mouth. My slave started swallowing and drinking, but got most of it onto her tits and face.

Then, encouraged, the whore went next and made her suck some cum out of her pussy, which my piss slut eagerly performed as well. Word spread quickly, and Martina spent the next 20 minutes licking and sucking sperm out of pussies and assholes and getting pissed on and in by every woman who wanted to. One of them, Lorena, even pissed on her out of both her holes, after Triss must've emptied his bladder into her prissy asshole.

Finally I removed the blindfold and we both returned to Triss, who still sat in the same corner as before. "Mmmh," Martina said when she saw his cock, "can I get fucked as well, goddess?"

I smiled, pulling down her pants. "Yes," I said, "but not by him." I grabbed her hair and forced her to bend over, exposing her bare buttocks and hairy muff underneath. Instantly, I forced the strapon inside her, fucking her dripping wet cunt with the rubber cock that's still covered in another girl's juices. I was so fixed on violating her that I didn't even notice when Triss went behind me, shrieking startled when I felt his hard cock between my legs.

He pushed up my skirt and forced it, still slick and wet, into my ass, spreading me wide instantly. His long rod slid in easily, lubricated by his cum and Lorena's juices, and soon he was fucking me so hard that his thrusts pushed the strapon into Martina's cunt at the same time.

I gasped and moaned, feeling taken raw and violent, just like I wanted it, but trying to still maintain some control, as I wanted to finish off my slave. Drooling and slavering, I let my saliva run down onto her big round ass, rubbing it in with my fingers before I started forcing my right hand into her anus. Knowing that I wouldn't back down, she did her best to relax and open her sphincter, easing the passage of my knuckles until my whole hand slid deep up her asshole, fucking it while her pussy got pounded with the strapon.

She came, but I didn't stop. Her body started to shake and thrash, her tits bounce wild underneath her while her holes got abused deep and hard. Only when I felt Triss's fuck cream squirt into my bowels, I stopped, enjoying the feeling until a relieving orgasm ran out of me and prattled on the ground between my feet.

The twins helped us clean up the mess. They turned out to be eager to learn how to use their tongues to clean up cocks and orifices. And when we finally left, I drove an exhausted, but thoroughly happy Martina home with us.

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