Sex encounter in the office

Here, I tell my sex encounter in the office some time back. There are many good looking females in our office. However, I find Anjana much more attractive than other females. Though she is not fair in colour, but has a very sexy body with beautiful legs, contoured breast and hips, rosy lips and attractive eyes. Many times, I used to imagine about fucking Anjana. But Anjana was working in a different section in the office, so we did not have much contacts earlier.

Recently, we were assigned to work in a project jointly, so we came together. I found her very hardworking, intelligent and devoted to work. I was thinking that anyone marrying her would be so lucky. Many times, while working with her, I felt the desire to fold her in my arms and kiss her rosy lips. But to maintain office decorum, I had to keep restrain on myself.

The project deadline was coming near, so we decided to work in weekend also. We both reached office at around 10.30 AM on Sunday and started our work. There was no one in the office, except one chowkidar at the main gate. We were completely alone on the second floor. We were finalising the document on her PC. While discussing the things, she drew her chair nearer to me. But I was explaining the things to her, unknowing to her advances. While pointing some matter on the computer screen, she slightly bent so that her breast gently touched my left arm. This made my whole body electrified and my penis suddenly got erected. I strongly wanted to fuck her. But fearing any undesirable consequences, I kept control on myself and pulled my chair slightly away. Anjana remarked why are you shying away. She told that I have seen your profile in Orkut and I know that you are a great fucker, then why not with me? I was almost shocked with this revelation. I had never told anybody in the office about my sexual desires.

Anjana is having internet connection at her home that is why probably she caught me unaware. But I was thrilled to know that Anjana also wanted what I always imagined. After closing the door, I immediately pulled her in my arms and placed my lips on her rosy lips. She also embraced her hands around my back. I told her that I always desired to fuck her but could not get courage to ask, but now I will have great fun with you.

I was sucking her lips with my both hands on her cheeks. And below my penis was trying to burst out. Then I moved my lips down and started kissing her neck with my hands around her back. She was standing and I was still moving down. Now my mouth was on her breast. She helped me in unzipping her bra. Then I started sucking her nipples. Still down and I was kissing her stomach. While moving my face down, I started opening her salwar and panties. And there was the great sex hole - clean shaven. Without any delay, I inserted my tongue on her clitoris and started licking it.

Anjana was having a lot of pleasure with this. She told, oh Rahul - why we did not come into contact earlier. Please lick my vagina fully. I was licking the entire vagina with my tongue and her hands were playing with my hairs. But my penis was refusing to wait any more. I asked Anjana to now suck my penis. She gladly agreed to have my tool in her mouth. I stood up and rested along the wall. Anjana unzipped my pant and underwear. She was amazed to see my erected penis - and it was for her to enjoy.

She immediately swallowed the front portion of my penis inside her mouth. She started sucking it like an ice-cream. I was enjoying each and every moment with pushing of my penis deep inside her throat. It continued for several minutes. Then, I asked her for the pussy fucking. But there was no bed. We had to do in the office room only. There was only a small table. I removed all the files and papers from the table and asked her to lay her top half on the table while resting her legs on the floor. She did the same and I fixed my penis on her pussy hole and with one jerk it was inside.

I folded her breast with my hands and pushed entire length of my penis into her vagina. This made her cry in pain. But when I started making strokes up and down, her pain transformed into utmost pleasure. Being an experienced fucker, I was fucking her very hard with my penis. Anjana was swimming in extreme pleasure with strange sounds emanating from her mouth. She told - Rahul, please fuck me everyday. I need your excellent fucking penis. I told her that we can enjoy sex much more on the bed. So better you can come to my house.

Anjana seemed to be very happy with this offer. After around twenty minutes, I felt the vaginal fluid dripping out of Anjana's Pussy. She had reached the orgasm. This made the extreme joy to me and being a careful fucker, I immediately pulled out my penis out and spread my cum all over her vagina. We both were very satisfied with the sexual encounter in office. She stood up and I again embraced her in my arms to tell that I love her. We put on our clothes and proceeded to our homes. It was drizzling outside and water drops falling on our faces were probably inviting us for an early encounter again.

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